BearSleuth Week Geek Out

Like I said in my last post, it’s becoming a lot hard to find time for my normal Sleuthing, which is why this new feature is coming to you a little late. I wanted to make sure I gave it my full attention and due to a quick trip to A&E that became borderline impossible, I managed to tear some muscles in a fight with a bird table (don’t ask). Anyway, I have a lot to talk about so I think it’s time to stop faffing about and get stuck in!

The Week In Comics

It’s been a really good week in the world of comics. While the shelves were a little sparse, DC knocked out a few brilliant books with the new Tom King Batman Issue Six probably taking the top spot from the blue corner. Over in the red of Marvel is my top pick for the week, Jeff Lemire’s Moon Knight. This book is complex, intelligent and really shows what the modern industry techniques developed in the independent market can add to the mainstream. I also read Asterios Polyp this week and I can whole heartedly say that it is the only graphic novel to have changed my life. If you are able to get your hands on a copy you 100% should.

The Week In Film (And TV)

The run up to Doctor Strange is gripping a lot of comic book fans now with the inevitable ‘I want to get into Doctor Strange…’ posts slowly creeping onto reddit. For anyone looking for a Doctor Strange recommendation, it’s pretty hard as most of his stuff comes from the silver and bronze age of comics which can feel very dated. Check out ‘The Oath’ and maybe Jason Aaron’s new Doctor Strange series as they present the more modern take on the character.

In other news, Rogue One is struggling, to no one’s surprise (this is what happens when you put a Godzilla director on a Star Wars flick). Also a Dark Tower trailer will be airing next month so keep your peepers peeled. Turning to TV quickly, apparently the Luke Cage series looks good and the new Ghost Rider looks okay enough to get people to notice Agents Of Shield still exists.  Personally, I’ve been getting into Stranger Things and I’m going to surprise no one by saying it’s a great show, likely to become the next massive hit.

The Week In Gaming

Image result for playstation 4k

This week saw the world of console gaming reveal its massive throbbing erections for the PC master race as consoles take that one bold step into becoming computers. I don’t really care for 4k optimisation so I can’t say this affects me but if you are one of those graphics snobs then this…probably doesn’t matter to you because you already have a gangster rig (or whatever the cool kids are calling it). Deus Ex is gracing the shelves again, which is cool as we don’t have enough ultra-gritty cyberpunk dystopia running around. This week I’m replaying Dark Souls 3 and Bloodborne because I’m a masochist when it comes to gaming.

And Finally…

Image result for trump custard pie

In other news, the world is teetering on the edge of destruction from the imminent threat of a mass custard pie orgy at the top of Trump tower and I am proud to announce that we are adding another writer to the BearSleuth roster. While I’m not ready to say much yet SHE is a perfect fit for the team and I’m sure HER articles are going to be a great hit!

Subtlety was always one of my strong points.

…That’s this week’s BearSleuth Week Geek Out!!! Check back on Friday for something new!!!

BearSleuth Announcement: Life And The Sleuth

I have been sitting at my keyboard for the best part of two hours now. After a lot of internal and external debate with myself I have decide to make a few changes to BearSleuth. I love this website but I am also overjoyed to tell all my loyal readers that I’ve just started a job as a copywriter and so my time is becoming very limited. BearSleuth originally started as a way for my to hone my skills while talking about all the stuff I love like comics and writing. Then it became a family with OpinionatedDavid, VuePoint and the Covert Coot. We have seen a lot of success and a lot of  support of the last years and it has been nothing short of amazing. I am not going to lose that.


The New Normal

After a talk with the rest of the team I have decided to keep BearSleuth running at a slightly slower pace so this is how your week is going to look on this most awesome of sites:

Monday: BearSleuth Week Geek Out: This is going to be my only article going forward and it will be a quick-fire rundown of all the geeky highlights from the previous week.

Tuesday: Nothing.

Wednesday: Adaptive Panels: OpinionatedDavid’s bi-weekly examination of comic book adaptations of films and other mediums.

 Thursdays: Nada.

Fridays: Occasionally Covert Coot: Your favourite Coot is currently on the road touring with his band so when he has time between rocking out he will attempt to get you your fix of anime and geeky observations.

Saturday: OpinionatedDavid: David’s weekly rant about everything wrong in the world of entertainment.

Sunday: Vuepoint: The jewel in the crown of gaming journalism that is Jack’s weekly observations on the state of gaming and it’s histories.


I am also assisting the writing team in learning how to use WordPress for themselves, so forgive any rookie mistakes.  This is a new and slightly more relaxed era for BearSleuth but I think it will be a step in the right direction for everyone involved including you folks at home as me and the team will be able to be more focused in our approach and writing. This is your humble BearSleuth signing off on my BearSleuth Opinion Pieces, Comic History 101 and The BearSleuth Spoiler Free Comic Book Bundle. I hope you have enjoyed them all and I hope you enjoy this next step.

…That was the BearSleuth Announcement!!! Check back over the weekend for a brand new VuePoint and Opinionated David!!!

Grr(aphic) Mondays: Writing A Comic Book Step Three: Chapters vs Issues.


By now you should have a plot ready to work with and you should have chosen whether or not you want the piece to be a graphic novel or part of an ongoing series. The next step is to make a step-outline of your plot. This is only going to be a very short exercise but it is absolutely crucial to further plot construction. I’m going to break this into two exercises; exercise one is for writers creating a comic book series made up of independent issues whilst exercise two is for writers looking to great a graphic novel made up of independent chapters. For next week write out a list of recurring characters in your piece that we will then work upon.

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Grr(aphic) Mondays: Writing A Comic Book Step Two: Turning An Idea Into A Plot

Last week’s Grr(aphic) Mondays seemed to go down incredibly well so I’m going to keep chugging on with this idea, thanks to everyone that reached out to me via email and WordPress to discuss their ideas for comic books. If you have no idea what I am talking about you can read last week’s article right here. This week we are taking that idea like lump of ore and smelting it into a plot for this I’ve created a pretty helpful little exercise that I like to run through when I’m writing any form of creative piece.

Exercise Three: Profiling


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Grr(aphic) Mondays: Writing a comic book step one: New beginnings.

Last year got a bit off track. Well, in truth, a lot of it was pretty on track by this feature began to get a little weird so  I’m going to step it right back to the basics. This feature was supposed to help other people get writing and learn a little more about comic books. Even though I know a lot about that stuff I want to make sure you are getting the best information I can offer so often I turned the subject into something easy. Not anymore. I’m going to start a step by step guide every Monday (which I’m hoping I will be able to put into a large body of work eventually) on how to get started and create engaging piece of writing. I’m going to start right with the first steps of guide on how to create your own comic book. As we go I’m going to try to suggest writing exercises and other techniques that will help you work towards these goals. So without further ado…

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Grr(aphic) Mondays: It’s been one hell of a year!

You have probably noticed that this Grr(aphic) Mondays is coming to you a little later that usual, unfortunately due to a huge volume of Christmas-related activities I’m a little bit everywhere at the moment. That is my excuse at least. This is the last Grr(aphic) Mondays for the year as I’m taking a week off after this, so just treat it like the last day of school. I’m not going to cover anything big in this one, although I have some brilliant things planned for the New Year, so grab your favourite toy and let me waffle for five minuets.


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Grr(aphic) Mondays: X-Men Apocalypse Trailer Breakdown

I did have something planned for today, but then Fox threw the world a curveball and released the first trailer for X-Men Apocalypse. I have to say this is something I have been waiting for ever since I watched the season finale of X-Men Evolution. Apocalypse is the natural progression of the X-Men story dynamic. He is everything every human fears and represents us losing the battle to survive as the fittest. For me, a storyline with Apocalypse in it is the climax of everything the X-Men films have been building to for the last few years. This is the one, guys and girls. I’m going to try and do a quick trailer breakdown. I’m sure there will be the odd thing I miss so by all means leave a comment because I want to know everything about this trailer!

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Grr(aphic) Mondays: The Clone Wars Were Awesome!



Picture Source: [Accessed: 06/12/2015]


This weekend Star Wars fever hit like a tidal wave of Ewok and Wookie fur and I had to act on it. I’ve watched the original trilogy a million times and I’ve watched the prequel trilogy a couple of thousand times. After careful deliberation, I settled on the 2003 ‘The Clone Wars’ TV series from Cartoon Network and I was shocked. The Clone Wars are freaking awesome. I mean not only do they contain some of the best stories in Star Wars Universe but also some of the best storytelling in cartoons I have ever seen. I challenge anyone to go through the entire series and find nothing that they like. It’s varied, well written and looks beautiful, so what can we learn from it?

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Grr(aphic) Mondays: Comics And Thanksgiving

 I am not American; I am British and proud. My parents are also British, however, they spent a lot of time in the states way back in the eighties. This means that my family calendar is populated with both a bunch of British holidays and a bunch of American holidays. Therefore, I celebrate Thanksgiving with my parents. We go out for dinner and each say what we are thankful for this year. Most of the time it’s just stuff like ‘friends,’ ‘family,’ and ‘that grandma is still with us’. This year I want to change it up a bit and talk about everything I am thankful for in the world of comic books and writing. Yes, this will be another list, but I promise next week I’ll get back to doing my normal lecturing.


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