BearSleuth Week Geek Out

Like I said in my last post, it’s becoming a lot hard to find time for my normal Sleuthing, which is why this new feature is coming to you a little late. I wanted to make sure I gave it my full attention and due to a quick trip to A&E that became borderline impossible, I managed to tear some muscles in a fight with a bird table (don’t ask). Anyway, I have a lot to talk about so I think it’s time to stop faffing about and get stuck in!

The Week In Comics

It’s been a really good week in the world of comics. While the shelves were a little sparse, DC knocked out a few brilliant books with the new Tom King Batman Issue Six probably taking the top spot from the blue corner. Over in the red of Marvel is my top pick for the week, Jeff Lemire’s Moon Knight. This book is complex, intelligent and really shows what the modern industry techniques developed in the independent market can add to the mainstream. I also read Asterios Polyp this week and I can whole heartedly say that it is the only graphic novel to have changed my life. If you are able to get your hands on a copy you 100% should.

The Week In Film (And TV)

The run up to Doctor Strange is gripping a lot of comic book fans now with the inevitable ‘I want to get into Doctor Strange…’ posts slowly creeping onto reddit. For anyone looking for a Doctor Strange recommendation, it’s pretty hard as most of his stuff comes from the silver and bronze age of comics which can feel very dated. Check out ‘The Oath’ and maybe Jason Aaron’s new Doctor Strange series as they present the more modern take on the character.

In other news, Rogue One is struggling, to no one’s surprise (this is what happens when you put a Godzilla director on a Star Wars flick). Also a Dark Tower trailer will be airing next month so keep your peepers peeled. Turning to TV quickly, apparently the Luke Cage series looks good and the new Ghost Rider looks okay enough to get people to notice Agents Of Shield still exists.  Personally, I’ve been getting into Stranger Things and I’m going to surprise no one by saying it’s a great show, likely to become the next massive hit.

The Week In Gaming

Image result for playstation 4k

This week saw the world of console gaming reveal its massive throbbing erections for the PC master race as consoles take that one bold step into becoming computers. I don’t really care for 4k optimisation so I can’t say this affects me but if you are one of those graphics snobs then this…probably doesn’t matter to you because you already have a gangster rig (or whatever the cool kids are calling it). Deus Ex is gracing the shelves again, which is cool as we don’t have enough ultra-gritty cyberpunk dystopia running around. This week I’m replaying Dark Souls 3 and Bloodborne because I’m a masochist when it comes to gaming.

And Finally…

Image result for trump custard pie

In other news, the world is teetering on the edge of destruction from the imminent threat of a mass custard pie orgy at the top of Trump tower and I am proud to announce that we are adding another writer to the BearSleuth roster. While I’m not ready to say much yet SHE is a perfect fit for the team and I’m sure HER articles are going to be a great hit!

Subtlety was always one of my strong points.

…That’s this week’s BearSleuth Week Geek Out!!! Check back on Friday for something new!!!

BearSleuth Announcement: Life And The Sleuth

I have been sitting at my keyboard for the best part of two hours now. After a lot of internal and external debate with myself I have decide to make a few changes to BearSleuth. I love this website but I am also overjoyed to tell all my loyal readers that I’ve just started a job as a copywriter and so my time is becoming very limited. BearSleuth originally started as a way for my to hone my skills while talking about all the stuff I love like comics and writing. Then it became a family with OpinionatedDavid, VuePoint and the Covert Coot. We have seen a lot of success and a lot of  support of the last years and it has been nothing short of amazing. I am not going to lose that.


The New Normal

After a talk with the rest of the team I have decided to keep BearSleuth running at a slightly slower pace so this is how your week is going to look on this most awesome of sites:

Monday: BearSleuth Week Geek Out: This is going to be my only article going forward and it will be a quick-fire rundown of all the geeky highlights from the previous week.

Tuesday: Nothing.

Wednesday: Adaptive Panels: OpinionatedDavid’s bi-weekly examination of comic book adaptations of films and other mediums.

 Thursdays: Nada.

Fridays: Occasionally Covert Coot: Your favourite Coot is currently on the road touring with his band so when he has time between rocking out he will attempt to get you your fix of anime and geeky observations.

Saturday: OpinionatedDavid: David’s weekly rant about everything wrong in the world of entertainment.

Sunday: Vuepoint: The jewel in the crown of gaming journalism that is Jack’s weekly observations on the state of gaming and it’s histories.


I am also assisting the writing team in learning how to use WordPress for themselves, so forgive any rookie mistakes.  This is a new and slightly more relaxed era for BearSleuth but I think it will be a step in the right direction for everyone involved including you folks at home as me and the team will be able to be more focused in our approach and writing. This is your humble BearSleuth signing off on my BearSleuth Opinion Pieces, Comic History 101 and The BearSleuth Spoiler Free Comic Book Bundle. I hope you have enjoyed them all and I hope you enjoy this next step.

…That was the BearSleuth Announcement!!! Check back over the weekend for a brand new VuePoint and Opinionated David!!!

BearSleuth Spoiler Free Comic Book Bundle Week Fifty

For the first time in recent memory the shelves in my local comic book store looked a little bare. With the exception of a handful of tie-ins, there is now Civil War II has ground to a halt, leaves us to wait another week for a main book. On top of that this week there are no DC Rebirth titles, well to be honest there’s a Suicide Squad mini-series but nothing of any substance. So this week we are looking at the fringes and a few highlights I’ve been wanting to cover for awhile which, for one reason or another, haven’t really shown up on my list. Trust your humble Sleuth, I’ll see you right!

All images are screenshots taken from the Marvel and DC Comics apps [Accessed:02/09/2016]

Civil War II: Choosing Sides Issue Five By A Whole Phalanx Of Artists


I love Justin Trudeau! I might not know that much about Canadian politics, and the little I do know has come from a close friend and John Oliver, but it is great to see the Canadian Prime Minister turning up in the pages of a Marvel comic. I can’t say there is much more in this book to write home about but Trudeau’s presence is pretty cool. His section is written by Chip Zdarsky who delivers his usual mixture of tongue-in cheek humour and heart. The book is fairly mediocre from there on out making it hard to recommend but as a piece of political-comic book history it’s a highlight of the year.

Guardians Of The Galaxy Issue Eleven By Brian Michael Bendis And Valerio Schiti


The Guardians have just come off a monster arc, a planetary-wide cataclysmic arc that is 100% worth your time and attention. This issue is more of the calm before the storm. A brief reprieve setting up the major players in the next epic arc. There’s a lot of interesting character interactions as well as plenty of nods and winks towards the fans. It’s an issue that build heart and character. There really isn’t much to say past that, Schiti’s art is fairly tight and the set up for the big Civil War II tie-in is nice but if you want a big action set piece this is not the one for you. If you like the Guardians grab this book.

Han Solo Issue Three By Marjorie Liu And Mark Brooks


When you think of Han Solo you think of the rogue with the heart of gold and this story is entirely based around this concept. Marjorie Liu has created the perfect boys own adventure storyline in space and it is no small wonder that I am completely wrapped up in it. Han gets the cool lines and the brilliant stunts while the pulse racing action hammers on in a plot that will satisfy any Star Wars fan. The art by Mark Brooks is nice and has a lot of subtle detail for an eagle eyes reader. This is a big winner all round for me and is fully worthy of your time.

Ms. Marvel Issue Ten By G. Willow Wilson, Takeshi Miyazawa And Alphona


Most of the time the high school drama of super heroics wears thin with me. I don’t like the whinny emo stuff as I’ve been there and I know how much it makes you want to gouge out your own eyes years later. However, in Ms. Marvel G. Willow Wilson has worked hard to make the high school drama mean something, for it to deeply effect the heroine and her heroics. This book is a big Civil War II tie-in and I feel that it will be known as one of the hidden gems of the event for years to come. I like this book and if you are willing to try something different this is a great choice.

Rocket Raccoon And Groot Issue Eight By Nick Kocher And Michael Walsh


Well Skottie Young has left the building…whether he will come back or simply leave us hanging while he pens ‘I hate Fairyland’ is unknown as of writing this but I dare say he will emerge with another great idea soon. What isn’t unknown is that Nick Kocher was the only man who could have stepped into Young’s clownish shoes. His take on the title partnership is fantastic, funny and fierce. The story is a loose Civil War II tie-in with more of the group hijinks bubbling up to the surface. If you like the Guardians and you fancy a laugh this is the place to be.

Spider-Man Issue Seven By Brian Michael Bendis And Nico Leon


Can something finally happen in these issues? I love Bendis’ slow approach to character development with a lot of brilliantly handled teenage drama but I’m really getting sick of Spider-Man struggling to be Spider-Man. I feel like this story is just ticking over until Bendis can move off his other nineteen projects and give it full focus. I know that next issue or the one after my thoughts will be completely different again but for now I’m a little bored of Spider-Man. If you are a fan of Bendis or Miles or Spider-Man then stay tuned but this might be one you can miss.

BearSleuth Pick Of The Week: Tokyo Ghost Issue Ten By Rick Remender And Sean Murphy


Tokyo Ghost is over. Perhaps one of the greatest comics of the last year and it is finished, with chances if a sequel looking middling at best. So how did it all pan out? Perfectly. I know I’m speaking with a bit of fan boy biased here but, I cannot find a flaw in this finale. It’s a brilliant end to a brilliant book and I want every one of you reading this to go pick up the first trade paperback. This is the quiet riot we need in this digitally swamped age and it’s truly beautiful. If that doesn’t sell you on it I’m not sure what will.

Uncanny Avengers Issue Thirteen By Gerry Duggan And Ryan Stegman


Another issue of set up as we ease into a Civil War II tie-in. I don’t have much to say about this issue as it simply runs through a few team members and show us their roles in the coming war. It’s fun and if you wanted a little more depth after the main Civil War II books then I can highly recommend it but past that this is in one ear and out the other. This is the worst sort of book to review as its so on the fence, there is nothing offensively bad or angelically good to talk about so I will leave the recommendation to you. Sleuth. Out.

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BearSleuth Spoiler Free Comic Book Bundle Week Forty Nine.

Finally I can afford to buy my comics and eat! This week the line ups from both Marvel and DC are looking a little thin but I am not complaining. Marvel are taking, what can only be described as, a brief reprise from the war before everything results in a complete meltdown of the Marvel Universe. As for DC, they seem to have found something strange out there in the swamps of rebirth…their artistic integrity. The great publishing house is putting out the best work in a decade of its history and I’m loving it. Finally, Image have Brian Lee O’Malley’s Snotgirl which is nothing short of genius. Which all these great titles what’s a geek to do? Call the Sleuth.

All images are screenshots taken from the Marvel and DC Comics app [Accessed: 25/08/16]


Action Comics Nine Hundred And Sixty Two By Dan Jurgens And Stephen Segovia.


Despite what 70% of comic book readers will tell you, there are actually a lot of ways to do a great Superman storyline. These break into a few categories but one of my favourite groups of stories are the ones where Clark is able to just cut loose. To use all his abilities on a being so powerful that he will only defeat it with a super human barrage. In this issue we see one such confrontation and it is a wonder to behold. Jurgens has built up to this moment across the previous issues in the arc and now it’s time for the pay off. I love this issue as it just ties everything together so perfectly. The art from Stephen Segovia is strong throughout. I would recommend this to any Superman fan.


Blue Beatle Rebirth One-Shot By Keith Giffen And Scott Kolins.


May I just came into DC at the wrong time but I never quite got the whole Blue Beatle craze, I feel this way about quite a few DC heroes such as Static Shock and Dial H. I have always liked the Blue Beatle design and I think that has carried me through his appearances in other books, so it was nice to actually sit down and learn a little about the character. My opinion now I know a little more, this is a weird book, the actual super heroics are awesome and the visuals of a suit constantly changing kind of rock but I’m not a fan of the character’s alter ego life. The writing in the book is good but I feel the plot is lacking something, although that could change over the course of the series. Regardless, the art by Scott Kolins is great and I do enjoy this book. If you are a Blue Beatle fan then this is a must, but I feel that if you are new to character this isn’t going to change your mind.


Intentional Ironman Issue Six By Brian Michael Bendis And Alex Maleev.


This was always going to be a difficult pitch.  Talking about the origins of Tony Stark’s real parents, a recent mystery that undid a big chunk of Marvel Comics lore and displeased a sizable portion of the fanbase. I do believe the Bendis might have been the only man capable of pulling off the feat of making this work and it’s a good think that he managed to exceed all expectations. The chosen couple are a brand new edition to the Marvel universe and they make a lot of sense, they have qualities you can see in Tony and they are different. This is only the first nugget of information though, and it’s hard to judge the book off such a move, but I have to say, so far so good. The art is knocked out the park by Maleev and there are some fantastic moments of writing here. I don’t know where this arc will do next but for now it’s fantastic. If you are an Ironman fan you need this in your collection.


Snotgirl Issue Two By Bryan Lee O’Malley And Leslie Hung.


I feel like this book is still finding it’s footing but as an offering from Bryan Lee O’Malley it already has the trademarks of his classic smash hits. There is a good degree of introspection and building background cast of characters I have instantly fallen in love with. The plot is starting to build with a lot of intrigue which is a new tool from O’Malley. I am thoroughly enjoying this series and I feel that once it picks up the pace a little it will be a lot of fun. The art from Leslie Hung is fantastic and serves to separate the book from O’Malley’s previous repertoire. If you like Scott Pilgrim, Lost At Sea and Seconds then you should pick this one up before it becomes a forgotten gem.


Star Wars Issue Twenty Two By Jason Aaron And Jorge Molina.


There are somethings in the Star Wars Universe you don’t know that you need to see until you see it. For example, in a ‘what if’ storyline from a few years ago we saw what would have happened if Vader had gone and faced Yoda on Dagobah and it was nothing short of fangasmic perfection. This book is another one of those moments in the Star Wars Universe that you just need to see.  Jason Aaron knows how to please Star Wars fans and I am sure this arc is going to become an absolute classic in amongst the fan base. I have nothing else to say apart from, when looking for a first edition copy, may the force be with you.


Steve Rogers Captain America Issue Four By Nick Spencer And Javier Pina.


I don’t like seeing Captain America work for Hydra. My brain doesn’t like it. With every scene I see where he does something evil I immediately try to contrive the plot and warp it so that Steve is actually acting for the side of the angels. But alas, there is no redemption for Mr. Rodgers. Nick Spencer has crafter the perfect malformation of Cap’s personality but I have to say that I despise it as a long-time fan. Which only means its working. If you are a hard core Captain America fan you may want to steer clear of this book, but for everyone else I have to say this is a hell of a read.


BearSleuth Pick Of The Week: Hellblazer Issue One By Simon Oliver And Moritat.


Way back in the mists of the early nineties there was an amazing series known only as John Constantin Hellblazer and it was awesome. Many people have conflicting views on how the series changed with time but every comic book fan I have met enjoyed at least one era of the heroes life.  Then DC cancelled the series, tried a few other Constantine series which quickly flopped, and promptly relegated the character to the b-list. Now Constantine is back with the Hellblazer moniker and it is a wonder to behold. Simon Oliver has put together something really special right here that calls back almost perfectly to the old days of Hallblazer. It’s fun, dark and chocked full of black humour. If you want a modern classic get your grubby little mitts all over this.


Extraordinary X-Men Issue Thirteen By Jeff Lemire And Victor Ibanez.


Jeff Lemire just rocks the mic when he stands up to deliver a brand new X-Men sermon. There is no other way to put it, he balances the heart which has always been the series strength with the madness that has always kept readers coming back for more. This issue is no different, incorporating both aspects of Apocalypse and Limbo storylines making for an insane mix. There are some fantastic sections of dialogue in this book that are worth your time even if you are not a huge X-Men fan. I highly recommend this book to anyone that likes strong character interaction as well as great action.

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BearSleuth Spoiler Free Comic Book Bundle Week Forty Eight

Eisner season continues this week as Marvel reach for every possible gut punch with funerals and deaths spattered all over their pages. DC are going for the slightly more subversive route of through Jim Lee on the book with the highest popularity at the moment and praying for some sort of mystical power to save ‘Rebirth’. In truth, its an absolutely brilliant weeks for comics and if you want a piece of the pie then leave it to your humbler BearSleuth to guide you through. Also check our Facebook page to see how you can win every Marvel Comic released this week!!!

All images are screenshots taken from the Marvel and DC Comics App [Accessed: 18/08/2016]

All-New Wolverine Issue Eleven By Tom Taylor And Ig Guara


I still can’t decide whether I like the way that Marvel are playing with the tie-ins in Civil War II. Instead of having certain characters have sub arcs within the main event many are having stories that parallel the issues raised by Civil War II. I feel like the writers are scared that we might miss the subtlety of this reflect so they have to ham-fist it the whole way. This issue is a perfect example of this as it would be a great tense issue if I wasn’t taken out of the action every five minutes with talk of the Inhumans and Ulysses. Don’t get me wrong, as tie-ins go this is still great and it’s a nice continuation of some of the themes raised in both Old Man Logan and All-New Wolverine, as long as you can bare your teeth through the more clunky aspects of the writing. The art is solid and the book is an all-round high standard piece worth a look for any Wolverine fans.


Batman Issue Five By Tom King And David Finch

Tom King continues to revolutionise Batman this week but including one of the greatest scenes I have ever seen in, not just a Batman comic, but any comic book I have ever read. It’s the first four pages of the issue and simply for this scene alone you need to buy this book. The rest of the issue is pretty good, as Batman begins to ramp up the action to an end of issue cliff hanger that is sure to thrill any Bat-fans. I have no doubt that between Snyder and King this will be seen as the second or third golden age of Batman for years to come. If you haven’t already started following this series you need to before it becomes impossible.


Civil War II: Choosing Sides Issue Four By A Roman Legion Of The Emperors Best Creative Talent


I have to say I was a little disappointed with this book this week. The past three instalments have been very thought provoking but that depth just wasn’t present. The first story is a pretty simple Punisher short which, while visually interesting, didn’t really fall into the theme of the book very well. The second story, about Power Pack, was probably the highlight this week but it felt more like a love note to the character which seemed strange to me as I have no love for Power Pack. I mean I simply cannot understand why anyone gives them the time of day, I could understand if they were actually the Power Puff Girls rip-off they appear to be but they aren’t even that, they were an odd idea from an odd era. Not for me. The final story, the over-arching Nick Fury plot, is a silent comic this week making for very quick reading. I will admit it’s nice to see the silent comic come back but it seems like an odd place for it. Overall, I feel like you can probably give this issue a miss.


BearSleuth Pick Of The Week: Civil War II: The Fallen By Greg Pak And Mark Bagley


Right I was going to try not to spoil the death this book is connected to but then I realised that the cover kind of gives it away. It was inevitable that the death of Bruce Banner was going to be an emotional affair but I feel like Greg Pak really aimed for the old heartstrings on this issue. Every possible moment that could carry emotional weight is here as character we haven’t seen for years come back into the picture and we see a very human response to a situation that seems so fantastical. While I am almost certain that Bruce will make a comeback in the next five years, this feels like a fitting end to his arc and one I would be happy with Marvel keeping going forward. The art by Mark Bagley is fantastic here, which is a sentence I rarely write, making this a must have for your comic collection.


I Hate Fairyland Issue Eight By Skottie Young And Jeffrey ‘Chamba’ Cruz


I have gushed about this book a lot but I have to say it was becoming a little stale going into this week’s review list. There’s only so far that you can go with ‘crazy fantasy’ and I feel like Young was reaching his limits. It’s for these reasons that I was delighted to see Young throw another artist into the mix this week with guest Chamba. The story reasons for this shift is pretty fantastic and it just served to freshen things up on what could have been a weaker issue. The story is still going strong although I feel like Young needs to continue to add a few more key characters into the mix for a real Eisner-worthy book. I would recommend this to anyone looking for the weird and wonderful in the world of comics.


Sam Wilson Captain America Issue Twelve By Nick Spencer And Daniel Acuna


Nick Spencer has continued to make his Captain America run very political and I have say it’s starting to really pay off for the series. It was plain that when Sam Wilson took up the shield there would be many themes of race but Nick has decided to push the point as far as it can possibly go with the Americops and the US Agent. I really like the writing here as it is smart and treats the reader like a politically aware member of society rather than a child. I haven’t seen how well this is playing out in the USA but I hope it’s reaching the right ears. If you want to support expression and intelligence in comics this is the book for you.


Suicide Squad Issue One By Rob Williams And Jim Lee


It was always going to happen, when DC have a film that’s starting to drive up interest in a particular character or team they throw top talent on that book. Just look at Romita Jr jumping on Superman when Man Of Steel came out. Right here the hammer of DC strikes again as Jim Lee takes everyone’s favourite B-list super team and overhauls them to look like the Justice League. I hate that the series is only now getting this attention and that the squad has miraculously changed to reflect the line-up of the film but the thing I hate the most is that I love the book. So many of the issues I have had with Suicide Squad have disappeared and now we have a great streamlined book written by a great writer and drawn by the greatest artist in comic books. I hate to love and love to hate this book and if that isn’t the highest recommendation I can give Suicide Squad.


Supergirl Rebirth One-Shot By Steve Orlando And Emanuela Lupacchino

Every so often there is a book that comes along that changes everything that every single comic book reader has to read. This is not that book. This is the sort of book that I have to reread an hour after I have read it it’s so forgettable. This is the sort of book that decides it’s a brilliant idea to introduce a Kryptonian Werewolf, I don’t care if it was don’t in the golden age or something like that it’s still dumb. This is the sort of book that decides to undo all the previously interesting writing on the Supergirl series by a simple plot convenience. This is the sort of book that makes me question if anyone actually died on Krypton or whether they all got into pods and left the planet before the big explosions and then just set timers to send themselves to Earth at points that would really fuck with Superman or Supergirls head. This is the one book this week that I can 100% say do not buy. It does nothing interesting. Nothing fun. Nothing daring. It’s just wallpaper.

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BearSleuth Spoiler Free Comic Book Bundle Week Forty Seven

By BearSleuth

The summer comic rush is finally settling down this week and that can only mean one thing. we are dancing around the start of Eisner season as each company begins to slowly put out the books they feel might turn a head with the industry. It’s how we know it’s time to start bringing in the harvest. In all seriousness though, there’s a fantastic line up on the shelves this week which means there is only one man who stands between you and missing the best of the best in the world of comics. The BearSleuth!

All images are screenshots taken from the Marvel and DC Comics apps [Accessed: 12/08/2016]

BearSleuth Pick Of The Week: All Star Batman Issue One By Scott Snyder And John Romita Jr.


Scott Snyder was, and for many still is, the king of Batman. There are few who could even claim to come close to his level of influence on how the character is perceived across the industry. Snyder revolutionized the caped crusader, both in narrative and psychology. As a reader and writer, I was saddened when he gave up the series, even though it went to a worthy successor, but now he’s turned around and decided that his award winning Batman run was ‘just one direction’ he wanted to take the character in. This book represents two more of those ‘paths’ Snyder discusses in the editorial at the back of this issue. With such a lineage to live up to, it would be easy for All Star Batman to trip and fall at the first hurdle but I am happy to say that this book might be one of the best I have read this year. I hate John Romita Jr’s artwork and I’m not the biggest fan of either plot Snyder has settled upon for his A and B stories but somehow, through the miracle of Snyder’s writing, this chili and chocolate combination works and creates something that, once again is ground-breaking. Grab an issue as soon as you can, this is not one to miss!

Darth Vader Issue Twenty Four By Kieron Gillen And Salvador Larroca


I like a lot of the prequel Star Wars films. I also hate a lot of the prequel Star Wars films. However if there is one moment I both love the idea of and hate the execution of then it would have to be the final battle between Anakin and Obi-Wan before Anakin falls to e dark side. This is the emotional climax of the entire Star Wars universe, the biggest moment in the arc of Darth Vader before his redemption and George Lucas fudged it. Now, Salvador Larroca has managed to fix that one crucial moment in Star Wars cannon with a dream sequence that will leave you not only in support of Vader but with an hitherto never before seen understanding of his core psychology. This is a great Star Wars book and it full deserves your attention if you are a fan.

Deathstroke Rebirth One-Shot By Priest And Carlo Pagulayan


I have never been a massive fan of Deathstroke and I’m sorry to say that while this issue came close to converting me it failed to win me over. I guess I don’t really see the purpose in another mercenary anti-hero in world with the Bat-family, the league of assassins, Lobo and Deadshot, each of whom seem to bring more to the table. However, I will concede that Priest has brought something new to the table in this disjointed narrative that took several rereads to fully grasp. The artwork in the book by Pagulayan is good and it supports the core narrative well but there is still something missing and I can’t quite put my finger on it. If you are already a Deathstroke fan this book may yield more for you but if you are undecided on the terminator then this won’t change anything.

Old Man Logan Issue Ten By Jeff Lemire And Andrea Sorrentino


If this series doesn’t manage to win a bucket full of Eisner awards I will begin to question the legitimacy of the panel. In my entire time reading comics I don’t think I have ever seen a series capture the essence of a character better than this series right here. Jeff Lemire has created a series of stories which look at internal struggle of Old Man Logan and how he exists in the pre-apocalypse of his post-apocalypse. It’s an odd set up but with a wholly unique emotional pay off. If you were a fan of Mark Millar’s original Old Man Logan series then you will love this right here.

Red Hood And The Outlaws Issue One By Scott Lobdell And Dexter Soy


As a character, Red Hood is all about walking the line between light and dark, the moral dilemma of when is one a hero or a villain. Sometimes the character has pushed hard towards his heroic side and other times he’s lent more on his villainous nature. In this new iteration of Red Hood we are looking at the more heroic side of the character as he attempts to deal with Black Mask and other villains by being assimilated into the Gotham underworld. It’s feels like a return to form for the character after the previous, more mystically charged, new 52 series. Lobdell is 100% the right man for the job, as his previous writing on Red Hood displayed a great understanding of the character. My only negative comment about the issue would be that while its strong on the Red Hood side of things we see nothing of the other outlaws, while I’m sure this will be rectified in the following issues its a little bit of weak form of the start of the series. If you want a new story from the world of Gotham with a more morally grey hero then this is the book for you.

Superwoman Issue One By Phil Jimenez


Every so often we get one, an artist who can write as well as he can draw or a writer who can draw as well as he can write. While Lee Bermejo is still the man when it comes to this method of creation I have to give credit to Phil Jimenez who is a strong contender. I don’t know how long Phil has been working in both capacities but there is a strong case to be made in his skill in each. If I had to guess whether he is an artist or writer at heart I would suggest a writer as Superwoman walks the line of being slightly too overwritten. The issue as a whole is strong though, with some truly interesting dialogue between Lois Lane and Lana Lang. If you are a fan of Superman, well written female protagonists and large scale super heroics then this is the one for you.

The Accused One-Shot By Marc Guggenheim, Ramon Bachs And Garry Brown


I loved Gerry Dugan’s idea to put Daredevil on the side of the prosecution, working in both his day job and his night time hobby to put criminals away , but it has taken some time for that dynamic to come through with an interesting presentation such as this. The Accused is a brilliant one-shot book that serves to give more context on the trial of Clint Barton after the events of Civil War Issue Three and it more than delivers on that promise. Marc Guggenheim has packed this issue with all the ethnical debates and arguments over justice that have always set a Daredevil story apart from the rest of the comic book heroes, making for an extremely compelling piece. If you have been reading Civil War II or if you are just a Daredevil fan then you need to give this book a shot.

The Vision Issue Ten By Tom King And Gabriel Walta


I don’t know if there is anything left for me to praise about Tom King’s run on The Vision. It is nothing short of a classic work of fiction and I will happily debate that with anyone. You need to pick up this series, either in trades or in issues, if you even have the slightest interest in comics. This issue in particular should be studied as it reaches the perfect emotional climax with out the use of cheap techniques of sloppy writing. This is a unique book that deserves both your time and attention.

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BearSleuth Spoiler Free Comic Book Bundle Week Forty Six

The summer Rush is starting to tail off as we hit August. That’s not to say that we’re not getting great books on the shelves but the volume is starting to get a little more bearable. Whereas last week I was crawling through a tide of almost thirty books I’m down to a much more manageable twenty and that’s going to decrease again next week. This allows me to talk about some of the more overall average comics that are doing one or two interesting things while it also me makes room in you pull lists for these hidden gems. With this opportunity in mind it’s time for your humble sleuth to dive back into the madhouse.

All images are screenshots taken from the Marvel or DC comics app [Accessed 4/8/2016]

Batman Issue Four By Tom King And David Finch

I have given this series so much praise right from the first rebirth one-shot and it really does deserves it. Tom King knows how to get under the skin of Batman and the other characters in the series to make them feel both human and relatable. With King’s background as a spy it makes sense that he understands the life of Batman unlike any previous writer and his ability to bring out the heroism in the caped crusader is admirable. If I had any complaint so far with the series it would be that each issue feels too short and only manages to cover a limited amount of ground at the best of times. I feel like this is down to the lack of page count but if you are someone who struggles with how short many comics feel then this might not be the one for you, for everyone else I highly recommend this series.

BearSleuth Pick Of a The Week: Doctor Strange Issue Ten By Jason Aaron And Chris Bachalo

This has been a fantastic series from its earliest inception but with the culmination of the first ten-issue arc it feels like Issue Ten is something really special. There is so much going on in this issue that it almost feels a little chaotic but Aaron does everything in his power to maintain clarity and it really pays off. The climax of the last days of magic feels desperate, epic and exhilarating, which is rare for any comic book arc. If you want to get into Doctor Strange before he takes to the big screen or if you are just looking for a really solid superhero story then this is the series you need to have in your collection.

Harley Quinn Issue One By Amanda Conner, Jimmy Palmiotti And Chad Hardin

I hate everything that series represents in comic books. I love the character of Harley Quinn as she is presented in the Suicide Squad and Batman series but to see her reduced to this ridiculous characature is simply ridiculous. I hate the ‘quirky’ lifestyle with talking dead beavers and excrement catapults. If you want to go quirky pick one thing and run with it, Harley was already quirky without and weird and wonderful background cast made up of every Tumblr users wet-dreams and my nightmares. I understand if this is your thing then it’s worth reading but it isn’t mine and I cannot recommend it to anyone. Steer clear true believers.

Civil War II Kingpin Issue Two By Matthew Rosenberg And Ricardo Lopez Ortiz

I really liked the first issue in this series, it turned the villainous character of Wilson Fisk into one that I could understand and even sympathize with. Unfortunately with another issue under my belt, I can’t help but say I am starting to lose that feeling of empathy. Rosenberg has created a complex plot that could be seen as the quintessential evaluation of Fisk’s character but unlike other books that have attempted this same plot with other characters (Killing Joke comes to mind) the subject of Fisk just doesn’t have enough depth. He seeks power because he believes no one else has the ability to take it or wield it. He sees it as an act of altruism but in truth in it an act of self justification. I would like to see what lead Fisk to this thought process but that seems out of the series purview. I still highly recommend this book to readers looking to learn more about the Kingpin and a new angle on the Civil War storyline.

Moon Knight Issue Five By Jeff Lemire And Greg Smallwood (a well as a slew of special guest artists)

For the last few months one of the best conversations I have had with every geek and nerd I had bumped into has been ‘what the fuck is going on in Moon Knight?’ and finally we have an answer. I won’t spoil anything but I think I was probably the best result we could have expected for Marc Spector’s continuing adventure, as it gives Jeff Lemire fantastic scope for his next arc. There is a great artist jam session across the finale of this arc that will have Moon Knight fans jumping for joy and had me smiling to myself the whole time. This is a great book and now the first arc is over I can conclusively say that you need to go out and get this series and make it a part of your collection.

Suicide Squad Rebirth One-Shot By Rob Williams And Philip Tan

Suicide Squad Rebirth hits shelves the same week as the Suicide Squad film hits the big screen, coincidence? I think not. Not that this is a problem, frankly the way DC are going at the moment they need every boost to sales they can get but it gets a little hard to defend this practice when the book then throws out many classic Squad characters to bring the team more in line with that of the film. While I haven’t seen the film as of me writing this article there seems to be some debate on whether it or it’s big brother, BvS, will take the award for biggest fuck up this year so this marketing move might turn out to big the Suicide Squad Rebirth one-shot in the ass. I am happy to say the issue is pretty strong, with a nice reintroduction from Rob Williams, as a pseudo-Obama vs Amanda Waller argument takes place. I recommend this to anyone who enjoys the film or just wants a good Suicide Squad story.

Tokyo Ghost Issue Nine By Rick Remender And Sean Murphy


 This series has been both the most imaginative and deeply satirical since the height of 2,000AD. After the major events of the previous issues we are now building to the epic conclusion of the second arc of Remender’s title and I have to say it might be the greatest plot climax I have ever seen in a comic book. Remender has created a perfect protagonist-antagonist relationship that leaves you beging for everuyone’s favourite hero ,Debbie, to just lay waste to her nemesis. The artwork is fantastic here as well by Sean Murphy with a depth that seems impossible to find in many modern comics. If you want a strong story with a satirical and political bend to it.

Uncanny Inhumans Issue Twelve By Charles Soule And Carlos Pacheco

I have criticised the Inhumans for the longest time for being a knock-off X-Men team and this week they have continued to vindicate me.  This issue feels like the sort of story I would have expected to see if Civil War had been set in the nineties, with Storm or Professor X swapped out for Medusa and Maximus being supplanted by Magneto. That’s not to say this is a great arc, the continued friction between Tony Stark and Medusa is pushed to a natural breaking point here making for some brilliant character moments and decisive leadership from the Inhuman queen. Soule displays some astonishing writing chops once again, only to be surpassed by the high quality of art work from Carlos Pacheco. I would highly recommend this series to any fans of royal politics and the ethical debate that we used to see in the pages of the X-Men.

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BearSleuth Spoiler Free Comic Book Bundle Week Forty Five

This week has been insane in the world of comic books. With the release of so many Rebirth and Civil War II titles it’s been almost impossible for you humble Sleuth to keep up. Almost. After picking up almost thirty titles at my local comic book store I have sifted through the best and the worst on the shelves and I think there are some real treats out there for readers. It’s the week of the summer blockbusters so settle in, grab your popcorn and read some goddamn comics!

All images are screenshots taken from the Marvel and DC Comics app. [Accessed: 29/07/2016]

BearSleuth Pick Of The Week: Civil War II Issue Four By Brian Michael Bendis And David Marquez


I’m afraid there is only one book people will be talking about this week and it’s got to be this one. When Bendis and Marvel announced that they were going back to the Civil War imprint I think a lot of readers where waiting for the moments in this book right here. Without any spoilers, I think it’s fair to say that the shit has hit the fan and everyone has come out swinging for the fences. Bendis once again manages to continue his micro-macro approach to storytelling that makes his pieces feel so dramatic and human.  I need to also mention that David Marquez is laying down some career defining work here as the wide shots and splash panels simply blow me away. This is a great book and an all-round strong event that really deserves a place in your collection.


Civil War II Choosing Sides Issue Three By A Warband Of Vicious Creatives


Every time I go into this series I feel a moment of trepidation, with so many artists, writers and characters to play with I am constantly concerned that I’ll get a bad mix. In truth, the series is like a bag of revels and, after several dips into the bag, I am yet to find the coffee flavoured one. This is a brilliant tie-in series, showing a wide variety of views on each of the issues from the main Civil War II book. My least favourite section is probably the recurring Nick Fury storyline as it seems to be running a little slowly but even with that series I think there is a good payoff to come. This is a fun way to get a taste of the entire Marvel Universe and I highly recommend it.


Extraordinary X-Men Issue Twelve By Jeff Lemire And Humberto Ramos


What was the point of ‘Apocalypse Wars’? I mean apart from the obvious tie-in to the Fox X-Men film and the loose connection between the X-Men series each dealing with an Apocalypse-related issue. There was no cross over, there was no event here, it was just three Apocalypse storylines which kept me waiting for a crossover of payoff that never came.  This is another great issue from Jeff Lemire as we see the team divided over several key issues but it was not the payoff I was hoping for. The art is strong and the chances are if you would enjoy this issue you have probably picked it up already but if you haven’t then I recommend picking it up in trades.


Nightwing Issue One By Tim Seeley And Javier Fernandez

It feels so good to see Dick Greyson back in the garb of Nightwing again. In this issue we get to see all the classic troupes of a good Nightwing comic, including minor crossovers with both Batman and Batgirl. I felt a little out of the loop with Dick after his time as a super spy, which I neglected to follow as it felt like a departure from the character, but this is a return to form. The artwork from Javier Fernandez is very fitting and some of the best I have seen on a Dick Greyson series for some time. If you are looking for another member of the Bat family to follow or you’re just a big Nightwing fan then I strongly recommend this book.


Old Man Logan Issue Nine By Jeff Lemire And Andrea Sorrentino


The cover of this book alone makes it worth your time and money, the theme of Logan as a master-less Ronin has been one bandied about for some time but never with such beautiful imagery. The issue its self is a good opening to a new Old Man Logan arc with a dual narrative set in both the past and the future. It serves as a strong jumping on point for fans looking to get in on Lemire’s incredibly strong writing and Sorrentino’s industry leading art style. Personally, this may be one of my favourite series of all time and it’s certainly one you should give a chance.


Red Hood And The Outlaws Rebirth One-Shot By Scott Lobdell And Dexter Soy


I don’t think many people have as much nostalgia for Jason Todd as they do for Dick Greyson or even Tim Drake. Jason was always the runt of the litter, the black horse that the fans literally put to death. All that being said…I quite like Jason Todd and I think Scott Lobdell agrees with me. The hero who everyone regards as a villain, or at least as untrustworthy, is a great image for a character and one I think a lot of people can relate to. In this issue Lobdell explores the concept of that character and how even his closest allies cannot trust him. It’s a good read and sets up a new Red Hood arc that I think fellow hood fans will enjoy.


Titans Issue One By Dan Abnett And Brett Booth


I guess it makes sense that the Teen Titans would eventually grow up and become the plain old Titans, in fact I’m pretty sure that has already happen a couple of times in the pre-52 nether that was the old DC Universe. It is really nice to see this team back together again and new arc has a lot of potential for character development of everyone involved. Abnett starts us slow here but there is still plenty of action to hold our interest and a lot of intrigue to build upon. If you are a fan of any of the heroes involved in this book then pick it up, you’re going to have a good time.


Wonder Woman Issue Three By Greg Rucka And Liam Sharp


This series makes me kind of sad. Greg Rucka is a good writer, in my opinion there are only a handful of books where he has reached his full potential, but he has always been above the average. The problem is, when he is pair with a bad artist (as he has been on all the even numbered issues of this series) it’s detrimental to the overall appeal of the book, but when he is paired with a good artist it looks like he’s knocked it out of the park. Liam Sharp is an amazing artist, he captures Diana perfectly and manages to create mystical scenes through the use of subtle artistic ques. This is a great Wonder Woman issue but I fear that in two weeks’ time I’m going to be berating this series again. My only recommendation is to pick up the odd numbers in this series and leave the evens as they simply aren’t worth your time.

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BearSleuth Spoiler Free Comic Book Bundle Week Forty Four

It’s weeks like these that I live for as a comic book fan. I walked into my local comic book store today to be faced with a barrage of amazing titles backed up by the tightest of creative teams. DC are leading with their best foot forward this week with a triple hit of Batman, Justice League and Superman that will leave any reader breathless. To top that we’ve got a new Deadpool series and the beginning of a new Star Wars arc that will knock you off your feet. And while you’re on the ground there’s a left hook from Snotgirl and I Hate Fairyland to knock your socks off once and for all. Needless to say, I have survived this assault, wrestled my socks back on, and I’m ready to give you the official BearSleuth play by play.


All images are screenshots taken from the Marvel and DC Comics App [Accessed: 22/07/2016]


Batgirl And The Birds Of Prey Rebirth One-Shot By Julie Benson, Shawna Benson And Claire Rose


We’re starting with the weakest of the bunch this week but please don’t take that as a put down for Batgirl And The Birds Of Prey. This year has seen a Ghostbuster’s reboot that handled female characters with a greater care that the rest of the film industry and I feel there is a parallel to be drawn between that film and this book. The mainstream of the comic book industry has had a love-hate relationship with female characters and this book goes a long way to break away from the classic problems. Ever since Gail Simone’s work on Batgirl, and arguably before, the character has stood as a feminist icon in the industry and this book continues that tradition while also working not to sound preachy in its approach. The Benson’s merit the highest praise for making another great female-lead piece and, with Claire Rose’s artwork, this book deserves your attention and support.


Batman Issue Three By Tom King And David Finch


Sometimes I claim that a certain book would be the pick of the week if only it had fallen in another week because there is another book that has just blown it out the water, but even that doesn’t justify my situation this week. This week might contain two of my favourite comic books of the year and it is only because the other one might start a whole new trend in the industry that Batman Issue Three is not my pick of the week. This book does everything perfectly, the writing is so perfect that I cannot find a sing word that seems out of place or unnecessary, there is an elegance to King’s writing which I can only describe as otherworldly. The structure of the piece stands alone as a piece of art examining the soul of Batman whilst also falling neatly into the ongoing narrative of the book. I have a feeling this is a piece we will be studying for years as a paragon of writing and design in the medium. The artwork is solid here as well as it is simple, allowing the writing to hold the reader’s attention. This is a book and a series you need to follow. A modern classic.


Deadpool & The Mercs For Money Issue One By Cullen Bunn And Iban Coello


A Deadpool book that doesn’t just rely on one liners and instead turns change with heart and integrity while still perpetuating a sense of levity. Madness. Deadpool & The Mercs For Money continues Cullen Bunn’s trend for playing the character of Wade Wilson as a tragic anti-hero, a trend that has evolved over the years with the character. We see in this issue how Deadpool deals with his reputation in the wider hero community whilst also witnessing the further establishment of the Mercs For Money as individuals. There is also a reintroduction of a fan favourite character that I’m sure will be a pleasant treat for both comic readers and movie goers. This is a solid book and if you are a Deadpool fan then you need to pick it up.


I Hate Fairyland Issue Seven By Skottie Young

 Image result for i hate fairyland issue 7

I’ll be honest, I always had a good feeling about this series but I never quite expected it to be so strong and to grow such a wide fanbase. I Hate Fairyland is one of the first Image comics (after Walking Dead and Sex Criminals) that I have found non-comic book readers talking about. This is something I love to see and I really think it’s a great sign for the industry as it shows that not only the super hero books are finding their place in the mainstream. This book deserves major attention as well as it is unlike anything else on the shelves and a thoroughly original concept, with only gentle nods of the head to works such as Discworld. Skottie Young knows how to rock out in the art department and he makes sure to splash as much colour and life into every panel as possible. This is another series you should check out, even if you hate comic books this could be the one to turn your head.


Justice League Issue One By Bryan Hitch And Tony S. Daniel


The big buzzword everyone liked to use when talking about Geoff John’s Justice League series was ‘epic’ but I have a feeling that we are going to have to start toping that with a phase such as ‘divine opera’ when talking about Hitch’s run. The second panel in this book is a double page spread that just tells you everything you need to know about Hitch’s vision for the Justice League and how they should appear going forward. Hitch gets the idea of micro-macro writing that has always been at the heart of the series as we open on one of the most terrifying world catastrophes imaginable while we also see various personal dramas begin to show between the team mates. It’s this level of writing talent, coupled with pencil work by industry mainstay Tony S. Daniel that leaves us with a worthy successor to the work of Johns, Lee and Fabok. This is the start of something big, get in on the ground floor.


BearSleuth Pick Of The Week: Snotgirl Issue One By Bryan Lee O’Malley And Leslie Hung

Image result for snotgirl #1

If you had asked me twenty four hours ago what my favourite book of the year is I would not have been able to give you an answer and I would probably have defaulted to Tom King’s Batman or Vision series. Now I can definitively say I know the answer. Snotgirl is the newest creation from Bryan Lee O’Malley, creator of Scott Pilgrim, and I think it might be his magnum opus. The concept is an original dramatic satire on modern life with the sort of out of the box approach that both O’Malley and Image have become famous for. There is a perfect sense of character from start to finish and the personality of even bit players seems to shine through. It’s interesting to see O’Malley moving to the writer’s seat while letting Leslie Hung take over on the artwork front but I think it’s fair to say that O’Malley, while having a style that complements his own writing, has never been the strongest in the art department. Hung works perfectly with O’Malley’s script creating a piece that doesn’t deserve to be in your collection but instead simply needs to be there.


Star Wars Issue Twenty One By Jason Aaron And Jorge Molina


The Darth Vader comic series is about to finish and I think it’s fair to say it has had a great run, that means it’s time for Marvel to attempt to catch lightning in a bottle for a second time with another Star Wars villain. If you missed the subtle hint on the cover of this issue, this issue appears to be a disguised-pilot for a Stormtrooper mini-series. As you would expect, this immediately triggered my critical defences like a fresh piece of meat being thrown into the lions pit but I have to say I like what we’ve been presented with here. The Stormtrooper squad look interesting and are each compelling enough character’s that they can pull off the anti-hero approach easily. Aaron has put in the work here and I have to say that it pays off in story that will delight Star Wars fans.


Superman Issue Three By Peter J. Tomasi, Patrick Gleason And Jorge Jimenez


I left this one to last. Honestly, I tried everything to escape reviewing this book, after loving the first two issues I really wanted to love this one two but I had been put off by the ending of the second issue and I didn’t want this issue to shatter my hope for a strong Superman series. I am happy to say that nothing of the sort happened when I read Superman Issue Three. This is a great piece and with the fantastic writing talent of Tomasi and Gleason behind it the book continues to deliver a plot that manages to drill to the core of what superman should represent. The art by Jimenez is sublime and there really is little else I can say about it. If you want a good Superman story you finally have one!

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BearSleuth Spoiler Free Comic Book Bundle Week Forty Three

Well it’s another cataclysmic week in the world of comic books and I have to admit I am getting a little bit of event fatigue as Civil War II and Rebirth continue to plod along with strong main titles and auxiliary titles of various levels, including a few which seem to be simply treading water. Luckily, industry legend Mark Millar is on hand to give us a break with the introduction of the next generation of the industry, some of which I have to say could change the face of comics. With so much great stuff on the shelves this week it’s down to me, your humble sleuth, to separate the wheat from the chaff.

All images are screenshots taken from the Marvel and DC comics apps. [Accessed: 16/07/2016]

BearSleuth Pick Of The Week: Civil War II Issue Three By Brian Michael Bendis and David Marquez.


This is the big one people, if you though the death at the start of the series was monumental then this is going to blow your mind. Marvel have been teasing for weeks that a major league hero was going to fall in the Civil War II storyline but even I would have doubted the writers would have put this hero in the crosshairs. The plot of this issue is made up from a series of testimonies and flashbacks which, while a common troupe in several TV series, is a pretty rare thing to see in the medium. The great thing about this issue and the Civil War II series in general is that it easily has the writing and plot to support the spectacle of the event making this a worthy successor to Mark Millar’s original event book. The art by Marquez deserves special mention as it is easily some of the best on the shelves right now! This is a book you need in your collection as fast as possible, before it vanishes.


Civil War II: Choosing Sides Issue Two By A Whole Warhost Of Writers And Artists.


The problem with a series of various short stories from different artists and writers is that the quality of a book can vary greatly from page to page. You can end up with a book that has a very schizophrenic feel to it that can be tough to get through. Unfortunately this book is unable to move around this problem and instead finds itself bogged down with several stories which seem unrelated to the main event or simply do not carry enough weight. The arcing Nick Fury narrative manages to hold my interest more but it’s still not enough for me. If you are looking for a book you can miss this week I think you just found it.


Hal Jordan And The Green Lantern Rebirth One Shot By Robert Venditti And Ethan Van Sciver


The solo Rebirth book’s only job seems to be returning characters to their status quo through the most contrived paths possible while also setting up as many spin off series as possible. This book is a typical example as Robert Venditti allows Hal to do something that he should have been easily able to attempt at any point in his most recent arc and the reason he didn’t is that the lack of this portion of his status quo made the character far more interesting. Ethan Van Sciver manages to keep the piece looking pretty epic but its little consolation. Personally I would just stick to the main green lantern story arc as this is looking kind of week.


Millarworld Annual 2016 By The Future Of The Industry


This is a really hard piece to review as it has a similar problem to Civil War II: Choosing sides. However unlike its mainstream brother, the Millarworld Annual delivers on every single page. Each story has been picked because it fitted perfectly into the space given and the artists have been chosen to complement the writing. This gives us a series of stories birthed from high quality collaborations overseen by Mark Millar. Needless to say they are breath taking and you need to pick up this book as it is showcasing a lot of new artists, writers, techniques and styles. There are things in here that you can’t get anywhere else, particularly in the Hit-Girl and American Jesus storylines, that I have no doubt will begin to filter into the industry in the next few years. This is a piece of comic book history and it belongs in your hands.


New Super-Man Issue One By Gene Luen Yang And Uiktor Bogdanovic


I was pretty psyched going into this book, I had read several interviews with Yang about his book and I was ready for something new and different. Instead we have what feels like a cheap knock-off of Superman. I don’t quite know why DC have decide to create this character and what long term purpose he will serve but I can’t help feeling that this is a flash in the pan that will die after a few arcs at most. The character is almost immediately annoying, bordering on contemptible, and does little to endear himself. The art work is good by Bogdanovic, but it would be better suited on a bigger tittle. Don’t bother with this series, there is better stuff out there.


Nightwing Rebirth One-Shot By Tim Seeley And Yanick Paquette


While I felt the Green Lantern Rebirth was mishandled, Nightwing Rebirth is a genuinely good read that delves deep into what makes the character a fan favourite. The examination of Nightwing comes alongside a reinvention which feels less contrived and much more like a natural progression for the character. Seeley has a very strong handle on the mind of Dick Greyson, which makes for an engaging protagonist lacking in many of DC’s big books at the moment. The art is a little weaker here with Paquette falling back on a fairly generic style. If you are a fan of Nightwing be sure to pick this one up.


Old Man Logan Issue Eight By Jeff Lemire And Andrea Sorrentino


When Mark Millar created Old Man Logan he created a way that Wolverine could be defeated. How the man with unbreakable bones and the ability to recover from any wound could be broken. That is a concept that is immediately engaging and fun for all comic book readers. In this issue Jeff Lemire goes further and looks at how a character broken so badly could begin to recover. With some fantastic guest appearances, and a heartfelt approach to the material, this is a defining issue for a series made up of defining issues. I cannot get enough of Sorrentino’s art and when combine with Lemire’s writing it makes for a combination that I highly recommend.


Wonder Woman Issue Two By Greg Rucka And Nicola Scott

We’re going back to the beginning of Wonder Woman with Greg Rucka on Wonder Woman and looking at the origins of the character. As with most retellings the bare bones are here and the stakes feel a little lower but there is a lot of room for fun and dynamic storytelling. By the end of this first issue for the Wonder Woman: Year One arc, I am very intrigued by the path being laid out and how Rucka might continue his narrative as the majority of the beats from the her origin have now been covered. It’s a great foundation with some solid and fitting art by Nicola Scott to support it. I look forward to the future of this series and I recommend this to anyone looking to jump on board with Wonder Woman.

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