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The final send off for Jackman and Stewart feels like it could be one of the greatest X-Men stories of all time.

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Whichever way you look at it, there has never quite been a situation like this in movie history. Both Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine and Patrick Stewart’s Professor X are iconic roles that have both become defining roles and last influences on the character. I challenge you to read any X-Men comic book without hearing Stewart’s calm and collected Xavier or Jackman’s abrasive yet loving Logan. With these actor’s performances being so intrinsic to their characters it was always going to be tough ending their tenure on the X-Men films. That being said, while many of the X-Men films have been good, Logan is possibly the greatest X-Men film there will ever be.

Not A Wolverine Film But An X-Men Film

Yeah Logan is great, also grass is green and Superman is overpowered as fuck. If you want to know why it’s a great film then go watch one of the million reviews out there, what I want to talk about is why it’s a great X-Men film. The X-Men have always been persecute, they protect a world that hates and fears them. They are the suffragette movement, eighties AIDS sufferers and the civil rights movement with super powers. The struggle for acceptance is one that we can all sympathize with, and I say that as a heterosexual white middle class male. So what happens when that cause dies?

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What would have happened if the suffragette movement had disbanded? Or if AIDS had wiped out the LGBT community? Imagine a world where the Civil Rights movement had turned into a war and you’re one of the last handful of Black Americans. The push for acceptance would turn into rage and disinterest as the movement would seem like a pipe-dream. On top of that, imagine you’re living with a Alzheimer’s riddled Martin Luther King Jr who had an attack and killed his top campaigners. That’s the situation Logan presents us with, the battle for equality lost and the last fighters for the cause making their final stand.

The All New All Different Wolverine

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This is where Laura/X-23 comes in as she represents the last hope of the cause; a new generation who knows how to avoid dangers that destroyed the last. The parallels between her and the first appearance of Wolverine, from her casual use of the claws down to her being a clone of him, are key to this. The cycle will begin anew with her as the new Wolverine. When Logan is fighting at the end of the film, he his fighting for another chance, one last attempt at fighting for peace and equality. That’s also where X-24/ Huge Jacked-man comes into it, as he represents Wolverine without the aid of Xavier and the X-Men, a mindless rage fuelled killing machine. X-24 is proof that the X-Men stood for something and left a mark on Logan and the world.

A Grand Finale

With these points in mind, the final scene of the film becomes all the more poignant as it doesn’t just represent the death of Wolverine but the death of X-Men. The film proves that their cause was flawed and failed but we also see the next generation (call them the New Mutants if you will) going out into the world. Laura and friends are the next step in the evolution of the cause, and they might be the ones who make it work.

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As an end to the X-Men that seems pretty optimistic. And I know we’ll get a bunch more films and series and whatever else Fox can crank out but this was the end of an era and should be treat as such. Two great screen presences have left two amazing rolls, so help them make their final lap of honour and go watch Logan

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bearsleuthWritten by: Patrick Lunn

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