Morning BS: Why read Skottie Young’s I Hate Fairland: Madly Ever After In 250 words or less

A comic book artist finds his voice and moves into the daunting territory of artist/writer in this warped twist on classic fairy-tales.

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Last week I mentioned how the rise of Image Comics resulted in some creators gaining a platform to discuss their messages with the world. However, other creators took the platform offered by Image and decided to explore the medium of comics and visual storytelling through other genres. Skottie Young was a gifted artist who did just that. Young had grown acclaim in the industry as an artist creating unique covers for Marvel Comics but with I Hate Fairyland he started to move in a new direction, while he had done bits of comic book writing in the past this would be his first truly bespoke piece of work.

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With those goals in mind Young created the world and plot of I Hate Fairyland, where a young girl, Gertrude, is transported to a magical fairyland for an adventure of whimsy and wonder to find a magical key, almost thirty years later and she is still looking for the key. To add insult to injury, Gertrude is still trapped in the physical body of her six year old self but with the drives of a thirty year old woman. Gertrude’s morals have broken over her years in Fairyland so she is bloodthirsty, horny and willing to do anything to get home and start her life. It’s a recipe for hilarity as Gertrude’s quest forces her to into conflict with every inhabitant of Fairyland.

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I’ve got a few words left so I’ll just say this: Alice In Wonderland meets Machete…what more could you want?

You can pick Madly Ever After in graphic novel form for £8.99 from Amazon

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