Morning BS: Why read Rick Remender’s Tokyo Ghost: Atomic Garden In 250 words or less

Veteran comic book writer Rick Remender pens an explicit piece of dystopian fiction poking fun at modern society in a way only seen previously in the pages of 2,000AD.

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The rise of Image Comics has led to many respected members of the comic book industry receiving a platform to tell stories rarely seen in the pages of the medium. For some this has resulted in attempts at genres outside of the industry’s comfort zone but for others it has been an opportunity to relay a message. Rick Remender’s first volume of Tokyo Ghost, Atomic Garden, is a perfect example of how to use the Image platform effectively and provocatively. Imagine if Judge Dredd had been created in the time of global warming and social media and you’ll have a pretty good idea of the fantastic dystopia that is Tokyo Ghost.

The book follows Led Dent, a Image result for tokyo ghostsocial media and TV addicted hit man, and his lover, Debbie Decay who has managed to abstain from the addictions of the masses. The two maintain law and order until they solve one of their biggest cases and are sent to help colonise Tokyo, the last pure area of Earth where there are no addictions. The story then shifts from action-adventure to one of rehabilitation and romance. While that is all still fairly standard, what makes Remender’s piece stand out is a constant stream of background jokes and satire provided by artist Sean Murphy. Whether it’s a dildo octopus, thinly veiled references to Donald Trump or both, you can spend hours reading and rereading this novel.

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I’ve got a few words left so I’ll just say this: Judge Dredd meets An Inconvenient Truth…what more could you want?

You can pick Atomic Garden in graphic novel form for £8.99 from Amazon

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