Morning BS: The Traveller’s Almanac: Springfield

A look at the simple life of cartooned Americans and a chance to see the world’s most famous family – Springfield is perfect for your family’s trans-dimensional holiday.


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The town of Springfield is located somewhere in Middle America. No one is quite sure where but your trans-dimensional warp gun will be able to easily locate it due to a high level of radiation produced by the town’s power plant. The town is a sprawling, almost city-sized, urban area that appears to transform to satisfy the needs of the populations day to day antics. You will find large museums and town halls unlike anywhere else in America and also a high proportion of celebrities walking the streets in cartoon form. Ideal if you’re looking for a quick selfie, although that too will come out in animated form.


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The townsfolk of Springfield are fairly similar to your average America in temperament and mannerisms. However they are yellow and animated, which means they can often be involved in wilder antics that, as an organic traveller, you should attempt to avoid. Many locals can only be seen on rare occasions, such as the lovable mob boss Fat Tony, due to clashes in their voice actors scheduling.

Blending In

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You’re going to need to set your image inducer to the ‘animated’ and ‘yellow-bellied’ setting to blend into Springfield. After that there’s little else that you need to do except remember that you are not animated and so are susceptible to death and dismemberment unlike the Springfield population.

Package Deals

We offer two package deals that include visits to Springfield:

The ‘Animated America’ Package:

  • Visit South Park, the Hill Residence and Quahog in a fantastic tour of America’s animated hotspots.
  • Go hunting for Blinky the three-eyed fish.
  • Meet and greet with Brian and Stewie.
  • Great choice for any TV buff.

The Springfield Chilli Festival Experience

  • Visit the world famous Springfield Chilli Festival
  • Try chillies inspired by some of your favourite Springfield characters.
  • Go on a vision quest to learn about the real you.
  • Perfect choice for those who wish to push their mind and body

Would you take this trip or would you want another package? Let me know in the comment section down below, on Facebook at: or on Twitter at:

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bearsleuthWritten by: Patrick Lunn

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