Morning BS: Old Man Logan vs Lego Batman

A world weary Wolverine throws down with a re-buildable Batman but when both fighters can heal from any wound who will emerge victorious?

In the Blue Corner: Old Man Logan

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Possibly the most well-known incarnation of the world most dangerous Canadian, Old Man Logan is Wolverine after he’s been mentally broken and tricked into killing all of the X-Men. This pushes him to the point where he rarely uses his claws and is much more vicious. His healing factor might be a little slower but he is still an unstoppable killing machine, easily capable of taking on the likes of the Hulk. However, Logan is also vulnerable to psychological tactics. Logan can also cut through plastic which may be useful in Lego vs mutant combat.

In the Red Corner: Lego Batman

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This might sound like an odd choice but it’s actually a pretty clever match up. Lego Batman is able to rebuild himself and quickly build additional pieces of technology out of his environment. This makes him a fearsome foe against Logan. He would be able to easily build reminders of Logan’s past and the X-Men he killed to confuse and disorientate the marvellous mutant. As long as he and Logan are the same size, and for arguments sake let’s say they are, it’s going to be a long fight.

Battleground: Hogwarts Express

Image result for the hogwarts express

Narrow corridors and a murderous trolley lady make this a unique battle area. It presents a greater advantage to Logan as Lego Batman made find it difficult to mover given his proportions. However Lego Batman is capable of building helpful tools from his surroundings so it is possible that he could construct some way of incapacitating Logan, although cannibalising the Hogwarts Express could raise the ire of the trolley lady.

Winner: Old Man Logan

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With a distinct lack of Ignore to hand it seems like Logan is easily going to win this fight, even if Lego Batman manages to employ psychological warfare and create a mode of incapacitation there is nothing to hand that Logan can’t slash his way through and eventually he will cut Lego Batman to shreds, which will be a little harder to rebuild.

Do you agree?

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bearsleuthWritten by: Patrick Lunn


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