Morning BS: 5 Reasons Why You Wouldn’t want to be Captain America

Steve Rodgers is a buff patriotic paragon but would you really want to wield his shield?

  1. The Weight Of A Nation

    Image result for captain america weight of a nation

Being Captain America is a big responsibility, the biggest responsibility in fact. When you wear the flag you represent America. Could you bear that responsibility?

  1. The Iron Nail


When every other Avenger falls Captain America is the last one standing. Refusing to give in against any threat. That means you’d have to take more punishment than Thor and still stand with pure willpower. Steve has tanked hits from the best and kept on fighting but it’s cost him…

  1. “It Appears To Run On Some Form Of Electricity”


Steve is a man from the past. A past with a lot less technology and lot more Nazis. If you were Captain America that means no iPads or Internet. Unfortunately you’d be more like a fussy grandpa asking is IM is a new form of STD.

  1. How much do you trust shady German Scientists?

    Image result for captain america drinking

Like most steroids, no one knows the long term effect of super hero serum. This has come up a few times in the comics but never fully explored. It’s entirely possible for the serum to suddenly kill you. You’d have to live with that in your body permanently.

  1. You can never…ever…get krunk

    Image result for captain america drinking

Captain America processes alcohol at a fantastic speed so he never gets drunk. It’s even been established that he can drink gods under the table. So you’ll always be the designated driver, if that doesn’t put you off I’m not sure what will.

So that’s the price to pay for being Captain America…would you still take the job?

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bearsleuthWritten by: Patrick Lunn

Edited by: Ivy Miller


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