Morning BS: The Traveller’s Almanac: The Shire And Hobbiton

If you’re looking for a laid back holiday this year, and have access to a trans-dimensional portal, consider visiting Hobbiton


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Resting in the heart of the Shire, Hobbiton is a beautiful rural gem. The locals have a knack for building burrow-like dwellings that have left the area looking untouched, even with a relatively large population, so this is a must destination for the ecologically conscious out there. The landscape is also peppered with many breweries, taverns and pipe weed merchants, making this an idyllic location for some comfortable rest and relaxation.


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The short and stout locals of Hobbiton at known as Hobbits, they are very friendly to one and other but can be very suspicious of strangers. Past times mostly include a knack for gardening and the indulgence of their various vices, most notably the pipe weed known as ‘Old Toby’ and ‘Longbottom Leaf’. Hobbits are characterized by their family lineages so it’s common for many members of the same family to act similarly.

Blending In

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As a trans-dimensional traveller, blending into Hobbiton is going to be difficult. My best advice is to create a portal slightly outside the town and then use an image inducer to take the form of a small Hobbit. When asked by the locals where you’re from just say ‘Bree’ and keep talking about an Inn call ‘The Prancing Pony’ until they get bored and you can walk away.

Package Deals

We offer two package deals that include visits to Hobbiton:

The ‘Business With The Dragon’ Package:

  • Visit key locations in from ‘The Hobbit’ including the Shire, Esgaroth, Rivendell and the Misty Mountain itself.
  • Meet and greet the descendants of the key characters.
  • Survive a night in the wilderness of Mirkwood
  • Perfect adventure holiday for the weary traveller

Merry and Pippin’s Pipe Weed Riverboat

  • Visit many Pipe merchants and Taverns across the Shire as you take a long boat down a river running right through the heart of Hobbiton.
  • Meet Merry and Pippin as they give a short talk on the history of Hobbit Leaf.
  • Guaranteed fantastic weather.
  • Idyllic rest and relaxation for all.

Would you take this trip or would you want another package? Let me know in the comment section down below, on Facebook at: or on Twitter at:

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bearsleuthWritten by: Patrick Lunn

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