Covert Coot – Jack’s Back: Samurai Jack

The Return of Samurai Jack

It’s finally here, the trailer for Samurai Jack’s fifth and final season.


What is Samurai Jack?

Samurai Jack was created by Genndy Tartakovsky and debuted on Cartoon Network in August 2001 and ran until 2004. Each episode follows the samurai as he wakes up in a dystopian future. The samurai has to solve and overcome problems using not only his training, but his creativity in order to defeat the evil Aku and return to the past.


Samurai Jack received critical acclaim for it’s minimalist art and fluid animal, reinforced with each episode following a simple structure and having a short running time, allowing more focus on action. The story features very little dialogue and chooses to show not tell. This is uncommon for shows on Cartoon Network, especially at the time the show originally aired.



Samurai Jack season 5 returns 11th March

Written by: Robb Davis

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