Morning BS: Why read Jeff Lemire’s Moon Knight: Lunatic in 250 words or less…

The schizophrenic Moon Knight has always been an interesting hero but in the hands of genius writer Jeff Lemire, it’s a must read series.

If you’re unfamiliar with Moon Knight it’s nothing to be ashamed of, he’s essentially Batman with a multiple personality disorder. This means that sometimes he is the debonair Moon Knight with powers granted to him by the Egyptian god of vengeance and other times he is one of several different personalities, including a New York taxi driver and a Hollywood actor. This has led to many writers experimenting with the form of comics and how it can be used to portray mental illness and uncertainty. A running question throughout the series is whether Moon Knight is actually in contact with the god he claims to draw power from or if that’s part of his illness.

Lemire takes all of this a step further. He places our lead character, Marc Spector, in an insane asylum with the implication that every Moon Knight story to date has all been a delusion and that the background cast of those stories are simply other patients. If that doesn’t sell you Lemire has teamed up with stunning artist Greg Smallwood and together they have experimented with every aspect of comic book writing to create something unique.

I’ve got a few words left so I’ll just say this: Egyptian Mythology meets One Flew Over a The Cuckoos Nest…what more could you want?

You can pick Lunatic up for £9.99 digitally through the Marvel Comics app or in graphic novel form for £13.50 from Amazon

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bearsleuthWritten by: Patrick Lunn

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