Morning BS: 5 Reasons Why You Wouldn’t Want To Be Legolas

When saving Middle Earth is just another day why wouldn’t you want to be the dashing Elf-prince of Mirkwood?

5. “Shall I Describe It To You? Or Would You Like Me To Find A Box?”

Legolas is 2931 years old during the War Of The Ring, when he learns to respect dwarves. This means he spends almost 3000 years as a racist Elf. So, unless you want to be Middle-Earth’s answer to Nigel Farage it may be worth rethinking your choice.


4. Three Thousand Years And Not Even Started

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Legolas is prince of Mirkwood from birth, meaning he’s been waiting to be king for about 30 centuries. Think waiting for more Game Of a Thrones is tough? Just imagine how hard waiting for the actual throne would be.

3. Lure Of The Sea…

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In the Third Age of Middle Earth, when both the Hobbit and the Lord Of The Rings take place, most elves are traveling to the undying lands. So even if you decide to stay until the Elvenking Thranduil leaves his throne you’re going to be king of no one.

2. The Pressure Of Perfection

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When watching the battle for Helms Deep I get a sense of disappointment from Aragon when Legolas fails to kill Saruman’s suicide bomber. Simply put, Legolas has set the bar too high for himself. Imagine having to make every shot perfect just to keep up your reputation…

1. Gimli

Related image

...And if you miss your shot a certain dwarf is going to pop up and prove how he could do it better. If that doesn’t break you nothing will.

So that’s the price to pay for being Legolas Greenleaf…Would you still take the job?

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