Extra BS: Return Of The Sleuth


Dear Reader,

I’ve got some explaining to do. Jump back to summer 2016, most likely the last time any of you checked this site, and you would have probably seen regular content being pumped out every couple of days. Views were starting to stack up and you guys were beginning to really love our site. Month after month we were smashing our previous hits. Then that regular content slowed and changed, we kept changing and I kept making new promises and explanations until we had a confusing mess of a release schedule. After that the content just stopped entirely.

Until today.

The problem was that your humble Sleuth became employed as a copywriter and the majority of Team Sleuth all ended up going their own way. I made my peace with the thought that BearSleuth was over and I would move on to something else. However, I missed it, we had something here and it’s something I think everyone can get behind. A place for writers to throw their opinions on pop culture topics into the world with the only rule being that it has to be fun and passionate. With that in mind I lit the Sleuth signal and Team Sleuth reformed.

Extra BS 2.png

I tell you all this so you can get a general idea of where we are going next. We’ll be working on a two-week schedule that looks something like this:

Week One

  • Monday: 9am GMT: Morning BS – A quick daily piece from your humble Sleuth from the world of pop culture
  • Tuesday: 9am GMT: Morning BS | 1pm GMT: OpinionatedDavid – Commentary on issues effecting the pop culture community.
  • Wednesday: 9am GMT: Morning BS
  • Thursday: 9am GMT: Morning BS
  • Friday: 9am GMT: Morning BS | 1pm GMT: Covert Coot – A deep delve into the world of anime and manga.
  • Saturday
  • Sunday

Week Two

  • Monday: 9am GMT: Morning BS
  • Tuesday: 9am GMT: Morning BS | 1pm GMT: VuePoint – A longer look at issues and events from the world of gaming.
  • Wednesday 9am GMT: Morning BS
  • Thursday 9am GMT: Morning BS
  • Friday 9am GMT: Morning BS | 1pm GMT: Extra BS – Your humble Sleuth laying down truth bombs about the world of comics.
  • Saturday
  • Sunday

Past this schedule we have plans for more event coverage, more YouTube content and more guest writers but first we just want to show all of you at home how committed we are to putting out great work you can enjoy!

Get ready for the next generation of BearSleuth and prepare your mind to be blown,

Your humble Sleuth,

Patrick Thomas Lunn


Written by : BearSleuth

Edited by: IvyM

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