BearSleuth Opinion Piece: Critics, Can’t Live With ‘Em Can’t Live Without ‘Em

I promise my Suicide Squad review is on its way! I saw the film on day of release and there is lot to talk about with it, however the screening I went to seemed to have some sort of audio problem so I want to give the film a second chance before I tear into the sound design. If I’m being honest, the Suicide Squad review will probably take the place of the Comic History 101 slot this week for convenience. All that aside, there is a broader point I need to make before diving into Suicide Squad.

I’m Getting Fucking Tired Of Critics.

I know this is quite hypocritical of me so if I’m being more precise I am just tired of critics acting as sheep. Last week, before me or any of the general public had seen Suicide Squad, the critics seemed to have decided that the film would be a flop, Rotten Tomatoes was pitching it around the 27% mark and Metacric was fluctuating wildly minute to minute. When I asked around a lot of other comic fans, many claimed that they were put off the film or they would wait and see how others reacted to it before watching Suicide Squad themselves. I took this a step further and asked the cinema manager at the screening I went to and he said that the sales of the film has sharply declined after the reviews had come out. It all reminded me of a moment earlier this year when the industry came together to nuke Batman V Superman and in both instances the films in question didn’t deserve this treatment.

Put Down The BVS Pitchforks.

I’ve already defended Batman V Superman and without spoiling my entire review I don’t believe Suicide Squad is the pile of millennial excrement that the media would have you believe. Both films deserve to be watched and judged by your personal taste. My personal theory is that there is both industry biased towards the films being produced by Marvel and that there is a belief that the ‘Marvel formulae’ is the only way to create a super hero film. Whether this is true or not, these sort of industry bias have existed for as long as there has been a critical industry.

The Pillars Of Industry

There seems to be rules among critics such as ‘Waterworld was the worst film ever made’ or ‘no one can ever get Spiderman quite right unless it’s Marvel’ or ‘Quinten Tarrentino is good but whichever film is his most recent release is the one that signals his demise’. This has all evolved from the natural black and white ‘us and them’ mentality breed on the internet from various fanbases but that doesn’t excuse the behaviour. It’s my belief that if the critics of the film industry continue to all align themselves with these bias ideals, we will end up with nothing but cookie cutter reviews for every film and that is something we simply don’t need.

You Can Be Your Own Critic

While I am aware that Suicide Squad has still had an outstanding opening weekend I do feel it could have pushed even further if more people had decided to take matters into their own hands. Professional critics are important, they are barometer that give you a rough idea of the quality of a film from an industry standpoint but I think when it comes to how you personally feel about a film or whether you should go and see it there are only two critics you should listen to; those close to you who recognise your film tastes and yourself. Don’t just follow the natural good-bad swing of the internet, go out and forge your own opinions…and then read mine so that when I say I like Suicide Squad you can tell me to fuck off in full confidence and with that priceless sense of vindication.

…That was this week’s BearSleuth Opinion Piece!! Check back on Wednesday for a review of Suicide Squad!!!

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