BearSleuth Spoiler Free Comic Book Bundle Week Forty Six

The summer Rush is starting to tail off as we hit August. That’s not to say that we’re not getting great books on the shelves but the volume is starting to get a little more bearable. Whereas last week I was crawling through a tide of almost thirty books I’m down to a much more manageable twenty and that’s going to decrease again next week. This allows me to talk about some of the more overall average comics that are doing one or two interesting things while it also me makes room in you pull lists for these hidden gems. With this opportunity in mind it’s time for your humble sleuth to dive back into the madhouse.

All images are screenshots taken from the Marvel or DC comics app [Accessed 4/8/2016]

Batman Issue Four By Tom King And David Finch

I have given this series so much praise right from the first rebirth one-shot and it really does deserves it. Tom King knows how to get under the skin of Batman and the other characters in the series to make them feel both human and relatable. With King’s background as a spy it makes sense that he understands the life of Batman unlike any previous writer and his ability to bring out the heroism in the caped crusader is admirable. If I had any complaint so far with the series it would be that each issue feels too short and only manages to cover a limited amount of ground at the best of times. I feel like this is down to the lack of page count but if you are someone who struggles with how short many comics feel then this might not be the one for you, for everyone else I highly recommend this series.

BearSleuth Pick Of a The Week: Doctor Strange Issue Ten By Jason Aaron And Chris Bachalo

This has been a fantastic series from its earliest inception but with the culmination of the first ten-issue arc it feels like Issue Ten is something really special. There is so much going on in this issue that it almost feels a little chaotic but Aaron does everything in his power to maintain clarity and it really pays off. The climax of the last days of magic feels desperate, epic and exhilarating, which is rare for any comic book arc. If you want to get into Doctor Strange before he takes to the big screen or if you are just looking for a really solid superhero story then this is the series you need to have in your collection.

Harley Quinn Issue One By Amanda Conner, Jimmy Palmiotti And Chad Hardin

I hate everything that series represents in comic books. I love the character of Harley Quinn as she is presented in the Suicide Squad and Batman series but to see her reduced to this ridiculous characature is simply ridiculous. I hate the ‘quirky’ lifestyle with talking dead beavers and excrement catapults. If you want to go quirky pick one thing and run with it, Harley was already quirky without and weird and wonderful background cast made up of every Tumblr users wet-dreams and my nightmares. I understand if this is your thing then it’s worth reading but it isn’t mine and I cannot recommend it to anyone. Steer clear true believers.

Civil War II Kingpin Issue Two By Matthew Rosenberg And Ricardo Lopez Ortiz

I really liked the first issue in this series, it turned the villainous character of Wilson Fisk into one that I could understand and even sympathize with. Unfortunately with another issue under my belt, I can’t help but say I am starting to lose that feeling of empathy. Rosenberg has created a complex plot that could be seen as the quintessential evaluation of Fisk’s character but unlike other books that have attempted this same plot with other characters (Killing Joke comes to mind) the subject of Fisk just doesn’t have enough depth. He seeks power because he believes no one else has the ability to take it or wield it. He sees it as an act of altruism but in truth in it an act of self justification. I would like to see what lead Fisk to this thought process but that seems out of the series purview. I still highly recommend this book to readers looking to learn more about the Kingpin and a new angle on the Civil War storyline.

Moon Knight Issue Five By Jeff Lemire And Greg Smallwood (a well as a slew of special guest artists)

For the last few months one of the best conversations I have had with every geek and nerd I had bumped into has been ‘what the fuck is going on in Moon Knight?’ and finally we have an answer. I won’t spoil anything but I think I was probably the best result we could have expected for Marc Spector’s continuing adventure, as it gives Jeff Lemire fantastic scope for his next arc. There is a great artist jam session across the finale of this arc that will have Moon Knight fans jumping for joy and had me smiling to myself the whole time. This is a great book and now the first arc is over I can conclusively say that you need to go out and get this series and make it a part of your collection.

Suicide Squad Rebirth One-Shot By Rob Williams And Philip Tan

Suicide Squad Rebirth hits shelves the same week as the Suicide Squad film hits the big screen, coincidence? I think not. Not that this is a problem, frankly the way DC are going at the moment they need every boost to sales they can get but it gets a little hard to defend this practice when the book then throws out many classic Squad characters to bring the team more in line with that of the film. While I haven’t seen the film as of me writing this article there seems to be some debate on whether it or it’s big brother, BvS, will take the award for biggest fuck up this year so this marketing move might turn out to big the Suicide Squad Rebirth one-shot in the ass. I am happy to say the issue is pretty strong, with a nice reintroduction from Rob Williams, as a pseudo-Obama vs Amanda Waller argument takes place. I recommend this to anyone who enjoys the film or just wants a good Suicide Squad story.

Tokyo Ghost Issue Nine By Rick Remender And Sean Murphy


 This series has been both the most imaginative and deeply satirical since the height of 2,000AD. After the major events of the previous issues we are now building to the epic conclusion of the second arc of Remender’s title and I have to say it might be the greatest plot climax I have ever seen in a comic book. Remender has created a perfect protagonist-antagonist relationship that leaves you beging for everuyone’s favourite hero ,Debbie, to just lay waste to her nemesis. The artwork is fantastic here as well by Sean Murphy with a depth that seems impossible to find in many modern comics. If you want a strong story with a satirical and political bend to it.

Uncanny Inhumans Issue Twelve By Charles Soule And Carlos Pacheco

I have criticised the Inhumans for the longest time for being a knock-off X-Men team and this week they have continued to vindicate me.  This issue feels like the sort of story I would have expected to see if Civil War had been set in the nineties, with Storm or Professor X swapped out for Medusa and Maximus being supplanted by Magneto. That’s not to say this is a great arc, the continued friction between Tony Stark and Medusa is pushed to a natural breaking point here making for some brilliant character moments and decisive leadership from the Inhuman queen. Soule displays some astonishing writing chops once again, only to be surpassed by the high quality of art work from Carlos Pacheco. I would highly recommend this series to any fans of royal politics and the ethical debate that we used to see in the pages of the X-Men.

…That was this week’s BearSleuth Spoiler Free Comic Book Bundle!!! Check back at 6pm for a new article from OpinionatedDavid!!!

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