BearSleuth Opinion Piece: SDCC, Star Trek And Beyond

To say that the last couple of days have been big in the world of pop culture would be an understatement. When I sat down to plan this article I had so many things I wanted to talk about between the release of Star Trek, the many trailers, leaks and previews from Comic con and the upcoming comic book convention right on my door step over in Manchester. I considered spacing them all out as the next couple of weeks are looking a little bleak on the news front, save DC’s desperate attempt to be down with the kids in Suicide Squad, but after a few long conversations in front of the mirror with the fourteen different personalities that make up your humble BearSleuth I have come up with an elegant solution. Buckshot. I am going to do a quick fire round of topics and opinions so that all you millennials who don’t know how to make your mind up about things can borrow my opinion to use at ‘keggers’ or whatever you crazy guys and girls call them now. So without any further ado…


Star Trek Beyond

Image result for star trek beyond

I literally just saw this movie and I’m a little confused about what all the critics were banging on about. Star Trek Beyond is a film of inconsistency, most likely due to its sordid history in the writing department. The opening of the film is impressive with a set piece that has been ruined by the trailers and the second act is a four way between various buddy cop teams. However, all that being said the final act is pure action film perfection with one of the most visually interesting finales ever put to screen. I’m not sure how true this is to Jean Roddenberry’s vision as the film choses style over substance with little soul searching or development on the part of the characters. This is a popcorn film, it goes down fine but it leaves a bitter taste in my mouth. Go watch it, because you will probably get a kick out of it but don’t go expecting Wrath Of Khan or even The Voyage Home.

Wonder Woman Trailer

The Wonder Woman trailer is awesome! Everything I want from a film about Diana. The fighting scenes look awesome and the imagery of her standing above the trenches ducked behind her shield against gunfire is something I didn’t know I needed to see until I saw it. I’m not sure on Chris Pine on the whole but I have no problem with him as Steve Trevor as he is little more than Diana’s whipping boy in the comics. I get the feeling that in most of Pine’s scenes I’m just going to want Wonder Woman to run off and fight some more dudes or be looking deeper into mythology. Not sure who the villain will be, my money is on Ares but I think Cerse or Cheetah would fit with what we have seen. Finally, I really like the design work on Themyscira as it looks almost other worldly.

Justice League Trailer

The Justice League trailer looked pretty tight but it didn’t knock my socks off. Aquaman is strong, mysterious and otherworldly. However, I don’t really think the bottle of jack was really needed as it makes him look less like a king and more like a washed up member of Nickelback, that is to say it makes him look like a member of Nickelback. I feel a little unsure about the depiction of Barry Allen as he could fall a little too close to the typical ‘Erckle’ nerd role but he looks cool and I think he will be fun later in the film with some development. Cyborg is a little too heavy on the cgi but I love him, he looks just like I imagine Victor and he certainly has the bulk needed for the character. At the end of the day, it’s a geek’s wet dream just to see the team together on the big screen, no matter how hard Zack Snyder tries to cover them in grit and grime.

Marvel SDCC presentation

Doctor Strange trailer looks good, I am worried that the complexity of the trailer could put off some mainstream viewers but I might not be giving all you Mission Impossible and Fast And Furious lovers enough credit. Everything I have heard about Guardians and Spiderman sounds fairly positive but it has mostly come from various industry sites which can sway biased. Apparently Marvel made a big deal about their diversity as they brought on Brie Larson as Captain Marvel, hoping that we will forget that it will have taken more than a decade for a female hero to get their own film. Not much more to say here, like most years Marvel keep making more vague promises for the future and it all sounds pretty awesome because we know that no matter what they do it’s going to affect us in the same way an electric shock affects the pleasure centres of a mice’s brain.

Ghost In The Shell Movie

Image result for ghost in the shell robota sdcc 2016

We finally saw the robot. It looks good.

American Gods Series

Strong trailer. One of Gaiman’s best adult novels with a lot of scope for expansion upon the source material. Not quite sure why this didn’t go to a bigger company but I guess ‘Starz’ is another group looking to take a slice of that Netflix/Amazon Prime/Now TV pie. Hopefully this will become the big hit it really deserves to be.

Bojack Horseman Season Three

Image result for bojack horseman season 3

Covert Coot did a nice long article all about this but I’ve just finished the series so I’m gonna talk about it as well. I loved it. Bojack continues its weaving nihilistic narrative with an elegance rarely found in any medium. I know this is a tough series to get into but you need to give it a watch as it confronts a lot of the issues we all have to deal with day to day and really forces you to reflect upon your own live while also throwing in lots of laughs to keep you from throwing yourself off a cliff.


Image result for trolls movie

No. I wrote this in my list of things to talk about and now I just can’t. Basically if you have never seen Shrek, Madagascar, Despicable Me or Ice Age this might be your next favourite thing. For everyone else just go watch the last instalment from your favourite terrible DreamWorks franchise.

Ghost Rider In Agents Of Shield

Image result for ghost rider agents of shield

I read this head line and had to do a double take. The agents of shield are going up against the spirit of vengeance? Isn’t that like an army of sugar cubes battling a kettle of boiling water. I know it’s only little Robbie Reyes, because if it was Johnny Blaze everyone would be dead in the first five minutes or Nicholas Cage would demand the role again, but even so it feels kind of unfair. Still, if they pull it off I’m not going to complain.


Image result for legion tv series

I have no idea how this is going to work and I have even less of an idea why Marvel or Fox or whoever came up with this idea thought that Legion had brand recognition but here we are. This trailer looks insane and brilliant, I think this could be the next big step for everyone’s favourite mutants.

Manchester Comic Con

Image result for manchester comic con

Finally, I just want to give a quick shout out that Manchester is having its regular Comic Con next Saturday and Sunday! Tickets are almost sold out but if you have the time book yourself in and come on down to show your support, there’s going to be a bunch of awesome stuff there for all pop culture fans!

I think I have covered just about everything so I will go back to me lair and hibernate until next time.

…That was this week’s BearSleuth Opinion Piece!!! Check back on Wednesday for a new Comic History 101!!!

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