80s Nostalgia with Netflix’s Stranger Things – Spoiler Free

Stranger Things is Netflix’s new original series written and mostly directed by Matt & Ross Duffer, aka ‘The Duffer Brothers’.

The show’s set in 1983 and focuses on the mysterious disappearance of a young boy, Will Beyer. While watching the show it was clear that it was paying homage to a number of films and work from the 80s, most notably films like The Thing, The Goonies, Stand By Me, E.T. and much more. The show is sprinkled with 80s movie charm and adventure, topped off with a soundtrack that’s reminiscent of John Carpenter’s film scores.

Stranger Things will definitely tickle the nostalgia buttons and have the audience longing for their in adventure, that being said, the show is more than enjoyable in its own right and at just eight episodes the story remains focused and well-paced. Being born at the start of the 90s and my siblings from the early 80s, I have a huge soft spot for the movies that influenced this show and I feel that having that familiarity definitely increased my enjoyment of the series, but like I already said the show functions very well by itself without the knowledge of what influenced it.



The cast feature Winona Ryder, David Harbour and Matthew Modine among the adult cast and they fill their roles perfectly, doing a great job of making their characters feel real and genuine. But the real spark comes from the young cast who are on par with the adult cast as they search for their missing friend, demonstrating a friendship that is both charming and convincing on screen.



Stranger Things is an enjoyable series and incredibly easy to binge (I haven’t slept yet). If you have a love for 80s cinema then you’ll love the show, even if you’re unfamiliar with 80s cinema you’ll still find something to enjoy here. The show takes elements that worked and pays homage to the films that influenced it, creating an unnerving and chilling mystery. The Duffer Brothers know their stuff, from the work of Spielberg, John Carpenter and Stephen King; right down to their attention to detail with the 80s setting.



Stranger Things now streaming on Netflix from 15th July

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