BearSleuth Spoiler Free Comic Book Bundle Week Forty Three

Well it’s another cataclysmic week in the world of comic books and I have to admit I am getting a little bit of event fatigue as Civil War II and Rebirth continue to plod along with strong main titles and auxiliary titles of various levels, including a few which seem to be simply treading water. Luckily, industry legend Mark Millar is on hand to give us a break with the introduction of the next generation of the industry, some of which I have to say could change the face of comics. With so much great stuff on the shelves this week it’s down to me, your humble sleuth, to separate the wheat from the chaff.

All images are screenshots taken from the Marvel and DC comics apps. [Accessed: 16/07/2016]

BearSleuth Pick Of The Week: Civil War II Issue Three By Brian Michael Bendis and David Marquez.


This is the big one people, if you though the death at the start of the series was monumental then this is going to blow your mind. Marvel have been teasing for weeks that a major league hero was going to fall in the Civil War II storyline but even I would have doubted the writers would have put this hero in the crosshairs. The plot of this issue is made up from a series of testimonies and flashbacks which, while a common troupe in several TV series, is a pretty rare thing to see in the medium. The great thing about this issue and the Civil War II series in general is that it easily has the writing and plot to support the spectacle of the event making this a worthy successor to Mark Millar’s original event book. The art by Marquez deserves special mention as it is easily some of the best on the shelves right now! This is a book you need in your collection as fast as possible, before it vanishes.


Civil War II: Choosing Sides Issue Two By A Whole Warhost Of Writers And Artists.


The problem with a series of various short stories from different artists and writers is that the quality of a book can vary greatly from page to page. You can end up with a book that has a very schizophrenic feel to it that can be tough to get through. Unfortunately this book is unable to move around this problem and instead finds itself bogged down with several stories which seem unrelated to the main event or simply do not carry enough weight. The arcing Nick Fury narrative manages to hold my interest more but it’s still not enough for me. If you are looking for a book you can miss this week I think you just found it.


Hal Jordan And The Green Lantern Rebirth One Shot By Robert Venditti And Ethan Van Sciver


The solo Rebirth book’s only job seems to be returning characters to their status quo through the most contrived paths possible while also setting up as many spin off series as possible. This book is a typical example as Robert Venditti allows Hal to do something that he should have been easily able to attempt at any point in his most recent arc and the reason he didn’t is that the lack of this portion of his status quo made the character far more interesting. Ethan Van Sciver manages to keep the piece looking pretty epic but its little consolation. Personally I would just stick to the main green lantern story arc as this is looking kind of week.


Millarworld Annual 2016 By The Future Of The Industry


This is a really hard piece to review as it has a similar problem to Civil War II: Choosing sides. However unlike its mainstream brother, the Millarworld Annual delivers on every single page. Each story has been picked because it fitted perfectly into the space given and the artists have been chosen to complement the writing. This gives us a series of stories birthed from high quality collaborations overseen by Mark Millar. Needless to say they are breath taking and you need to pick up this book as it is showcasing a lot of new artists, writers, techniques and styles. There are things in here that you can’t get anywhere else, particularly in the Hit-Girl and American Jesus storylines, that I have no doubt will begin to filter into the industry in the next few years. This is a piece of comic book history and it belongs in your hands.


New Super-Man Issue One By Gene Luen Yang And Uiktor Bogdanovic


I was pretty psyched going into this book, I had read several interviews with Yang about his book and I was ready for something new and different. Instead we have what feels like a cheap knock-off of Superman. I don’t quite know why DC have decide to create this character and what long term purpose he will serve but I can’t help feeling that this is a flash in the pan that will die after a few arcs at most. The character is almost immediately annoying, bordering on contemptible, and does little to endear himself. The art work is good by Bogdanovic, but it would be better suited on a bigger tittle. Don’t bother with this series, there is better stuff out there.


Nightwing Rebirth One-Shot By Tim Seeley And Yanick Paquette


While I felt the Green Lantern Rebirth was mishandled, Nightwing Rebirth is a genuinely good read that delves deep into what makes the character a fan favourite. The examination of Nightwing comes alongside a reinvention which feels less contrived and much more like a natural progression for the character. Seeley has a very strong handle on the mind of Dick Greyson, which makes for an engaging protagonist lacking in many of DC’s big books at the moment. The art is a little weaker here with Paquette falling back on a fairly generic style. If you are a fan of Nightwing be sure to pick this one up.


Old Man Logan Issue Eight By Jeff Lemire And Andrea Sorrentino


When Mark Millar created Old Man Logan he created a way that Wolverine could be defeated. How the man with unbreakable bones and the ability to recover from any wound could be broken. That is a concept that is immediately engaging and fun for all comic book readers. In this issue Jeff Lemire goes further and looks at how a character broken so badly could begin to recover. With some fantastic guest appearances, and a heartfelt approach to the material, this is a defining issue for a series made up of defining issues. I cannot get enough of Sorrentino’s art and when combine with Lemire’s writing it makes for a combination that I highly recommend.


Wonder Woman Issue Two By Greg Rucka And Nicola Scott

We’re going back to the beginning of Wonder Woman with Greg Rucka on Wonder Woman and looking at the origins of the character. As with most retellings the bare bones are here and the stakes feel a little lower but there is a lot of room for fun and dynamic storytelling. By the end of this first issue for the Wonder Woman: Year One arc, I am very intrigued by the path being laid out and how Rucka might continue his narrative as the majority of the beats from the her origin have now been covered. It’s a great foundation with some solid and fitting art by Nicola Scott to support it. I look forward to the future of this series and I recommend this to anyone looking to jump on board with Wonder Woman.

…That was this week’s BearSleuth Spoiler Free Comic Book Bundle!!! Come back at 6pm for a brand new OppinionatedDavid article!!!

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