Vuepoint: Give Gat Out Of Hell A Chance!

By VuePoint

Is the sun extra bright today? Or does it just look that way because I haven’t seen it about a week? As a matter of fact I haven’t really left my room much. Saint’s Row 4: Gat Out of Hell just became free for PlayStation Plus, why would I?

I didn’t actually play it when it first came out, but now that it’s free, here’s a retrospective review on why it’s worth downloading.


  1. IT’S FREE!

Who doesn’t love free stuff?

  1. IT’S CRAZY!

In true Saint’s Row fashion, Gat Out of Hell tells a nonsensical story full of over the top action, ridiculous weapons, and even a Disney-esque musical number. Oh, and how many games let you punch Satan square in the jaw?

Opening shortly after the events of Saints Row 4, Gat, the President and the rest of the gang are celebrating Kinzie’s birthday. When the Ouija board comes out, things escalate very quickly and the President gets whipped through a portal into hell, to be married off to Satan’s daughter Jezebel. Satan wants to use the President’s combat experience to lead an assault on the forces of heaven, and Gat is given Satan’s old Halo, granting him god-like powers to battle with. Jeez, remember when Saints Row was about gang warfare?

  1. IT’S FREE!

Things always taste sweeter when they’re free.




Gat Out of Hell offers a surprising amount of content, especially for a DLC. It brings a whole range of trophies to earn, plenty of upgradeable weapons to buy (and yes, upgrade), new powers and abilities (also upgradeable), and an exhausting list of challenges to complete. No doubt you’ll sink countless hours into this, exploring and reclaiming every corner of New Hades (which is basically just Steelport but all fire and brimstoney). The activities are actually surprisingly varied. Although the formula of clearing out enemies around your objective remains constant, you’re encouraged to use a number of different powers and weapons to do so. You’re also given a choice of 5 different endings. The endings are short, but sweet, and definitely worth replaying the final boss to see all of them.

  1. IT’S FREE!

Did I mention it’s free?


As I mentioned earlier, Gat is given a halo near the start of the DLC, granting him wings, super speed, and a whole host of other supernatural powers to play with. In essence, it’s pretty similar to the base game of Saints Row 4, but that doesn’t make it any less fun. Playing around with your powers and decimating the residents of hell – whether it be armed demons, hulking Archdukes, or defenceless husks (you monster you) – feels really satisfying.

…That’s this week’s Vuepoint article!!! Check back tomorrow for a new BearSleuth Opinion Piece!!!

One thought on “Vuepoint: Give Gat Out Of Hell A Chance!

  1. After Saints Row 4, I didn’t really want to try this out. I felt, And still feel like they really damaged the gameplay with all of the superpowers. They made cars ultra slow to force you into gliding and Flash running and the story just went a little too out of the norm for me. SR3 was wild, but this took a lot away that was good in that game. Hopefully they go back to the Sr3 formula for the next game, but I did enjoy SR4 (just not as much as Sr3) so if I can get it cheap or free and play with a friend, I’m in.


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