BearSleuth Opinion Piece: Superheroes At E3

By BearSleuth

Last week I covered Injustice 2’s big pre-3 release. One of the main reasons I choose to talk about the game was quite simple, I assumed it would be the only super hero game mentioned this year. For whatever reason, superhero games have been in a weird position in the gaming industry for sometimes. In many cases they have been seen as one step away from movie tie-ins, given only minimum funding and weaker design teams than they deserved. With the exception only of a handful of Spiderman games, Arkham games and possibly the Marvel Ultimate Alliance series, the genre has been horribly underserved in the world of gaming. Then this year’s E3 came along and changed everything all over again.

Batman Is Back

Almost as soon as the doors had opened for E3 Telltale had already released a series of screen shots for their Batman game. The most interesting thing, for me at least, is that the game is meant to be balanced equally between the player playing as Batman and Bruce Wayne. There are few villains in the world of Batman that directly affect both aspects of Bruce Wayne’s life making me think this could be a game set around the nefarious Court Of Owls, which would be fantastic, as long as the game isn’t set around Joker as he has simply been overdone. Everything we have seen about the game looks really strong so far and it’s sure to be a smash hit with a release set for ‘this summer’ which could mean we’ll be playing as the caped crusader very soon. But it wasn’t only Telltale that had a Batman release as Sony dropped a bit of a bomb in their press conference…


That’s right, you will now be able to not only play as Batman in the Arkham games but also use VR and fully become Batman in a way I think we’ve all dreamed about in one way or another at some point. This October we’ll be able to run across the rooftops of Gotham and even battle classic Batman enemies as the caped crusader. Apart from that vague cut scene and a few demos shown to the press, we have seen very little concerning gameplay but I think it’s safe to assume this is going to be a big one for VR tech and the super hero genre of gaming. It’s also unclear whether this will be kept as a part of the Return To Arkham remastered collection we are receiving from Rocksteady later this year or if it will be its own game released at a later date, but either way I’m psyched for this new release.


The Amazing Spider-Man Game

It has been a very long time since we’ve had a good Spider-Man game. The general consensus seems to be that Spider-Man 2 was tight with a great web-slinging mechanic but I would suggest both Ultimate Spider-Man and Web Of Shadows are at least worth checking out. However, where ever you choose to believe the Spider-Man series went back it’s easy to say that is was pretty poor until last week. Spider-Man for the PlayStation 4 is the Spider-Man game we have needed for years. The web slinging looks amazing, the action is fast paced and we might even be getting away from Venom or Carnage being the main enemy. This game ticks every box for me and with hints of a story surrounding Mr. Negative I think we could see some really interesting game play sequences where everything is not as it seems.

It’s fair to say that these game releases all present a bright future for super hero genre over the next year of gaming and if they’re successful who knows what could follow next…X-Men Legends 3?

…That was this week’s BearSleuth Opinion Piece!!! Check back on Wednesday for a new Comic History 101!!!

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