BearSleuth Spoiler Free Comic Book Bundle Week Thirty Nine

This week we are right in the thick of it dear readers! Civil War II and Rebirth are now in full swing, with a thick stack of tie-ins appearing for both events. It’s around this time of year that the hype trains can start to slow down, as each company reveals their hands and normally at least one of them is found to be bluffing. I would say the biggest bluff has come from DC, who claimed to be rebooting with their rebirth but instead are attempting what can only be described as the most convoluted plan to make everyone happy. It’s at times like these you need your friendly neighbourhood comic book guy to guide the way, cut through the bluffs and recommend you only the finest comics of the week!

All images are screen shots taken from the Marvel and DC comics’ app [Accessed: 10/06/2016]

Action Comics Issue Nine Hundred And Fifty Seven By Dan Jurgens And Patrick Zircher

Going back to the idea of bluffs from DC it seems that they just can’t let any character die. In this book we see the aftermath of a certain characters death (no prizes for guessing which one) and then within a few panels we see two character who are essentially the dead character alive again and a third character pledging to take up the old character’s mantle. Dan Jurgens is on good form here, with some truly interesting ideas and fun dialogue for a lot of characters, but the main plot at work here doesn’t really do it for me yet. As this was the big relaunch of Action Comics I was hoping to be wowed and I’m afraid to say this issue is just not doing it for me. Zircher’s art is fairly mediocre with a few notable panels that will leave most fans of Supes smiling. I would probably recommend this for the core Superman fan base but few past that.

Amazing Spider-Man: Civil War II Issue One By Christos N Gage And Travel Foreman

It’s rare that I am put off a book solely by the cover but I have to say I came close with this issue. I’m glad I wasn’t. Amazing Spider-Man Civil War II Issue One is a pretty awesome meditation on the main issue of the Civil War II debate while also neatly placing Peter Parker in the centre of the discussion. Christos Gage rustles up a fun plot, cherry picking some of the best characters from the Civil War II event to work with. I also want to say that while I struggle with the cover of this book the interior artwork really stands out for me by Travel Foreman. I think if you’re looking for a good Civil War II tie-in then this book is up to the task.

Detective Comics Issue Nine Hundred And Thirty Four By James Tynion IV And Eddy Barrows

I really like the idea behind this book, without spoiling anything more than the front cover, it’s about the heroes of Gotham coming together as a team. For the longest time I’ve pined for a book looking at the entire Bat-Family as super team and I’m glad to see something resembling that vision. James Tynion IV has already proven himself as an industry titan but I would happily site this as some of his best work as he quickly makes the characters motives unique and memorable. Eddy Barrows pulls out some serious writing chops on this issue as well, we visit Gotham in the winter so every panel is filled with masked vigilantes swinging from gothic rooftops through the snow. If you want a book chocked full of Bat-family fun, look no further.

Flash: Rebirth Issue One By Joshua Williamson And Carmine De Giandomenico

Every time DC start mucking about with time streams and general continuity things get confusing. More specifically, things tend to get really confusing for the Flash. Rebirth sees Barry Allen putting together pieces from his pre-52 and new 52 past into some sort of brand new origin. I think this is simply way too much to lay at any writer’s feet and while Joshua Williamson gives it a good shot that final execution just feels lacking for me. I get the feeling that the book was trying to set up a string of questions for the post-Rebirth Flash series but it just left me a little jaded with the whole series. If you want to drop a book week I would say this is one you can stand to lose.

Gods Of War: Civil War II Issue One By Dan Abnett And Emilio Laiso

I loved the All-New All-Different Hercules series and this continuation from Dan Abnett is nothing short of brilliant. Most tie-ins to big event books tend to look at a main event through the eyes of a particular character but this book instead opts to take the major themes of the event and play with them in a completely different story. I can understand why many might consider this to be a bit of a ‘cop-out’ but personally I prefer it as it feels a lot less forced. The plot here is great and I’m pretty sure any reader will be psyched for is series by the final page. The writing by Abnett is fun and thought provoking, making for a wining piece when teamed up with Emilio Laiso’s art, this is one that deserves to be in your collection.

BearSleuth Pick Of The Week: Wacky Raceland Issue One By Ken Pontac And Leonardo Manco

If you ever wanted proof that those wild cards over at DC were a little bit touched in the head you needn’t look any further than this book right here. Combining Wacky Races with the thematic setting of Mad Max for the ultimate post-apocalyptic death race might sound ridiculous on paper but I think the even more insane aspect of this piece it that the team pulled it off. This book works, Ken Pontac has injected enough emotional weight into the proceedings that I challenge any reader not to get hooked from the first few pages. Throughout the piece there is a constant sense of action and big characters pushing up against each other. This is a great book and it really deserves your full attention, especially with the heavily inked art style of Leonardo Manco, this might not be your normal choice but trust me you’ll enjoy this one.

Wonder Woman: Rebirth Issue One By Greg Rucka And Matthew Clark

As with the majority of DC Rebirth titles coming out at the moment, Wonder Woman is another convoluted mess. However, Greg Rucka manages to pull this convoluted mess together and work it into a plot that is truly engaging as we see Wonder Woman search for the truth of her origin. I think many readers will still find this issue difficult to follow but Rucka keeps the piece as simple as possible while using a theme of uncertainty to suggest we might not have to understand everything yet. Matthew Clark and the rest of the art team work hard to make Wonder Woman look the coolest she has ever looked on the page. If you want to jump on board the Wonder Woman series this is a perfect point.

Vision Issue Eight By Tom King And Gabriel Walta

You should all know what I am going to say about this series already. This series is some of the best writing to come out of the mainstream industry in years, I don’t even consider it for my pick of the week anymore because I’m certain it would take it every time. Tom King has exploded onto the scene and I will be surprised if he doesn’t manage to get an Eisner award off the back of this series. It’s smart, well thought out and charming. Every character feels real and there is a warmth to Gabriel Walta’s art style you simply cannot find in any other book. I think King’s secret is that he writes on a very human level, even though these characters are as far from everyday life as it is possible to be they are all very human and that is compelling. If you have any interest in any aspect of the comic book industry, you need this series in your collection.

…That was this week’s BearSleuth Spoiler Free Comic Book Bundle!!! Check back at 6pm this evening for a new Adaptive Panels!!!

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