Bear Sleuth Spoiler Free Comic Book Bundle Week Thirty Eight

Summers here, the suns out and your humble BearSleuth is stuck inside sifting through a pile of comic books. Marvel have come out of the gate strong this week with Civil War II Issue One only to be completely blindsided by a whole slew of DC Rebirth titles. We got titles from Batman right through to Wolverine this week and if that wasn’t enough Jeff Lemire has thrown another Moon Knight shaped stick of dynamite into the mix. It a great time to be a comic book reader and an even better one to be a comic book reviewer.

All images are screen shots taken from the Marvel and DC Comics app [Accessed: 03/06/2016]


All-New All-Different Avengers Issue Ten By Mark Waid And Mahmud Asrar

This almost didn’t make it into my bundle this week, after looking at a lot of the comics on the shelves I really wasn’t sure there was much to talk about here. Unfortunately, I was correct. With Mark Waid and company deciding to side step Civil War II the alternative storyline just doesn’t feel big enough for Marvels primary team considering the point in the year. Waid has decided to tightly focus up a certain team member’s solo storyline which leads to pretty low steaks for the other characters. The art from Mahmud Asrar is strong, keeping the book light and fun enough for a general recommendation to fans of the series, but in a week such as this, most readers can give this a miss.

Batman: Rebirth By Tom King, Scott Snyder And Mikel Janin


Some of my favourite Batman stories are the shortest, a streamlined single issue can be just as fun as a long epic arc when in the right hands. Tom King and Scott Snyder are those right hands. Anyone with any doubts about whether King is the right man to succeed from Snyder need only read this to negate their fears. This is a fast paced intricate story looking at the New 52 version of a classic Batman character and it makes for a brilliant character piece with a few nice splashes of spectacle. The art by Mikel Janin is strong throughout as it complements the nature of the piece well as the tone shifts. I recommend this book to all Batman fans, this will be a classic for years to come.

BearSleuth Pick Of The Week: Civil War II Issue One By Brain Michael Bendis and David Marquez

This week there is only one book to talk about, to talk about Civil War II Issue One without spoilers is going to be tough but its easiest summed up in one word; hype. This is a well-crafted book that will get any reader, from a diehard fan to a first timer, ready to throw money at Civil War II. Every scene has those classic tense interplays which Bendis is a master at writing and that make us beg for conflict. We get a fantastic reveal of the status quo and an inciting incident that has every geek and nerd I know clamouring for a resolution. The art by David Marquez is gorgeous from start to finish, it’s easy to see why he and Bendis have created some of the greatest comic book storylines together. This has all the makings of a great summer event book and it’s well worth your time.

Green Arrow: Rebirth By Benjamin Percy and Otto Schmidt

I haven’t read of lot of pre-fifty two Green Arrow so please forgive me if I speak out of turn here, but why is Green Arrow and Black Canary such a big deal. The few times I have seen them together in the pre-fifty two books they are a pretty boring on again off again couple. I hate when two characters meeting is treated like a great moment of fate or destiny, as though those character are magnetically pulled towards each other. Percy has created just one of those moments right here and while I like the hints of a new story he has planted here I really don’t like the narrative choice for this issue. If you’re a Green Arrow Fan this probably means a lot more to you but right now it’s just not doing it for me. Read at your own peril.

Green Lanterns: Rebirth By Geoff Johns, Sam Humphries and Ethan Van Sciver

I think it might just be a rule of the comic book industry that Green Lanterns, much like wild bears, are only fun when they are starting out. The problem is, once a Green Lantern is fully trained they are just too powerful to face any meaningful issue, they become close to godlike in their power level and that is terrible for generating steaks. Johns and Humphries have realised that right here and so we are given a new buddy cop duo. The new lanterns have both resulted from big events from the new fifty two Green Lantern and Justice League storylines given them very complex backstories which could make for a strong series going forward. I would recommend this book to anyone curious about where the Green Lanterns are heading next in the DC Universe.

Moon Knight Issue Three By Jeff Lemire and Greg Smallwood

Lemire just gets Moon Knight, there is really no other way to describe how well he is nailing this series after only three issues. While the previous issue and this one don’t feel quite as tight as the primary issue the pacing is still there while Lemire and Smallwood grapple with the internal mechanics of the medium to give a brilliant piece unlike anything I have seen before. The theme of uncertainty and deception has been ever present and in this issue things seem to get even harder to discern. The art work from Smallwood is brilliant here as it fits around Spector’s visions of the world as well as the ‘real’ version of the world. I’m really interested to see where this is going and if you can grab a copy I really recommend you do before prices skyrocket for this gem of comic writing.

Old Man Logan Issue Seven By Jeff Lemire and Andrea Sorrentino

Once again we see Jeff Lemire pulling out all the stop on another fan favourite character. I feel like a lot of my thoughts about his work on Moon Knight equally apply here but the aspect about this book that continuously stands out to me is the art work by Sorrentino. It’s not very often that an artist with such a unique style comes along and outstrips many of the industry titans. I think Sorrentino will have an extremely bright career in the medium, becoming this generation’s equivalent to a Jim Lee or Alex Ross, with companies clamouring for him to put his unique spin on their characters. It’s a big boast but I do not make it lightly. If I’m right, even without Lemire’s amazing writing Old Man Logan would be worth your time and with it you have a piece that you simply need in your collection.

Superman: Rebirth By Peter J Tomasi, Patrick Gleason and Doug Mahnke

I haven’t been following the current run of Superman, although I have a good handle on the broad strokes, and I have to say the characters coming together in this issue make for a very engaging cocktail. If you have ever wanted to see an older and wiser Superman looking back at his younger years, Peter J Tomasi and Patrick Gleason are happy to oblige with a character I find very compelling. I have wanted to see a new take on Superman for a while as the new fifty two version just seemed a little weak up to this point. Mahnke’s artwork is some of the best I have seen for Superman in a while and the whole thing makes for a great come back from the Man Of Steel. If you are looking to give Superman another chance, this is the one for you.

…That was this week’s BearSleuth Spoiler Free Comic Book Bundle!!! Check back tonight for the premier article from OpinionatedDavid

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