BearSleuth Spoiler Free Comic Book Bundle Week Thirty Six

We are standing on the edge of the storm my friends. Next week the shitstorm that is the summer comic book events really kick into gear and no geeks bank account will be safe from the joint money magnet of Marvel and DC comics. That’s not to say that this is a weak week in the world of comics, we’ve got the prequel to Civil War II and the launch of the new Hanna Barbera comic line. As we move in to this new phase of the comic year the comic book bundle is more important than ever.


All images are screenshots taken from the Marvel and DC comics app [Accessed: 19/05/2016]

Civil War II Issue Zero By Brian Michael Bendis And Olivier Coipel


It all starts here, Civil War II begins with a quick run around some of the main characters of the upcoming event in what I like to call a ‘status-quo’ issue. As this is a zero issue we’re placed squarely before the inciting incident of the piece but already cracks are starting to show in the superhero community. Before opening the book I saw an advertising post-card which introduced the book as ‘by the same creative team that brought us Siege and House Of M’ and I have to say the talent shines through. I had convinced myself that there was no point getting hyped up for this event but Issue Zero has convinced me otherwise. If you’re not yet sold on Civil War II this might be the one that changes your way of thinking, also Olivier Coipel is nothing short of brilliant if you need anymore reason to pick up this book.

Deadpool: The Last Days Of Magic One-Shot By Gerry Duggan And Scott Koblish


If you have even a passing interest in Deadpool you have probably seen that recently he was hanging out with the deceased Presidents of the United States. This was he start of a massive story arc that comes to a close right here as we see what finally becomes of the fan favourites from the series. It’s a fitting goodbye from Gerry Duggan and I have to say I’m surprised at how well it both ties-in to the previous series and the Last Days Of Magic event. Duggan aims straight at your heartstrings with this one and doesn’t let up, there are a few cliché scenes towards the end but with the nature of Deadpool I can allow it. If you’ve been following Deadpool over the last few years this is a must.

Future Quest Issue One By Jeff Parker, Evan Shaner And Steve Dude


There’s a reason that this is the first book coming out of the Hanna Barbera experiment. If they had kickstarted with Scooby Doo or Wacky Races no one would have really bothered about this book, but because it’s the first thing coming out reviewers everywhere are jumping on it. It’s like visiting a someone who you suspect might be suffering from mental illness, the first thing that comes out of their mouth you immediately want to analyse for the slightest crack of madness. All this is a bit of a pity unfortunately because there’s very little to analyse right here. Parker’s story seems to be some sort of cross-over crisis between characters with profiles lower than an alternative version of Howard The Duck. I suspect that if you’re a big Jonny Quest or Birdman fan then this series carries a much weightier punch but right now I can’t say it’s doing anything particularly stellar. If your an old school Hanna Barbera fan this is probably the one for you.

Old Man Logan Issue Six By Jeff Lemire And Andrea Sorrentino


Every time I think this series might drop in quality it surprises me with another spark of brilliance. You’ve already seen me gush about Old Man Logan but what it all comes down to is that Jeff Lemire has got a perfect grasp on Mark Millar’s original character. Old Man Logan is a man still broken by the events he has witnessed and so in many situations he knows exactly the cost of failure. It’s a great character to see on the pages of comics because he gives every situation the highest of steaks. If Lemire’s handling of the character is enough to convince you to jump on this book, Sorrentino’s amazing art should be. Andrea Sorrentino is the sort of artist that comes along once in a generation, with the ability to make almost any panel look like a piece of art that could easily be sold in a gallery. The art-writing combo is perfect here and it’s sure to make this series another modern classic.

Spider-Man Issue Four By Brian Michael Bendis And Sara Pichelli


This series needs to be more regular. I love the work that Bendis is putting into Miles Morales as the leading Spider-Man of the Marvel Universe. The character doesn’t feel shoehorned into a space he doesn’t belong but instead he feels like he is taking the space left by teenage Peter Parker perfectly. However, when I opened this issue I had to go back and read the previous issue just to get some idea of what was happening in the plot. With the speed of Slott’s Amazing Spider-Man series, I feel like this series is just falling behind. It’s a pretty big recommendation to say that I wish we had this series more often, and it should be taken as one, but it is also a criticism. This is something Marvel need to sort out, the sooner the better.

BearSleuth Pick Of The Week: Superman American Alien Issue Seven By Max Landis And Jock


If you read no other comic series this year, you need to read Max Landis’ American Alien. With so many near misses to a perfect Superman book, it’s this fanboy’s dream to see a series hit the nail on the head so well. There is nothing more I could want from a Superman book, as this series has examined every aspect of Clark’s life, with a wink and a nod to fans at every turn. This issue marks the finale and with a final guest appearance we see why Superman is the true archetype of a superhero. The art from Jock is gorgeous and it makes this issue possibly the strongest of the whole series. This is a book you need in your collection and it’s one that fans of the Superman will be coming back to for years.

The Uncanny Avengers Issue Nine By Gerry Duggan And Pepe Larraz


I try every week to keep the spoilers to a minimum so can we just pretend that the following rant has nothing to do with the contents of this week’s Uncanny Avengers. Okay, why does anyone in the Marvel Universe still trust Hank Pym, it’s pretty clear that he is a monster. I swear we have done the same dance at least a dozen times where Hank does something ridiculously stupid or evil and then redeems himself. It should be obvious to everyone involved that after Hank’s last redemption he has no choice but to be a dick again. Right, rant over, I’m sorry but I had to get that off my chest. Unfortunately, the other reason for my rant is that there is little else to talk about when it comes to this issue, it’s the start of a new arc and it feels like it’s doing a lot of set up and exposition. Duggan does a fine job of keeping things fun while Larraz maintains the standard of art on the book but really it’s just business as usual. If you are interested in this series this is a good jumping on point, but for everyone else you can give this a miss.

All-New Wolverine Issue Eight By Tom Taylor And Marcio Takara


When the first images for the All-New All-Different line-up first started showing up we saw a few images of Old Man Logan standing side by side with X-23. Finally, we’re starting down the road to that team-up, what that has to do with the road to Civil War II I can’t tell you but, I can’t wait to see this duo unite. Takara’s art is good here, I would love to see some influence from Sorrentino with this cross over but for now the bright and realistic style compliments Taylor’s scripting. The sequel hook for the next issue feels a little cringy but I’m looking forward to seeing where this series goes in the coming weeks. I would recommend this series to anyone looking some classic Wolverine action with a few twists.

…That was this BearSleuth Spoiler Free Comic Book Bundle!!! Check back tomorrow for a BearSleuth Opinion Piece!!!

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