BearSleuth Opinion Piece: Scooby Doo is going Post-Apocalyptic?

With Civil War taking over every comic book news site and DC’s big Rebirth reboot just around the corner there is one comic book news story that is getting a serious lack of attention. DC’s Hanna Barbera comics are about to get weird. Really freaking weird. About a month ago images started popping up for a post-apocalyptic cyber punk Scooby Doo and these were quickly followed by a Mad Max-esque Wacky Races and an extremely realistic Flintstones. I don’t really know how to feel about this, these cartoons formed the back bone of my childhood TV diet so to see them warped like this feels wrong. However, they do look kind of cool…

Back To The Mystery Machine!


That’s our new Scooby Doo comic series, with a Freddy looking like he’s spent a decade in the gym and a Shaggy you could probably find in your local Starbucks or hipster coffee house. At first I hated the look of this book, especially Scooby with his emoticon eye piece, but I guess I see why It needed the change. After they have teamed up with the Harlem Globe Trotters, Batman and almost every wrestler of note it’s hard to find a fresh take on Scooby and the gang. If we assume this is for slightly more grownup fans of the show then it’s understandable why DC are taking the series in this direction. It’s no less weird and it seems like they just took a spin on a wheel of possible genres but overall I’m at least intrigued to see where this ends up, unlike the current state of Wacky Races.

 Mad Muttly: Furry Road

The thing to remember is that these are children’s properties at the end of the day, they do not need to be edgy. DC seem to have forgotten that with their concept for their Wacky Races series, Wacky Race Land. I get the feeling a group of DC writers were watching some Mad Max and wanted to write a story in the universe. After a few minutes of searching and a quick Google, they probably realised that they don’t own the Mad Max rights and so decided to create this bastardised version of Wacky Races. Unlike Scooby Doo, the Wacky Races have barely had their time on our screens and I’m sure there is a lot more narrative space to cover in that world, so this is entirely unnecessary. Change for change sake doesn’t really help anyone.

 Keeping Up With the Flintstones

Then we get to the Flintstones and a slew of Hanna Barbera superhero titles combine into the Future Quest series. I don’t have the same strong feelings on either of these series but I will say that I think the Flintstones book may be the most interesting of the bunch. This rounds off the new Hanna Barbera Beyond titles and even after breaking down my thoughts on them I’m still in a state of shock. Each series has the potential to be interesting but they each also display a disregard for the source material in a way that I fear would enrage the original creators.


I’m sure you’ll see these books appear in my weekly reviews but until then I want to know what you think. Hit me in the comments section with your ideas and thoughts on this change and perhaps we can reach some sort of consensus.

…That was this week’s BearSleuth Opinion Piece!!! Check back on Wednesday for a new Comic History 101!!!

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