BearSleuth Spoiler Comic Book Bundle Week Free Comic Book Day Bonanza

Well today is free comic book day so in the spirt of the day I thought I’d change things up a little. Instead of showing my favourite cover from each issue I’m reviewing this week I’m going to show you my favourite moments from the previews of each issue. Let the comics speak for themselves before I throw them up on a pedestal or condemn them to the pits of hell. It’s an all Marvel set of picks this week and I’ve got some amazing stuff to show you…This week I’m delving into spoiler territory, as the previews will already to that to some degree. For all you spoiler dodgers, leave now and come back next when things will be back to normal.


All images are screen shots taken from the Marvel Comics App [Accessed 06/05/2016]

Amazing Spider-Man Issue Twelve By Dan Slott and Giuseppe Camuncoli

This page perfectly sums up this most recent issue of Amazing Spider-Man as the questions over Peter Parkers relationships with Tony Stark and Mary Jane come crashing down. While I’m not exactly Dan Slott’s biggest fan he is at his best here combining classic Spider-Man quotes and head-nods with brand new villains and intriguing interpersonal relationships. It’s a strong mix that will easily turn the head of any Spidey fan. Camuncoli’s art is nice here but I feel it’s lacking a little edge to set it out from he throng of Spider-Man looks and styles. It can come across as a little generic at times. I can happily recommend this to any Spider-Man fan out there and it’s worth nothing this book makes a great jumping on point if you missed Issue One.

BearSleuth Pick Of The Week: Black Widow Issue Three By Chris Samnee and Mark Waid

A Black Widow series was always going to take a special touch. On most teams Black Widow is an enigma, she is always able to do the impossible because no one quite knows what is possible for her. Looking back on most of the Avengers runs including her to date it’s been very rare for her to inner thoughts t be shown. So how do you keep Black Widow an enigma in a solo book? By making the plot a mystery unto it’s self. Across the first three issues of Black Widow we have been presented with a series of snapshots for a week with Black Widow’s life and at every turn Samnee and Waid have strived to inject more questions, some the title character can  answer and others she can’t. We see in her head rarely and mostly through flash backs. At first I wasn’t sure what to make of this series but now I know that Black Widow is one hundred percent worth any Avengers fan’s time and money.

Captain America Sam Wilson Issue Nine By Nick Spencer and Angel Unzueta


Heavy is the head that wears the crown and there is no greater crowning glory in the Marvel Universe than the title of Captain America. Nick Spencer has created a new Captain America in Sam Wilson who inhabits the bleeding edge of social and political commentary. In this issue we begin to see how this new Captain America interacts with past Captain America Steve Rodgers and how they will be working I the future. It’s a meeting between the old guard and the new. In an election year where we are being flooded with political rhetoric it’s interesting to see the symbols of the American nation clashing. Unzueta brings the thunder with some solid work in the art department, making this book a must for anyone one with genuine political interest.

Invincible Iron Man Nine By Brian Michael Bendis and Mike Deodato

Bendis is a brilliant character writer, easily one of the best in the business, but sometimes it can feel he spends to long on character development and not enough time on the big picture. The above panel is from one of about half a dozen scenes where we see characters searching for Tony Stark. Each scene allows us to gain a great deal of insight on the characters involved but by the end of it the plot just feels stagnant. There is little action and while the B-list characters are fun they cannot carry the book. It sucks to say but I feel this is a weak offering from the big guy. The book is still building and I feel the pay off should be pretty damn awesome so I would recommend continuing to follow the series but if you haven’t been following Iron Man I wouldn’t start now.

Moon Knight Issue Two By Jeff Lemire and Greg Smallwood

Jeff Lemire just gets Moon Knight. There is simply no other way to put his mastery of character.  The uncertainty and self doubt associated with multiple personality disorder is encapsulated in this book from start to finish. The art and paneling reflects the script perfectly and displays Lemire and Smallwood’s strengths well. But, on top of the character understanding, Lemire also has an amazing story to tell here as we are serving witness to a battle between desperate fallen gods. It’s the sort of thing that can’t help but feel epic. You need to grab this book before it sells out, it’s a must for any collections.

Poe Dameron Issue Two By Charles Soule and Phil Noto

I wasn’t impressed with Issue One of this series and I’m sorry but to say that while Issue Two is definitely moving in the right directions it still hasn’t won me over. A Poe Dameron book should be a fast paced and kinetic romp with the galaxy and this just feels like a slow attempt to patch up a space in the recent films lore. This book does nothing to build upon the Lore of the world and instead it wallows in it, a new character is introduced in this issue his main motivation seems to be that he wants to create a new Galactic Empire. That’s the motivation of the entire First Order. It’s lazy storytelling and it leaves a lot to be desired compared to Soule’s usual standard of work. Noto’s art is fine but it’s subpar compared to the standard of some of the other Star Wars series around at the moment. I simply do not recommend this series.

Punisher Issue One By Becky Cloonan and Steve Dillon

Welcome Back Frank is one of my personal favourite arcs for the character. The plot is simple yet it finds a way effect both the reader and Frank Castle in a very personal level whilst still delivering on the violence all Punisher writers know and love. I have a funny feeling that Becky Cloonan is in agreement with me on this. Punisher Issue One serves as a spiritual successor to Welcome Back Frank as the plot begins to make new emotional connections with Punisher and his past. The art is also a loving homage to Welcome Come Back Frank and it leaves me feeling pretty pumped for the comics future. If your a Punisher fans you probably already have snagged this but if you haven’t grab it while it’s hot.

Thunderbolts Issue One By Jim Zub and Jon Malin

I’ve never really had much love for the Thunderbolts, they just seem like a typical ‘wolves in sheep’s clothing’ team with very little too them. Around the time of civil war that began to change and now the Thunderbolts feel like home of edgy anti-heroism. That seems to be what Jim Zub is shooting for in this first issue but in a lot of ways it doesn’t work for me. I think my biggest issue is with the art by Jon Malin which is far too bright for the tone of the book. In some of the most violent and visceral scenes I was entirely taken out of the action by the bright colours and childish character designs. You can certainly give this book a miss.

…That was this week’s BearSleuth Spoiler Comic Book Bundle Week Free Comic Book Day Bonanza!!! Check back on Monday for a new BearSleuth Opinion Piece!!!

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