BearSleuth Spoiler Free Comic Book Bundle Week Thirty Three

Damn it’s been a busy week for yours truly! First, the comics that his the shelves this week sent me spinning. I ended up picking up about twenty comics this week to pick the cream of the crop for this review. Then Civil War hits and, only two days after its U.K. Release, I’ve already seen the film twice and I’m trying to get an in depth review put together for tomorrow. Then I had an unexpected trip down the country as I need to sort some things out at my university. Needless to say, it’s been tough to get any articles out. I’m currently writing this review on an IPad and I’m going to have to submit it with the WordPress app which I’m really not a fan off. Okay, rant over. Let’s get to some bloody comic reviews!

Avengers Standoff Omega One-Shot By Nick Spencer, Daniel Acuña and Angel Unzueta

Well Standoff is finally over and we’re presented with the same questions that we face at the end of every cross-over event: Was it worth it? What’s the new status quo? Are there any threads we need to resolve? To the first question I would say yes, the Avengers were in such a weird situation pre-secret wars with the majority of the famous team line-up a distant memory. As for the new status quo we’ve got a regenerated Steve Rogers, more distrust for Shield and a brand new Quasar, just in time for the Marvel Cinematic Universe to throw the hero into Guardians or the Avengers. As for threads to be resolved there’s a bunch of super villains loose now and a sentient cosmic cube on the run. Omega ties the entire event together nicely and sets up the new threads well under Spencer’s guidance. Acuña and Unzueta are both pulling their weight in the art department for the book. This is a fitting end to the event and if you’re an Avengers fan it’s certainly worth your time.

BearSleuth Pick Of The Week: Batman Issue Fifty One By Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo

I couldn’t pick any other book this week for my pick of the week. Batman Issue Fifty One is a piece of history, the final issue of Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo’s record breaking run, and a brilliant tribute to the last five years of the Dark Knight’s history. If you have enjoyed anything from the Court of Owls, Death of The Family, Zero Year, Endgame or the Jim Gordon Batman saga then this is the one comic you need in your collection. We get a rare window into the souls of Gotham itself as Snyder revisits every notable character from his run is a subtle story that reveals a lot about the writers perspective on the character. Capullo is sure not to slack of on this final issue, packing every panel with he life and detail he is known for. The issue is simply a wonder to behold and it needs to be in your pulls this week.

Daredevil Issue Six By Charles Soule and Matteo Buffagni

I have been going at Daredevil for the last few weeks, complaining about how slow and weak the series feels after the initial potential we saw in the first issue, but that ends today. Daredevil Issue six marks the start of the new ‘Elektric Connection’ arc which sees Elektra return into Matt Murdock’s life. Of course this plot has nothing to do with the recent Netflix series of Daredevil which saw Elektra return into Daredevils life (wink-wink, nudge-nudge). This new arc already has a lot more emotional impact than the previous one as the pacing is ramping up along with the writing, creating a story that is compelling and dramatic from Charles Soule. Matteo Buffagni’s art work is not quite up to the standard of previous issues, with many scenes looking a little blocky, but the art is a fine trade off for the high standard of writing. This is the Daredevil fans want to see and it appears to be the start of a great story.

Dark Knight Three The Master Race Book Four By Frank Miller, Brian Azzarello and Andy Kubert

I know I’m not the first critic to say this but the Frank Miller might be one of the fathers of the modern comic industry but that doesn’t mean he gets a free pass. We are now halfway through Frank Miller and Brian Azzarello’s third instalment in the Dark Knight trilogy and I’m just not feeling it. The plot is plodding along with the bottle city of Kandor millstone around its neck and it already pretty obvious where we’re heading. Atom is going to create enough Kryptonite to sink the Batcave and Batman is going to go all BVS on Kandor. Seeing the other heroes in the small mini-comics is pretty cool but it’s not enough to tip the balance for me, I’m just not enjoying this book. A good plot can be saved by memorable and interesting dialogue but I am writing this two days after reading the book and I can quote a single line. It’s flat. The art by Andy Kubert is a rocky acquired taste at best and down right ridiculous at worst. I am going to continue to follow the series in support of Miller and with the hope it will pick up but I find it hard to recommend.

Doctor Strange Issue Seven By Jason Aaron and Chris Bachalo

This series represents an underserved and brilliant corner of the Marvel Universe. The magical community. We’ve sorely needed a writer and artist team capable of doing this aspect of the universe justice and in the team of Aaron and Bachalo we have found the perfect duo. In this issue we see Strange leading the magical community as only he can do, with guest appearances from almost every magical hero known. This series calls back the original Strange series, presenting us with weird and inconceivable vistas on almost every page. If you have any love for magical storylines or just want to get prepared for the new Doctor Strange film coming later this year then this is the book for you.

International Iron Man Issue Two By Brian Michael Bendis and Alex Maleev

So about five minutes before Marvel decided to completely uproot their entire universe with Secret Wars they decided to completely change Iron Man’s origins. After the universe shattering event, Brian Michael Bendis has been sent in to clear up the mess that is Tony Stark’s origins with International Iron Man and he’s doing a pretty good job. Bendis and Maleev have worked together for the majority of the past decade, starting out on their acclaimed Daredevil series, and they haven’t lost their touch. Bendis knows just how to give each character complex and realistic motivations while Maleev makes every panel a joy to read. If you want a book less about Iron Man and more about Tony Stark, this is the one for you.

Justice League Issue Forty Nine By Geoff Johns and Jason Fabok

I can’t give this series enough praise. Every time Johns drops another one of these bombshells I try to be hard on it and find more flaws but the truth is this series is probably one of the greatest Justice League books of all time. If you want to see me gush more about this book then check any of my previous reviews of the series, but I can finally say I’ve found a flaw in the book. It expects the reader to know a helluva lot. One of the issues of BVS recently was the alienation of new fans and Justice League has exactly the same problem. If you haven’t followed the New 52 Justice League from day one you will probably find yourself lost extremely quickly. I think my recommendation with this series comes with a slight caveat, you need to be reading this series but only if you have read everything before it.

Old Man Logan Issue Five By Jeff Lemire and Andrea Sorrentino

A few years back Brian Michael Bendis was speaking about Marvels submissions department. He advised new writers that if they wanted to write about Wolverine they needed to take Logan to somewhere we have never seen him before. I couldn’t help thinking of that sage advice as I read Old Man Logan Issue Five where we see Logan in both a place he has never visited before and in an unfamiliar emotional emotional place. This is Lemire’s writing at its best and it really syncs up well with Sorrentino’s more visceral art style for a one-two combo sure to blow your mind.

…That was this week’s BearSleuth Spoiler Free Comic Book Bundle!!! Check back tomorrow for BearSleuth Opinion piece!!!

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