BearSleuth Opinion Piece: We don’t need an Inhumans film, we need an Inhumans Netflix series.

This week Marvel’s Inhumans film lost its July 2019 release date, squarely placing the movie in development hell, right where it belongs. I’ve given the Inhumans a lot of stick over the last few weeks. At first I blamed the Inhumans for the minimisation of the X-Men’s presence in the comic book universe and in merchandising. It seemed that Marvel had moved towards increasing the Inhumans influence in an attempt to garner more fans while decreasing the X-Men’s role in the universe to damage Fox’s fandom. Many thought this might be a long term scheme to force a deal for the rights to the X-Men franchise. In fact, there are now articles popping up all over the Internet at the moment claiming that the loss of an Inhuman release date means that this plan has come to fruition. While on some level this might be true, and I know several people who believe it is, I think it’s more complicated than some grand conspiracy theory. I don’t believe the recent loss of a release date has anything to do with the X-Men rights. I believe Marvel have realised where the Inhumans are needed the most. On the small screen.

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The Big Problem With Another MCU Super Team

The problem is, we already have two big superhero teams in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, The Avengers and The Guardians Of The Galaxy. If another team is going to enter that universe they are going to have to have either a long build up or an immediate fan base to drawn upon. With the exclusion of the Agents of Shield TV series, the Inhumans have neither of these. Even while the Inhumans have been introduced in the Agents of Shield TV series there are very few people that would label themselves as Inhumans fans. This is because the Inhumans aren’t meant to be viewed as a super team. They are a race of people and in any media form they should be depicted as a lovecraftian threat.

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What Should The Inhumans Represent?

In both the MCU and the Marvel Universe it was the ancient alien race known as the Kree who were supposed to have created the Inhumans through the process of exposure to the Terrigen mists. This process causes the Inhumans to change in impossible ways and has been known to create some of the most powerful beings in the universe. Because of this great power the Inhumans have retreated from the world of man. Therefore when an outsider meets the Inhumans they are presented with an alien society made up of extremely powerful and freakish creatures with no similarities between them. Their customs and traditions are entirely alien and, when they are moved to aggression, they fight in entirely alien ways. Sure there’s been multiple cases of Inhumans popping up across the globe after Terrigen mists and crystals have made their way out of the Inhuman society but the majority of the time the Inhumans are mysterious and distant. But, how could this core concept be depicted in a filmed medium? I believe Netflix might hold the answer.

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Marvel’s Inhumans Coming 2018?

With the revival of the X-Files and an increased audience for darker content I would like to see a spinoff of the Agents Of Shield head to Netflix to introduce the Inhumans. I’ve chosen Netflix because I want the series to be dark, as dark as Daredevil or Jessica Jones. The series would start with a pair of Shield agents checking various reports on the Inhumans. This could slowly reveal the Inhumans such as Gorgon and Medusa as the monstrous beings they should be seen as. We could slowly have the group turn friendly as allies to Shield but I think the focus should be upon how terrifying an unknowable and unreadable group of advance aliens living on Earth would be. This could make the Inhumans the perfect anti-heroes. But that’s just a pipe dream, what could Marvel really be up to?

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What is really going on here…

I think it’s most likely that the Inhumans are being saved to work with the Agents Of Shield and the rest of Marvel TV series coming. A lighter Inhumans team show would make a lot of sense with the rise of the Secret Warriors and the general direction the Agents Of Shield seem to be heading in. As for the X-Men rumours, I think it’s best to just forget the chance of an X-Men crossover for the time being. After the great success of Deadpool and the recent X-Men prequel/sequel films I doubt Fox are going to be willing to give it up or share for a while yet. However, there is still an empty hole left by the removal of Inhumans from the release slate and anything could fit there, what would you like to see in 2018? Ironman 4? MODOK? Namor? Hulk?  Hit me in the comments with your thoughts!


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