Covert Coot: Spider-Man: Homecoming – Expections?

Official title card from Marvel Digital Media Director

Picture Source: [Accessed: 15/04/2016]

So today it was announced that the upcoming Spider-Man reboot slated for 2017 release is to be titled Spider-Man: Homecoming. On top of this we have the Marvel Cinematic Universe debut of Spider-Man next month in Captain America: Civil War.

With a new Spidey movie and a fresh cast there comes expectations, especially after having two other big screen versions of the character with Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy(2002 – 2007) and Marc Webb’s Amazing Spider-Man franchise (2012 – 2014) both providing their own interpretations of the character.

Picture Source:,h_726,w_1180/t_mp_quality/iecy8jlqb0q6rryvsyzi/who-plays-the-best-spiderman-peter-parker-346999.jpg [Accessed: 15/04/2016]

Both of which are incredible in their own right, but with Spider-Man: Homecoming, what can a new Spider-Man movie give us what we haven’t already had?

Let’s take a step back and think about the comic book history of Spider-Man. The character made his first appearance in the summer of 1962 in Amazing Fantasy #15, which became one of the highest selling comic books that year and this led to a solo ongoing series The Amazing Spider-Man beginning in 1963. Since then the characters popularity has spawned a number of animated TV shows, live action TV show and a number of video games – to this day Spider-Man has become one of Marvels most recognisable characters and remains one of their bestselling comic book titles, not to mention the other iterations of the character among which are Ultimate Spider-Man, Spider-Man 2099 and Superior Spider-Man.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that Spider-Man has 50 years worth of material to draw from and the Marvel/Sony deal opens up more stories to be told. The rumour mill is already playing the idea that Vulture will be the antagonist of Spider-Man: Homecoming. But my Spidey Sense tingles at the name Homecoming and makes me think of J. Michael Straczynski’s first arc on The Amazing Spider-Man, titled Coming Home.

Picture Source: [Accessed: 15/04/2016]

While it would be difficult to fully adapt this story given that Tom Holland’s Spider-Man is the character as a teenager, it’s a story that I would personally love to see on the big screen, hell, I’d be happy if they just took elements from the story such as the idea of ‘what if the Spider chose Peter?’ and on top of that it would just be amazing to have the character Ezekiel, a man with powers and abilities similar to Peter Parker and in ways can be seen as a surrogate father figure.

Picture Source: [Accessed: 15/04/2016]

Another would be the inclusion of Coming Home’s antagonist, Morlun.

Picture Source: [Accessed: 15/04/2016]

Morlun was first introduced in J. Michael Straczynski run, Coming Home and continued to appear throughout, each time pushing Spider-Man to his absolute limit and even going as far as killing him in The Other. It would be quite a stretch to pull Morlun out for the new movie but it would be crazy not to use him further down the line – the character is one of Spidey’s most dangerous and threatening antagonists. Morlun could also benefit from being an underlying threat throughout the series of films similar to Thanos throughout most of the Marvel movies so far.

It’s an exciting time for Spider-Man and I can’t wait to see what happens!

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