BearSleuth Opinion Piece: The Rogue One Trailer Shows Everything That Fans Have Been Craving For Years!

Four days ago the world was rocked by another Star Wars trailer. For the first time ever a Star Wars spin off film, part of the new ‘Star Wars Story’ series, has caused a hype train big enough to rival that of the main series. This could be the dawn of a brand new Star Wars Universe as it shows just how fruitful any film with a strong budget, director and cast could be for Disney and the other corporate masters. The trailer was an absolute barnstormer so I want to take a today’s article to just run through some of my personal highlights! Just in case you haven’t seen the trailer or you need a refresher here it is one more time:

All images are scree shots taken from the above trailer. [Accessed: 11/04/2016]

  • TheĀ trailer opens up on a shot of Felicity Jones as the female lead Jyn Erso. It’s established pretty quick that Jyn is too much of a rebel even for the rebels, a group you who you’d assume would be pretty cool with any rebellious sort as that’s kinda their mandate. It seems, like Rey in The Force Awakens, we’re back to trying to prove that these new characters are more hard core than the classic ones.

  • Then we get a quick flash of Mon Mothma, one of the leaders of the rebel alliance, I reckon if she’s appearing in this film it’s pretty likely we’ll see Bail Organa, Princess Leia’s adopted father.

  • We also get a look at the male lead of the film, Diego Luna as an unspecified Rebel pilot. There’s been very little information about Luna’s character, but it looks like he will play off Jyn Erso’s rebellious streak.

  • Here we see Erso bringing the pain to some Stormtroopers, highlighting the more visceral nature of the fight scene, which we’ll see more of later in the trailer.

  • It’s just not Star Wars without a doomsday device so we’re back to the Death Star again. Although if Erso is the one who gets the plans what happened to the many Bothans who died getting the information?

  • I’m guessing this is Rogue Squadron. If not this is at least another ‘scramble the rebel fleet’ moment which means we’re going to get an awesome space battle!

  • Ben Mendelsohn here playing, what appears to be, our chief antagonist. No doubt the Death Star head of security who will die within minutes of meeting Darth Vader, or indeed any Sith Lord.

  • Normal Stormtroopers looking badass with dusty tanks.

  • Special forces Stormtroopers looking badass with slightly different helmets.

  • Alien market scene. Hopefully better than the stuff on Tatooine, am I right?

  • Erso heads to a particularly alien part of the galaxy here, specifically the London Underground, this looks to be one of the stops on the Jubilee line with a new coat of paint…

  • …and, in an effort to stop Erso by clogging the underground with mindless tourists, it appears the Empire have deployed every known form of Stormtroopers out there into central London.

  • Donnie Yen’s unnamed character here to save the day. It’s probably not worth mentioning that any of those Stormtroopers could shoot him down where he stands.

  • Since those Stormtroopers showed such a lapse in judgement it looks like Yen is bringing the pain on them.

  • Looks like those meddling Rogue One kids are blowing up old man Mendelsohn’s favourite spaceships!

  • Old man Mendelsohn doesn’t take kindly to such hijinks!

  • This is my favourite screen shot from the entirety of the trailer! Here we see a figure, looking similar to Palpatine or Darth Vader in a cloak, genuflecting at the base of a bacta tank. This tank could contain anyone but my bet is on Supreme Leader Snoke as it fits that Disney want to enhance the characters significance in the series.

  • In the final flashes of the trailer we see Wen Jiang’s unnamed character charging with a group of rebel fighters. What I like about this image and the next one is that it shows what the rebellion is all about, fighting against impossible odds. I’m gonna guess that a lot of the allies in this film are going to die pretty quickly…

  • …and if anything is going to kill them it’s going to be a pack of AT-AT Walkers. These things are so awesome, although I do have some reservation about them as it feels a little odd that there are more of them here than at Hoth, though this seems to be some form of Imperial staging area so I’m not going to question it too much.

  • Finally we get Forrest Whitaker’s voice over as we see Erso in full Empire garb. I think this is most likely for the purpose of infiltration. I know a lot of people feel like it’s setting up for her to turn, but it’s not like the dark side would really concern it’s self with a pilot or soldier like Erso. I also doubt the Empire would be interested in an agent too rebellious for the rebellion as she would be pretty damn hard to train.


Those where my favourite moments from the Rogue One trailer but I’m sure there were a couple of cool little hints and snippets that I missed. If there’s anything you’ve spotted that I haven’t hit me up in the comments section!

…That was this week’s BearSleuth Opinion Piece!!! Check back on Wednesday for a brand new Comic History 101!!!

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