Covert Coot: Locke & Key– Volume 2: Head Games

The second volume in Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez’s comic book series, Locke and Key continues the story of the Locke family and provides a strong and scary addition to the story.

Follow on from the previous book, volume two titled ‘Head Games’ continues to build on the mythology of Lovecraft and Keyhouse. Head Games begins by introducing readers to Joe Ridgeway, an elderly teacher at Lovecraft Academy. Ridgeway has worked at the academy long enough to remember the faces of former students, two students in particular being Rendell Locke and Luke ‘Dodge’ Caravaggio. Naturally, Ridgeway is left confused when Tyler Locke walks by with a friend who bares an almost uncanny resemblance to Dodge and also reacts to Ridgeway calling him by the name ‘Dodge’. This is somewhat of a problem on the account that Luke Caraviggio would be in his mid to late thirties by now… if he wasn’t dead.

Head Games builds upon the foundation of the previous volume, this time giving more focus to Dodge as we see him travel back and forth through Keyhouse using the Anywhere Key which allows him to create a door to anywhere or anyplace so long as he can visualise the location.

While Dodge is sneaking in and out of the house in pursuit of the Omega Key, the Locke children discover the Head Key which unlocks a person’s head. I know it sounds weird, but the key allows things to be added or removed from people such as memories and emotions. Bode is the first to use the key, demonstrating it to his siblings with the act providing some dark humour where we see that Bode can also look inside his head – it’s hard to explain but the image below should help.

This volume does well to provide a sense of danger toward the Locke children and further demonstrates how manipulating and threatening Dodge can be, especially with the use of the Head Key.

Both the writing and art work are strong, consistent with the previous volume. The only drawback is that by the end of Head Games there is no resolution, we’re given more insight into Duncan Locke, Dodge and of course, Keyhouse and the keys. I suppose with the series consisting of six volumes you can’t really expect a full resolve yet, after all the first two volumes serve more as an introduction to the themes and concepts. As before a special shout to Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez for a truly great piece of work.

Next week I’ll be reviewing the third volume in the series, Crown of Shadows. I hope you’re enjoying the reviews so far and I hope my plan to not riddle my review with spoilers is working.

Until next time, see ya!

…That was this week’s Covert Coot! Check back tomorrow for this week’s BearSleuth Spoiler Free Comic Book Bundle!

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