BearSleuth Opinion Piece: Daredevil Season Two Feels A Little Rushed?



It goes without saying that there are many spoilers ahead, you have been warned.


Me and the Covert Coot sat down last Friday and watched all thirteen episodes of Daredevil Season Two in one day. Across the thirteen hours we saw the introduction of the Punisher and Elektra, a few nice fighting scenes and the revelation of the Hand’s presence in the Marvel Universe. But after a marathon that could rival the Lord Of The Rings films for length both of us were left feeling unsatisfied. Daredevil Season Two has the exact same problem as Iron Man Two did, it’s the awkward middle child, it’s not as new and shiny as season one and it doesn’t have the conceptual draw of the Defenders.



Unfortunately, the Defenders has had shockingly little set-up meaning that Daredevil Season Two has to play double duty setting up characters like the Punisher while also moving on the plot form season one. This would be fine, the show has a lot more time to play with than a film like Iron Man Two. However, whole chunks of episodes are bloated with filler that just seems unnecessary, such as the Punisher giving Karen Page relationship advice or Foggy Nelson angsting about Matt for the thirtieth time.



The first Season felt a lot more streamlined as it worked on the simple premise of Daredevil striking off a series of the Kingpin’s lieutenants before going for the man himself. There was a clear enemy in each episode and their defeat pushed the main antagonist further and further. By the time Matt squared off with Wilson Fisk we were are cheering him on but Season Two doesn’t have that same sense. There is no big bad but instead several and many have unsatisfying conclusions.


Frank Castle finds out that his old army superior was the man who led to his families’ death in the final few episodes and it’s resolved without any sort of physical or emotional climax. Matt’s final fight is against a resurrected Nobu but it’s already been proven in the episode before that Matt can defeat Nobu with relative ease. It would have made more sense to make Elektra the villain as the show began to show us her mentality. This could have then led to a faceoff between her and the Punisher with Matt trying to prevent either character from killing the other as the series did more to set up both characters than it did to set up Nobu. This what should have felt like a satisfying pay off feeling more like a recycled skirmish.



That’s not to say that everything was wrong with the season though, there were some incredibly enjoyable sequences, such as the Punisher chaining Matt up on the roof top and the continuous shot on the stairs for around the same episode. The character of the Punisher was done well and the Hand’s transition onto screen was handled about as well as it could be. The season has left me with a lot of unanswered questions as opposed to the handful of lingering thoughts from the previous season. My hope is that Luke Cage can get me back on board but only time will tell.

…That was this week’s BearSleuth Opinion Piece!!! Check back on Wednesday for a new Comic History 101!!!

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