BearSleuth Spoiler Free Comic Book Bundle Week Twenty Six

Well here we are. It’s March and we’re getting up to the first big crossover event of the Marvel Universe ‘Standoff’. The rest of the comic book industry seems a little quiet at the moment, DC is plodding on promoting Batman V Superman while Image seems to be gearing up for some big summer releases. Again, I have a line-up filled with Marvel titles this week, hopefully there will be some new and exciting things I can talk about from Image and DC comic very soon. In other news, me and the Covert Coot have a few great things planned including a guest article tomorrow from Ivy Miller, The Precarious Writer!

All images are taken from the Marvel and DC Comics App [Accessed: 11/03/2016]

Agents Of Shield Issue Three By Marc Guggenheim and German Peralta

I’m still not entirely sure who this series is for. If it’s for fans of the Agents Of Shield show its taking a lot of weird risks and changing some characters to a point where it would confuse most fans. If it’s for people who want to see Agents Of Shield in the wider Marvel Universe then maybe it’s doing a better job but I feel Guggenheim is taking too long to include references from the show. And if it’s for people who know nothing about Agents of Shield then it’s a cataclysmic failure on every level. I think this attempt to placate all audiences has left Guggenheim in an incredibly difficult position, throw in a tie-in to Standoff and the whole thing begins to creak under it’s own weight. I want to make it clear that the book is not bad, in fact there’s a fight between the agents and an old Avengers character that I really enjoyed but, but it’s got too much substance and not enough style. Peralta is killing it in the art department on this series every time a new Marvel hero turns up they look slick and cool, if you’re a big time fan of the to series or just Coulson this might be enough to warrant a recommendation.

Amazing Spider-Man Issue Nine By Dan Slott and Giuseppe Camuncoli

Dan Slott, my man! I was almost rooting for you, Amazing Spider-Man was starting to gain momentum and then you pull this crap. Shooting Spidey into space is a terrible way to start an arc! They tried it with Punisher and the series tanked, they tried it with Iron Man and the series tanked they even tried it with Cable and the series tanked. The problem is, space doesn’t have the wow factor it used to and now it just makes very little sense for a guy in hi-tech pajamas to be wandering around up there. You’re probably thinking that I spoiled something by telling you that this issue sees Spider-Man go to space but the truth is I couldn’t spoil this issue because Dan Slott already did that. I’m sure this series will pick up again but it’s a disappointing start to this new arc, pick up at you’re own risk.

Doctor Strange Issue Six By Jason Aaron and Chris Bachelo

Ah, the good stuff! This book is the perfect magic comic, calling back to great series like the New 52 Justice League Dark from a few years back. Magic is tied into culture and Jason Aaron really explores that in this issue. I love the premise for the ‘Death Of Magic’ arc and I think it’s just what Strange needs to reinvent the character for modern audiences. Bachelo’s art complements the writing perfectly with his complex and esoteric approach. I can recommend this series to any fans of Sorcerer Supreme!

Guardians Of a The Galaxy Issue Six By Brian Michael Bendis and Valerio Schiti

This is a jumping on point issue. There’s no shame in it that’s just what it is. We’re at the beginning of a new arc for the guardians and this first issue is mostly spent catching everyone up on the previous arc while exploring some character relationships and character relationships are what Brian Michael Bendis does best! The issue feels a little short because it’s fast paced and only really focuses on Kitty Pride and Star-Lord. The art is a little basic here from Schiti but it makes for easy reading when coupled with Bendis’ writing. If you want to start with Guardians and you missed the first arc here’s your chance!

Red Wolf Issue Four By Nathan Edmondson and Dalibor Talajic

I really wanted to enjoy this series, it’s rare to get a Native American superhero and even rarer for them to break away from the usual stereotypes. I must admit, I was shocked that the series was commissioned and I was excited to see how it played out. Four issues in and we’re basically at a buddy cop comedy where the small town police and Red Wolf are at odds with each other because they can’t understand each other’s ways. Red Wolf is a man out of time but that story line can easily fall into a boring rut, a rut that Edmondson has failed to avoid. The art is a little weak by Talajic but it at least seems fitting for the story. I can’t recommend this book right now but I have high hopes for the future.

Groot and Rocket Raccoon Issue Three By Skottie Young and Filipe Andre

It’s getting to the point now where I can just mention that this book is written by Skottie Young and you can probably work out what sort of story it is. Groot and Rocket Raccoon Issue Three is a celebration of everything weird and quirky that people enjoy about the space duo. I’m not ashamed to admit that the book made me chuckle a few times and left me with a smile on my face. It’s pretty solid all round, although I feel that Filipe Andre is just attempting to mimic Young’s style in the art department. I would recommend this to anyone that enjoyed the Guardians Of The Galaxy film or any of Young’s previous work.

Uncanny Avengers Issue Seven By Gerry Duggan and Ryan Stegman

Another depressingly weak Standoff tie-in. I like the Uncanny Avengers team, the line-up works perfectly, but they need to get some good stories soon or else people are going to loose interest. I know there are plans to follow up the whole Red Skull arc but Duggan seems to be dragging his feet on that. The series needs something more, another angle that doesn’t involve the Inhumans. Deadpool’s dialogue and Stegman’s art save this book, making it pretty recommendable to fans of the line-up, but it’s a close call. Duggan you’ve been warned!

BearSleuth Pick Of The Week: Vision Issue Five By Tom King and Gabriel Hernandez

If you have any interest in comics, as a writer, artist or reader, you need to be buying Vision. It’s the only example I can think of a comic with such an indie feel and a mainstream backing. The writing from Tom King is some of the best you can find on the shelves while Hernandez is killing it with an art style that subtle implies the uncanny and strange. I can not sing the praises of this book more than just saying you need to buy it. I can tell you now it’s going to be one of those series that go down in history as a hidden gem. Get in on it now and beat the rush.

…That was this week’s BearSleuth Spoiler Free Comic Book Bundle!!! Check back tomorrow for Ivy Miller’s guest writing appearence!!!

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