BearSleuth Opinion Piece: Lego Marvel Avengers Sucks, But I Love It!

This rant has been building up for a while. See, I have a problem with relaxing, because I’m normally working on a bunch of projects at once I find it really hard to sit back and do nothing. The closest I can get to full relaxation normally involves some form of mind-numbing grinding games. Minecraft used to be my biggest addiction until the first Lego Marvel game rocked up. Simply put, the first Lego Marvel game was designed for me. I could just bang on a podcast and run around racking up a tonne of studs unlocking all my favourite characters. I played it until I got to 100% across the entire game and then I started again, twice. So you can imagine how excited I was for the next instalment in the franchise. Then Lego went and slapped me in the face.


Picture Source: [Accessed: 28/02/2016]

Lego Marvel Avengers has the exact same map of New York as the first game with three crucial differences, there’s no Oscorp Tower, no X-Mansion and no Baxter Building. In fact, you can look all over the entire game but you won’t find a single reference to Spider-Man, the X-Men or the Baxter Building. Instead there’s references to teams like the Defenders, if you don’t know who they are jump back to the eighties and ask the three people who read their books. This is because Marvel want merchandise that supports the characters they have the film rights to. It’s why you will never see any X-Men merchandise and it’s the same reason the Fantastic Four are no longer in the Marvel Universe. I guess I could understand that, if Marvel don’t want to make mounds of money from their merchandise monopoly who am I to stop them. But don’t take features away from a gaming franchise in the sequel, that’s just stupid. Star Wars Battlefront did that and look at the fan backlash it received, so why aren’t people boycotting Lego Marvel?


 Picture Source:×360.jpg [Accessed: 28/02/2016]

The easy answer is that the wider gaming community don’t really care about Lego games. While they are well designed titles that would normally garner a triple A rating, the Lego games aren’t meant to be taken seriously so they’re not. It’s the same reason you barely ever see a comedy film at the Oscars. However, I think there’s another reason for the lack of backlash as well, the game is actually quite good. The levels are fantastically designed, even if they do suffer with a tight adherence to the movie plots instead of the original story we got in the first game, each level is fun and addictive. A lot of work has been put into the characters as well, each one feels individual and rewarding.


Picture Source: [Accessed: 28/02/2016]

I was fully prepared to hate this game when I heard about all the bullshit it was trying to pull but I have to say it’s won me over. I guess my main argument now would be that the game shouldn’t have had to win me over but that’s a self-defeating argument. I have to give a recommendation to this game, if you’re any sort of comic book fan you’ll love it, I don’t want to say it but it’s true. Well played Lego Marvel, you’ve won this time.

…that was this week’s BearSleuth Opinion Piece!!! Check back on Wednesday for a brand new Comic Book History 101!!!

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