BearSleuth Opinion Piece: It’s Been A Long Week

Right, I know this post is coming a little late, only a week and a day but I’m a bit of stickler for these things.  Last week marked my 21st birthday, and I celebrated in style. Today I’m just going to do a quick run through of my week and what I’ve been up to, mostly as an admission of guilt on my part. All week I’ve been feeling a little guilty that I’ve let my writing schedule slide so count this as my attrition.


Monday the 15th-London!

My actual birthday! I took a trip into London with my parents and went on a museum spree. I hit up the V and A, the National Portrait Gallery and the Natural History Museum. Then I stopped by my favourite comic book stores; Forbbiden Planet and Gosh! Finally, me and the parents hit up Bubba Gumps, a Forest Gump themed restaurant, to top off the day. Probably my best birthday to date!

Tuesday the 16th-A Classy Dinner!

Dinner with a friend. One of my closest friends, Ivy the precarious writer, I had an amazing time and received a bunch of awesome presents (including a Waterstones voucher which I used to pick up a bunch of books for research on a novel I’m planning).

Wednesday the 17th-The Northern Horde

I live in Winchester, which is about two hundred miles from my parents home, where I grew up, in Manchester. Getting all my friends down for a big party at the weekend is a little tough. 3am on Wednesday I was standing outside a desolate train station in Winchester waiting for a bunch of Northerners. Fun.

Thursday the 18th-Worms

With nothing to do on a Thursday night me, my friends and housemates decided to try out tequila wth worms. Honestly, I really can’t recommend the experience but at least it’s one off the bucket list.

Friday the 19th-Indiana Jones Marathon

The challenge: Watch Indiana Jones and drink at every time Harrison Ford pulls a goofy grin. Outcome: A lot of drunk twenty year olds ‘sleeping off’ a butt-load of tequila!

Saturday the 20th-Dressed Up To The Nines

Saturday saw me and my posse hit the streets of Winchester in 20’s, 30’s and 40’s dress. We looked damn fine and had a brilliant night which ended up in a Scott Pilgrim and Dominoes binge to top off the night.

Sunday the 21st-Hobbits

With less than 24 hours before my friends left we decided to launch a quest to the Hobbit pub in Southampton. Between us we managed over thirty pint cocktails and a dozen shots. The perfect end to perfect week.

…The was this week’s BearSleuth Opinion Piece!!! Check back on Wednesday for this week’s Comic History 101!!!

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