BearSleuth Opinion Piece: So Steve Rogers is back again…


I’m getting sick of this same news story. Ever since Marvel killed Steve Rodgers a few years back and everyone lost their minds they have been playing around with his role in the Marvel universe. Bucky took on the mantle of Captain America for a while then Steve took it back. Steve got all his super soldier serum sucked out of him at which point he gave the title to Falcon claiming that he would never be Captain America again. Now Marvel have decided that Steve is going to come back as the living embodiment of America and I have to say I couldn’t care less. This shouldn’t be news, yet if you go onto Twitter or Reddit today you will see devoted fans losing their minds over the entire affair. It makes me sick.


Picture Source:×911.jpg [Accessed: 27/01/2016]

This headline grabbing style of narrative construction is pretty unique to the world of comic and soap operas because both are constantly trying to entice new readers/viewers back into their continuous narrative but I really think it hurts the comics instead of helping them. Mainstream comicbooks really started this practice back in the nineties as fans began to realise that the issues worth buying for future value were the ones where a major event happened in a characters story. Since the nineties, these life defining moments have cropped up more and more frequently to the point that almost every character seems to be getting a costume change a new reveal in their back story in every other issue at the moment. Throw in the block buster events happening every five minutes and it seems almost impossible to just enjoy a comic series for the story it’s trying to tell anymore.


Picture Source: [Accessed: 27/01/2016]

All the best series I can remember from Marvel and DC over the last decade (Bendis’ Daredevil, Snyder’s Batman and Morrison’s New X-Men) seem to have broken this marketing tradition in one way or another. Daredevil saw a lot of major moments in the characters life but it didn’t seem to make a big deal about them on the front of every cover or in the media, the life changing events came from the plot instead of the plot revolving around the events. Snyder’s Batman has had several big crossover moments but Snyder has been careful to make sure that a reader can just pick up his book and get a good Batman story without having to worry about continuity too much. Let’s not forget Morrison’s New X-Men which is just plain insane and broke a lot of the long term conventions of the X-Men books.


Picture Source: [Accessed: 27/01/2016]

The comic industry needs more Mavericks and less marketing. Next time you’re grabbing your weekly pulls try to resist falling for these tactics to get us to buy sub-standard books and instead buy the book that you think is going to be fun and well written. If Marvel and DC continue this way, it really won’t be a surprise when Image take over.

…That was this week’s BearSleuth Opinion Piece!!! Check back on Friday for another BearSleuth Spoiler Free Bundle review!!

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