Grr(aphic) Mondays: Writing A Comic Book Step Three: Chapters vs Issues.


By now you should have a plot ready to work with and you should have chosen whether or not you want the piece to be a graphic novel or part of an ongoing series. The next step is to make a step-outline of your plot. This is only going to be a very short exercise but it is absolutely crucial to further plot construction. I’m going to break this into two exercises; exercise one is for writers creating a comic book series made up of independent issues whilst exercise two is for writers looking to great a graphic novel made up of independent chapters. For next week write out a list of recurring characters in your piece that we will then work upon.

Exercise One: Dealing with your issues.


Picture source: [Accessed: 17/01/2016]

Your plot needs to break down into issues, which are semi-complete stories within themselves, you need to find (or create) natural breaks in your story that possess their own beginnings, middles and ends.  This can be tough. The best way is to break your plot into its key points. Make a bullet pointed list of each major plot point and then create a spider diagram around each about how each could be made into a fleshed out issue.

Exercise Two: Chapters.



Picture source: [Accessed: 17/01/2016]

If you are creating chapters your book needs to feel like a more complete and well-rounded story where each plot point and chapter feels like it is contributing to the overall progression of the book. Create a detailed breakdown of your plot with individual steps (which will become your chapters) and then begin to mind map around each step, try to detail as many possible ways in which you can enrich your story and your character to the point that each chapter feels stronger while being extremely cohesive.

…That was this week’s Grr(aphic) Mondays!!! Check back on Wednesday for a new BearSleuth Opinion Piece.

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