Grr(aphic) Mondays: X-Men Apocalypse Trailer Breakdown

I did have something planned for today, but then Fox threw the world a curveball and released the first trailer for X-Men Apocalypse. I have to say this is something I have been waiting for ever since I watched the season finale of X-Men Evolution. Apocalypse is the natural progression of the X-Men story dynamic. He is everything every human fears and represents us losing the battle to survive as the fittest. For me, a storyline with Apocalypse in it is the climax of everything the X-Men films have been building to for the last few years. This is the one, guys and girls. I’m going to try and do a quick trailer breakdown. I’m sure there will be the odd thing I miss so by all means leave a comment because I want to know everything about this trailer!


We start with Cerebro. I think this might actually be one of the final climactic shots of the film as that appears to be Jean, with a lot of the psychic battles towards the end of the trailer, it’s possible Jean could master Cerebro to fight Xavier or Apocalypse.


I think this might be a case of mistaken prophecy. Maybe we could have another Phoenix film on the cards. This devastation looks more Phoenix-y to me at least.


Jean is having bad dreams. I’m not sure if she has ever had the power of prophecy, I thought she was just psychic and telekinetic but I’ll go with it…


Sophie Turner suits the role but she still feels very Sansa Stark right here, she needs to do less whining and more kicking ass to be Jean.


McAvoy is on point here, I like how his hair is grown out so we can see a bigger change at the end of this trailer.


Here we have the guys who stop us from having all the fun we could be having if Marvel owned everything.


But instead Fox are being douches and Marvel are being whiney about it so really both of these companies suck.


Oxford. I was there recently…kind of hoping Apocalypse doesn’t blow it up.


Here we have Caliban, Apocalypse, and Storm. Alexandra Shipp is perfect casting for the young Storm. I couldn’t ask for anyone better in the role. Especially with the Mohawk, I couldn’t ask for more from her.


Wouldn’t it be great if this was Shield…


Moira McTaggart has been getting very good at scrapbooking.


Havok’s back, but Cyclops is in this one, right? So are they going to be brothers or are we just forgetting about that?


Moira is very surprised about everything, including the fact that she is in this film. This feels like more of a conversation with Beast. Also in the background earlier in this shot is a picture of her son who I am presuming is Legion.


Looks like X-men might be going for the furthest ever flashback. All the way to the beginning of human existence.


This shot presents an interesting point, Beast doesn’t seem to be anywhere in this entire trailer. In the Apocalypse storyline, Beast is turned into Dark Beast by Apocalypse. Looking at the strange background I wonder whether Beast is possessed or transformed into Dark Beast at some point in this film.


Jennifer Lawrence is back as Mystique again, which is great but now that it’s her last time in the role she seems to be in a much more central position. For me, this feels out of character as Mystique has always been more of third party to herself.


Nightcrawler is perfect! Although, I’m guessing Mystique is no longer his mother, or she is…which could be really interesting. I might make Charles act more like Kurt’s father.




The theory seems to be that this is Moira. It fits with her figure, but as for what she is doing I have no idea. Possibly uncovering the tomb of Apocalypse.


Xavier has forgone his ability to walk in this film which should present some unique acting challenge for McAvoy.


At the start of this film, and presumably at the end, the school will be established in the cinematic X-Verse. It’s been a long time coming but I really hope it’s here to stay.


Fassbender. Apparently going into this film Erik will be trying to live a normal life and lay low. I’m interested to see how Apocalypse brings him back into the fight.


The first reveal of Apocalypse. In the comics his armour comes from him combining with Celestial technology. I doubt Fox have the rights to the Celestials so I guess they are either going to leave it unexplained or tie it into his mutation. Storm looks bad ass here as well.


A better look at the armour of Apocalypse. This looks very much like alien technology right here, so they might be running with the Celestial storyline. Also I think that might be a sly bit of Fassbender in the background.


It has to be said that Singer knows how to do the X-Men justice. This is most certainly a return to form, along with Days of Future Past.


Storm’s armour, as well as the other horsemen’s, looks quite alien in design. I wonder whether this might be the reason Fox use for Apocalypse’s ability to jack up their powers.


Warren Worthington the Third. Angel. Looking a lot better than he did back in Last Stand. There has been some concept art showing Angel captured by the Morlocks, so it would be cool to have that as the reason for his metal wings.


Our first look at Psylocke. Olivia Munn suits the role very well. The big thing about this scene is the glow, of course, which seems like it belongs to her psychic knives. The palette of this film seems a million miles away from that of the original series. It’s bright and almost cartoony in places, especially with Jubilee.


Magneto in all his glory. Praise him.


Can’t any film in the franchise claim to be called ‘X-Men’?


I really like the idea that the bible was inspired by Apocalypse. I’m pretty sure this has been touched upon in the comics but it’s good to see that its made the transition to the films.


Singer does deserve a lot of praise for Days of Future Past.


Cerebro looks a lot more advance than ever before. I really like this design actually, hopefully it sticks around.


Team Apocalypse. I don’t think Magneto would be cool with being manipulated so I’m still wondering what situation leads to him being in Apocalypse’s service.


Havok is certainly more important in this film, like Mystique. My bet is that one of them, if not both, are going to end up dead.


This summer is going to be insane. There is a possibility that Civil War, Batman V Superman and X-Men could all be in the cinema at the same time. It’s going to be a true battle at the box office.


All the Hank and Raven shippers begin to scream.


I have been trying to think for a long time about the best possible X-Men team and this is a very close approximation. Again, Raven looks like she’s taking the lead.


I was really unsure about what this scene could be; I couldn’t get a very good screen shot on it. I am assuming it’s the Apocalypse chamber.


Seeing this team in the field together is beautiful. Takes me right back to the flashback level in X-Men Legends.


I think this is probably a scene from early in the film. Maybe some bullies rip off Scott’s glasses, although it is also possible that Scott could be using his beams against a horseman. They would probably be pretty effective against Magneto.


I think this could be Magneto attempting to fight Apocalypse early in the film.


This may be the most interesting scene in the entire trailer as it seems to suggest a psychic battle between Xaiver and Apocalypse. I think this is the first time we have seen the astral plane which could be a cool place for a final fight between Jean and the Apocalypse. This could also be Apocalypse using his iconic size-changing powers, of course.


Is it just me or is Quicksilver running against his will? I think this could be him attempting to save students in the mansion against an attack from the horsemen.


Archangel looks absolutely spot-on with his metal shards. Again, this could have just been lifted from the comics.


A final shot of Storm. She is channelling her more goddess side here which fits in nicely with the rest of the plot.


Magneto’s helmet looks a lot closer to the one from the original films with some alien stylings. Fassbender rocks the look.


I think we’re meant to see this as an attack on the mansion but in truth it’s probably more likely to be set in Oxford, where I’m guessing the final battle will take place.


A full view of Apocalypse. I really like the stylised ‘A’ on the chest here. I hated this look at first but the more I think about it the more I really can see this working.


New York is being blown up…again.


Xavier is high on Apocalypse mind juices. I think Apocalypse will probably take Xavier off the board pretty early, leaving the X-Men on the back foot.


Be honest, you’re hyped as hell right now, aren’t you?


I think Moby might be leading the X-Men now.

…and that is this weeks Grr(aphic) Mondays, check back on Wednesday for a new BearSleuth Opinion piece.

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