BearSleuth Opinion Piece: Can you have a favourite Jedi?



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I’m going to get a little philosophical here for a moment. A few days ago I had a long and rambling debate with a friend over who our favourite Jedi were: I went with Kit Fisto and he went with Mace Windu. However, our debate quickly descended into a weird mish-mash as we realised that pretty much all Jedi have the same characteristics. Remove everything that Hayden Christensen did to the character of Anakin and it’s very easy to see that all the Jedi in the Star Wars franchise are pretty interchangeable. They are all stoic masters of the force who live like monks and are very good at doing back flips. In the original trilogy there are almost no differences, save age and grammar, between the role of Yoda and Obi-wan.

 Quinlan Vos

Picture Source: [Accessed: 02/12/2015]


There has been a comparison made between Plato’s Republic and the role of the guardians to the Jedi and I believe this is extremely apt. The Jedi are an order of monks, all with the same background and role. Individuality doesn’t really exist amongst their ranks, save the blessed few who choose to rebel and are all most always cast out. In the non-individual ranks we have; Yoda, Mace Windu, Ki-adi-mundi, Kit Fisto, Plo Koon, Obi-Wan and countless others. While in the rebel’s corner there is; Anakin, Qui-Gon, Quilan Voss etc. So the only debate that can really had is, do you like the monks or the rebel outcasts, and which Jedi embody those aspects the best?


Picture Source: [Accessed: 02/12/2015]


I think I prefer the stoic monks. It’s the whole Batman thing about the ‘silent badass’. Mace Windu and Kit Fisto are awesome because they say almost nothing and yet they are able to pull off amazing feats of acrobatics and lightsaber swordsmanship. Among the rebels I really Ajan Ventress, but Qui-Gon is a pretty good second choice. I’m hoping The Force Awakens will address this a little and give us more of the third category of Jedi: The Untrained. Luke was fun because he had to go through his training and learn about what it meant to be a Jedi. That is interesting. One of the things I hate about the prequels is that everyone just seems to have a constant source of power that they can control perfectly. I want Finn—or whoever ends up getting force powers—to be constantly learning and messing up, which creates tension. I guess what I’m saying is that Luke is my favourite Jedi, so far…

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