Grr(aphic) Mondays: Comics And Thanksgiving

 I am not American; I am British and proud. My parents are also British, however, they spent a lot of time in the states way back in the eighties. This means that my family calendar is populated with both a bunch of British holidays and a bunch of American holidays. Therefore, I celebrate Thanksgiving with my parents. We go out for dinner and each say what we are thankful for this year. Most of the time it’s just stuff like ‘friends,’ ‘family,’ and ‘that grandma is still with us’. This year I want to change it up a bit and talk about everything I am thankful for in the world of comic books and writing. Yes, this will be another list, but I promise next week I’ll get back to doing my normal lecturing.


Picture Source: [Accessed: 29/11/2015]

This year I am thankful for:

  •  The new Batman and Robin Eternal series by Scott Snyder and James Tynion IV: Honestly, this may be the best weekly series I have ever read with consistent high quality.
  • The Marvel Secret Wars: Hitch might be drawing out the ending but it has been a great ride and it brought Miles Morales into the main universe so I think it was worth it!
  • The Daredevil and Jessica Jones Netflix series: I know this isn’t quite a comic book thing but these series are amazing (and completely justified my getting Netflix).
  • Superman American Alien by Max Landis: I’ve made it clear before that I am not a fan of Max Landis as a person but he may be writing one of the strongest Superman stories in the history of the series at the moment.
  • Captain America White by Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale: I honestly didn’t think we would get another one of these so it’s pretty wizard to see the dream team back together.
  •  All the great conventions this year: England is starting to build up to the size of the American comic cons and I couldn’t be happier!
  •  Image Comics: Whether it’s Sex Criminals or Tokyo Ghost, Image Comics have produced some of the greatest comic books in the industry at the moment.
  •  Discovering Fatman on Batman: This is more of a personal thing, and I know I should have looked into it sooner, but Fatman on Batman is one of the essential podcasts anyone interested in comics needs to check out.
  •  Dark Knight III: The Master Race by Frank Miller and Brian Azzarello: Though I am not as big of a fan of the Dark Knight series as most other comic fans, I do still enjoy it. Seeing Frank Miller’s reimagined Gotham once more on the pages of comics has been amazing so far.
  •  The continued existence of Brian Michael Bendis: One of the hardest working men in the world of comics has continued to produce work of a blockbuster quality for another year.
  •  The Civil War trailer: It was just plain awesome okay?!
  •  You: I know this is a little sickly-sweet but you, dear reader, are the thing I am most thankful for. It’s been a really tough few months and I would not have gotten through it without all of your tweets, comments, likes and views. Happy Thanksgiving!

This is what I am thankful for this year, what about you? (Hit me up in the comment section with your thoughts.)

…That’s this week’s Grr(aphic) Monday! Check back on Wednesday for a new BearSleuth Opinion Piece!

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