BearSleuth Opinion Piece: Captain America: Civil War Trailer Breakdown.

I am not ashamed to say that I woke up at twelve o’clock today, I rolled out of bed and my phone was filled with text messages, Facebook messages and even a few voicemails. The Captain America: Civil War trailer has dropped. I did have something else planned for today but this news must stop everything. Today I’m just going to do a bullet pointed list of my reactions and a bit of a trailer breakdown, sound good? Alrighty, let’s get stuck in!

All images are screen shots taken from the official trailer: [Accessed: 25/11/215]


-Opening on the post-credits from Ant-Man with different dialog, nice to see that Bucky is back to his normal self.


-I am guessing that the explosion is from something Bucky does early in the film or from the fighting scenes we have seen in previous leaked photos with Crossbones.


-Captain America and his backup singers vs regular police really isn’t a fight.


-Bucky shows how he escaped in that scene from Captain America 2. I wanted this one time stamped just because it’s a pretty cool moment I think a lot of people have missed.


-One reason we know this film will be awesome!


-Cracking out ol’ Thunderbolt Ross, interesting…


-Captain America straight up decks this guy.


-The Avengers have moved again?


-Falcon sad…


-Steve gets the registration act, I’m pretty sure this will be the point where he gives a rousing speech about freedom.


-Looks like Bucky is just as good as Natasha at riding a motorbike with a face of solid determination.


-Natasha’s hair has changed again but she makes some good points over the phone.


-So some guys try to arrest Captain America, then Iron Man shows up, this looks like the fight from the end of the trailer and the ‘friendship’ scene so it could all be connected.


-Tony has a black eye, my bet is that’s probably from Bucky in a jealous lover rage.


-Martin Freeman shows up for two seconds. I think someone in this scene is taking Captain America and Falcon’s gear away.


-Bucky goes for a gun and Captain America stops him, it’s good to see Steve is trying to put him on the path of good.


-Tony with no black eye, probably from earlier in the film. He looks a lot older and more worn down here.


-Hey guys, Falcon can fight now!


-Armour bros!


-Shield bros!


-This may be my favourite screen shot of the entire trailer, Black Panther looks absolutely perfect in his armour. I wouldn’t change a thing.


-Captain America’s team look amazing right here, Scarlett Witch seems to have a good handle on her powers and the rest of crew are on point.


-Panther can fight. Probably on par with Captain America.




-If War Machine dies I am starting a riot!


-“but he’s my friend.” “So was I.” Must. Not. Cry.


-This fight is beautiful and it looks fairly even. I cannot wait to see it on the big screen and cheer along for Captain America and Bucky!


-*screams of excitement*

…and that’s this week’s BearSleuth Opinion Piece! Check back on Friday for the BearSleuth Spoiler Free Comic Book Bundle!

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