Grr(aphic) Mondays: Top 20 Writing Prompts

 Every writer runs out of ideas, some writers will even tell you that no story is original anymore and it’s impossible for you to create something that isn’t just a blend of some one else’s ideas. I don’t believe that’s true, it’s up for debate I guess, but the problem of what to do when you’re out of ideas still remains. Many writers will give you complex methods to get through this problem (I have given several) but there is a simple solution as well. Writing prompts. Most writing prompts are either ideas or first sentences that you can take and build into a larger piece. Some writers feel a lack of ownership of their ideas when they use prompts but I have always felt it’s best to get writing no matter what it is you’re writing. I’m going to share some of my favourite writing prompts with you today if you go on to use any of these please put a link in the comment section to your work!


Picture Source: [Accessed: 22/11/2015]

Here’s my top twenty writing prompts (some I created myself but most are ones other people have given to me):

20: First Line: The last man on Earth hears a knock at the door.

19: Write a scene in which Punk rock was created in the Middle Ages.

18: What if the heavier you were the slower time passed for you, everyone tried to carry as much as they possibly could so time passed slower for them.

17: First Line: The devil told me to help the old woman across the street, while the Angel told me to push her in front of a bus.

16: Write an alternative history where Vikings still exist today.

15: In a world where humans share the planet with another race, write a scene where a fight breaks out between the two races in an American diner.

14: Write a sex scene from the perspective of a blind woman.

13: Try to write from the 1st person perspective of someone you would hate.

12: Pick an object in the room with you, it is a space craft for an alien race, write a description of the race.

11: Come up with a set of characters who are members of ‘The League Of Useless Superpowers’.

10: Every human on earth vanishes except you, write a diary entry one year on.

9: Write a love letter from an Apple to a Banana (you would be surprised how dirty this one trends to get).

8: Take your favourite fictional character, now write a plan on how to kill them.

7: First Line: I saw the lava whale again.

6: Write a description of a location in Middle Earth two thousand years after the events of Lord of the Rings.

5: Write a meeting between two hipster versions of Greek gods.

4: For one evening your best friend gets superpowers, you get to choose what powers they receive, write a discussion between you and your friend just after you have selected the power.

3: Create a ten-step plan for a zombie apocalypse.

2: You die, write your first diary entry from beyond the grave.

1: First Line: You have never really lived until you’ve carried a bag full of human remains on the London Underground.

…and that’s this week’s Grr(aphic) Mondays! Check back on Wednesday for another BearSleuth Opinion Piece! 

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