BearSleuth Opinion Piece: What if the X-Men came back to Marvel?


Picture Source: [Accessed: 17/11/2015]

Today I am going to do a spot of blue-sky thinking. I want the X-Men to go back to Marvel, I know it’s not going to happen for a while, if ever, but I want it to happen. The funny thing is, it is the X-Men that are the reason for the success of the Avengers franchise that has launched the current wave of Marvel fever. No one really thought a super hero movie could be done, or at least one that wasn’t titled Superman or Batman, until the X-Men Fox films came along. If the X-Men where to ever come back to Marvel, or if Marvel agreed to share rights with Fox then I would want them to come back in a big way.


Picture Source: [Accessed: 17/11/2015]

If Marvel got the X-Men back tomorrow I would expect them to attempt to keep as much of the Fox cast as possible, they have been a fantastic cast and there are few that I would want to change. I would then expect Marvel to announce a whole slew of films and that list could look something like this:

2016: Deadpool, Captain America Civil War, Doctor Strange and X-Men Apocalypse – I imagine these films would happen no matter what however at in the post-credit sequence of Deadpool I would want an appearance from Cable and at the end of the Apocalypse film I would like to Wolverine watching TV seeing a breakout at Ryker’s island. In the end of Civil War the Avengers would disband and in the credits we would see Steve Rogers being contacted by Shield as there is a breakout at Ryker’s Island. I would possibly have a nod towards some of the magic users in the X-Men in Doctor Strange but that doesn’t need to be there.

2017: New Avengers: Breakout, X-Men, Guardians of the Galaxy Volume Two, Thor: Ragnarok and Spiderman – New Avengers would follow the exact plot of Brian Michael Bendis’ first arc on the series, it would be a visceral fight as a new roster of Avengers formed to include Spiderman and Wolverine. I would probably replace Luke Cage with Storm if possible. X-Men would establish Xaiver’s school in the modern era with the same cast as X-Men Apocalypse. The story would follow something similar to the first arc of Ultimate X-Men with Magneto taking over New York, anti-mutant hatred would begin to grow. In Guardians I would include references to the Brood and Shi’ar. Thor Ragnarok can just happen. In Spiderman I would like J. Jameson to show some mutant hatred but past that I would leave it up to the writers.

2018: Black Panther, Infinity War Part One, Ant-Man and the Wasp, Wolverine: Old Man Logan and X-Force – End of Black Panther I would want set up for the Illuminati, simply so we can set up World War Hulk. Infinity War could run with the New Avengers team, maybe at some point the X-Men could appear and kick ass, only to be forced away by the Avengers who distrust them. Ant-Man and the Wasp could begin to hint at a growing anti-mutant sentiment. Old Man Logan would just be like the Millar comic, however it would hint that the events were caused by Jean Grey instead of Mysterio. X-Force would follow a cut throat team of X-Men, led by Wolverine, as they attempted to assassinate several people working on a sentinel programme. At the end of the film it would be revealed that Stark has been working on the project.

2019: Captain Marvel, Infinity War Part Two, Inhumans, Illuminati, X-Men Two: Rise of the Phoenix and Deadpool 2: Messiah War- Captain Marvel runs as planed however the film shows in it’s post credits sequence that Danvers is being asked by the US government to monitor a cosmic entity known as the Phoenix. Infinity War ends on the glove being destroyed and the Avengers getting a warning that a more powerful force is going to come to earth and change everything. Inhumans, more set up of the Illuminati, at the end Iron Man visits Black Bolt and asks him for help with the mutant situation. Illuminati would follow the core group of the Illuminati from the comic books as they sent Hulk into space and attempted to find a way to deal with the Phoenix problem, Professor X would stop Iron Man from destroying the cosmic entity. X-Men Two would open on the destruction from the beginning of the Messiah Complex book as a mutant saviour is born, however in this telling instead of Hope bringing powers back to mutants she would instead be prophesised to lead them to freedom. The piece would then focus on the X-Men dealing with the purifiers and a massacre at Xavier’s mansion, it would end on Cyclops contacting Cable and the two planning for Hope to return in one year. Deadpool 2 would be a time traveling road trip along the lines of ‘Headtrip’ with Wade, Cable and Hope traveling through time in an attempt to train Hope to return to earth.

2020: Avengers vs X-Men– There would probably be more films this year but it would all be about this one. Cable and Deadpool would bring Hope back from the future and it would be a race against time to get her to the Phoenix, the Avengers would storm Xaviers and Jean would be the one to leave with Hope. Jean and Hope would reach the Inhuman city of Atitlan as the Avengers and X-Men arrived. A fight would break out and in the middle of it Jean would gain the powers of the Phoenix instead of hope. She would go all Dark Phoenix and defeat most of the Avengers and X-Men, Hope would be the one left standing and she would siphon Jean’s power away into herself and have a huge Phoenix brawl that would result in Jean’s death. Hope would then reach into the minds of everyone on earth and show them how a mutant had saved everyone, including the Avengers. She would then destroy the Phoenix force.

I know this plan is insane but if you have an alternative hit me up in the comments section!

…that was this week’s BearSleuth Opinion Piece! Check back on Friday for this week’s BearSleuth Spoiler Free Comic Book Bundle!

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