BearSleuth Spoiler Free Comic Book Bundle Week Twelve!

I spent seventy pounds on comic books this week, SEVENTY FREAKING POUNDS! Actually that’s a bit of an over exaggeration, Forbidden Planet in London does student discount to I managed to get all my comics for a little less, but it was still a big chunk of my weekly income. It was worth it though, this week has been absolutely insane in the world of comics with DC Comics cranking out more Darkseid War books and Superman American Alien. But Marvel are dominating both the shelves and my heart this week with another slew of All-New All-Different titles. But who will take my BearSleuth Pick Of The Week? Only time will tell.

All images are screen shots taken from the Marvel or DC Comics app [Accessed: 12/11/2015].

All-New All-Different Avengers Issue One By Mark Waid and Adam Kubert


This week we are starting strong with Marvel’s All-New All-Different Avengers and I have to say this might be one of my favourite Avengers line ups, at least since the days of the Bendis New Avengers. Mark Waid understands what makes the Avengers fun and in Issue One he gives it out in spades, towards the end of the first story we get a scene with Iron man, Captain America and Spider-Man which is just beautiful to watch. The second story in the book is good but it introduces a personal drama that does little to entice me. The artwork throughout is strong by Adam Kubert but special mention has to got to Alex Ross’ cover art which is just gorgeous. I recommend this to any Avenger fan, old and new.

All-New Wolverine Issue One By Tom Taylor, David Lopez and David Navarrot


What is going on with the X-Men at the moment? It’s feels like Marvel have thrown a bunch of weaker talent at the books, setting the books up to fail, and the young talent has done what they always do and have reinvented the X-Men for the modern age.  All-New Wolverine Issue One is possibly one of the greatest first issues of the All-New All-Different line up, there’s tonnes of action, lots of heart and even some nice character drama that left me wanting for very little. Tom Taylor and the double David team have managed to create a book that isn’t just good looking but reads like a Jason Borne film. I’d recommend this to any fans of modern action films and Wolverine.

The Darkseid War Green Lantern Issue One By Tom King and Doc Shaner


I’ve been trying to work out what The Darkseid War series is all about, I get that the Justic a league are finally taking there place as gods which is cool but, for some reason, these stories are always really good. Each one perfectly explores the psychology of the hero and how a power increase changes that. Green Lanterns one-shot is a great example of this psychological examination as Tom King, looks at what it really means to be a god and the limits of omnipotentancy. It’s fascinating and, when supported by Doc Shaner’s artwork, it makes for a piece that I was to recommend to anyone interested in the mythology or Green Lantern.

The Darkseid War Shazam Issue One By Steve Orlando and Scott Kolins


Okay, so I just talked up the whole Darkseid War thing but while the majority of books have been pretty good I have to say that I did not enjoy this book. Steve Orlando settled on a very unwieldy story right here and there is simply too much to fit into one issue, it feels cluttered and nothing seems to get enough time spent on it. I really like the new direction Orlando is trying to send Shazam but I just feel it should have been done over a mini series. Scott Kolins produces some good art on the book, but it’s not enough to save it, I wouldn’t recommend this book, there’s better stuff on the shelves this week.

BearSleuth Pick Of The Week: Illuminati Issue One By Joshua Williamson and Shawn Crystal


I don’t think I have ever read anything by Joshua Williamson, but I like the cut of his jib. Williamson examines the life of the villains in the Marvel universe with Illuminati Issue One, demonstrating some pretty in depth knowledge of character and the treatment of ex-convicts. The first issue really explores the life of an ex-con and why many turn back to crime after they have been through the rehabilitation process. It’s strong, cutting and intelligent, making it easily deserving of the BearSleuth Pick Of The Week, but the artwork by Shawn Crystal ties everything together nicely with some stylised version of both heroes and villains that allow us to view the Marvel universe from a new perspective. I recommend this to all comic book fans looking for something different.

Secret Wars Issue Seven By Jonathan Hickman and Esad Ribic


Y’know, if Marvel aren’t even going to try with the rest of Secret Wars there really is no point in printing it. I hate what this series has become, it was pretty predictable from Issue One and now it’s gone from predictable to boring. In Issue Seven, Jonathan Hickman writes a big battle between armies that have been built up from almost nowhere and starts to build towards a finale that feels like the ghost army from Lord Of The Rings. There are a few nice character moments and Esad Ribic’s artwork is amazing but apart from that there is little else positive to say about this book, my advice would be to leave it on the shelf and forget the Secret Wars ever happened.

Superman American Alien Issue One By Max Landis and Nick Dragotta


I do not like Max Landis as a person, god knows that screen junkies movie fight with him was a travesty, but the man is a born writer. If Illuminati hadn’t completely surprised me, I would have to give my pick of the week to this book. American Alien looks at the defining moments in Superman’s life and in this first issue we get something that is incredibly heart felt while also demonstrating the stress that Clarks powers caused upon his adopted parents. The choice of Nock Dragotta is interesting as well as he seems to bring in some eastern influences that make the issue stand out from a lot of the other Superman pieces out there. I have to recommend this to any and all Superman fans out there.

The Ultimates Issue One By Al Ewing and Kenneth Rocaford


Sometimes comic books like to talk about ‘science’, not real science mind you, more a mish-mash of science jargon that normally equates to ‘there’s a bad thing we need to grab before anyone else gets it’. The Ultimates Issue One opens up with a perfect example of this, I have to say Al Ewing manages it a lot better than most writers but it still sounds a little dumb. Don’t take this as me saying the book is bad, in fact the only negative thing I have to say about it is that it’s a little dumb so I would say it’s pretty strong. Kenneth Rocaford really shines throughout Issue One as he captures several cosmic set pieces perfectly, in a way that makes me want to reach out and grab them, not to mention the fantastic work he does on Galactus. I cannot help but recommend this series to sci-fi fans everywhere!

…and that’s this week’s BearSleuth Spoiler Free Comic Book Bundle! Check back on Monday for another Grr(aphic) Monday!

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