BearSleuth Spoiler Free Comic Book Bundle Week Eleven

I think the mainstream comic book industry may be conspiring to destroy my bank account. Seriously, with all the post-convergence DC Comics stuff and the All-New All-Different Marvel series coming out I can’t help but spend £40 on comics most weeks. Unfortunately, it also means I don’t seem to be able to pay the Indy scene as much interest as I would like, but that may change over the next few weeks. With so many eye-catching releases the question remains; which issue will be the BearSleuth Pick Of The Week?
Avengers VS Infinity Issue One by Joe Caramagna and Ron Lim

I’m not sure I really get this book. I mean, sure it’s a collection of pretty good stories using the majority of the well known Avengers but it doesn’t really seem to be doing much. There is no overarching plot or theme, it’s just a set of good stories. If that is what Carmagna is going for them that’s cool but it doesn’t really appeal to me as a series and I can’t say I’ll be following it in the future, if I’m looking for a good set Avengers stories I would just look online at fanfic toon and finds thousands of great stories. The art from Ron Lim and Wellington Alves is pretty good and probably makes the books just about worth it’s $5.99 price tag. There’s better stuff on the shelves this week, give this one a miss.
The Darkseid War: Superman by Francis Manapul and Bong Dazo

Speaking of better stuff, The Darkseid War: Superman is amazing, just imagine if Superman considered himself more of a god than one of us, if he was detected and separate from the rest of the world. Manapul has taken this idea and created a Superman story that is both really interesting and slightly philosophical in its approach. This story is well supported by Bong Dazo’s clean cut illustration that allows the reader to follow the, admirably fast paced, plot with relative ease. I have to recommend this book to any fans of Superman or just DC Comics in general. 
Deadpool Issue one by Gerry Dugan and Mike Hawthorn

Abed would be proud, Marvel have gone really meta with this book as Deadpool steps into the limelight as the most popular hero in the Marvel Universe, with a range of merchandise and even a small team of D-list superheroes helping him so he can be everywhere at once. This one is a thing of beauty. Gerry Dugan has managed to craft the next stage in Deadpools character arc as he has matured into a hero that could actually be a member of the Avengers. With such a stunning story and Mike Hawthorn’s slightly cartoony art style I have to recommend this to anyone who is looking forward to the Deadpool film next year.
Extraordinary X-Men Issue One by Jeff Lemire and Humberto Ramos

I have been ranting a lot about how Marvel no longer cares about the X-Men ,and while that still might be true on some level, there is at least a few X-Men fans left at Marvel HQ. Extraordinary X-Men could be one of the very best issues the All-New All-Different has to offer at the moment. It’s fast paced and the team is filled to the brim with the most bad ass versions of each individual X-Men. Lemire is certainly setting the X-Men up to fight back against the Inhuman dominance over at Marvel, if it wasn’t for the other X-Men book out this week this would be my pick of the week. If I have one problem with this book it’s that the art isn’t amazing I find Ramos’ style just a little too silly to be taken seriously, I kinda wish Marvel had put someone like David Marquez on the book would could have given everything that extra bit of realism. I recommend this book to all fans of the X-Men.
Invincible Ironman Issue Three by Brian Michael Bendis and David Marquez

I seem to be saying this every week, Invincible Ironman rocks! It’s the perfect combination writer, artist and concept but if I have one complaint it would be that Tony Stark has changed. Bendis has transformed the character into a much more wounded version of his former self with a lot less ego than the Stark presented in the Matt Fractions legendary run a few years back. This has given the character a lot more depth but the whole thing about the other successful Iron Man runs is that Stark always had his ego to fall back on when he was met with defeat, that’s what made him so invincible. I still have to insist you keep following this series but I think it’s worth pointing out that this Stark is a different one to the one we know and love.
Star Wars Issue Eleven By Jason Aaron and Stuart Immonen

Can someone please explain to me why Aaron isn’t working on Star Wars with Abrams at the moment. He has managed to recreate everyone’s favourite Star Wars characters with their own voices and unique personalities and he doesn’t even have the original actors. personally I think this series might be one of the greatest things set in the Star Wars Universe since the films, it’s amazingly well thought out and the pacing is spot on. Combine all that with Immonen’s art which is capable of perfectly recreating the Luke, Leia, Han and everyone else’s favourite characters and you have the definitive Star Wars book on shelves at the moment. 
BearSleuth Pick Of The Week: Uncanny X-Men Issue Six Hundred By Brian Michael Bendis and Chris Bachalo (and just about everyone else) 

There are no words to describe how amazing this issue is, which puts me in a bit of a difficult position but I’m sure I’ll manage. Uncanny X-Men Issue Six Hundred manages to tie about forty years of continuity together in a nice package in a way that only Brian Michael Bendis can. Every X-Man and woman gets his or her moment to shine as the team deal with some problems that have been building up for years or even, in Iceman’s case, decades. It also served as a brilliant finally for Bendis’ run on X-Men as he manages to finish most of the arcs he started several years ago with satisfying conclusions. The art is a complete jam session from almost every name that has worked on X-Men across Brian’s run and before. It’s fantastic, if you can only afford one book this week, get this one.
The Vision Issue One By Tom King and Gabriel Hernandez Walta

This one is really weird, I almost gave it my pick of the week but I think I could be a little too out there for some people. The best way I can describe it is a kitchen sink drama with robots, super powers and the president of the United States. That doesn’t even give Tom King’s insane plot the credit it deserves, this is sort of thing I would expect to see over at Image or Oni Press so to see it on the pages of Marvel is brilliant! If that doesn’t win you over, Gabriel Walta’s art will, it’s fresh and captures the mood of the piece really well. I recommend this to anyone looking for something a little different in the world of comic books.
…and that’s this week’s BearSleuth Spoiler Free Comic Book Bundle! Check back on Monday for another Grr(aphic) Monday

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