100th article BIRTHDAY WAFFLES: Why Did I Become A Writer?

I was going to be a scientist. Honestly if you had known me about five years ago I would have told you that I was going to become a biochemist and I was probably going to dedicate my life to fighting cancer. I spent tonnes of time at Lancaster University hanging around the biochemistry labs which were absolutely fascinating to me, but then college happened. Throughout college, I began to develop a serious passion for comic books, I had been a fan of them since I was eleven and my aunt had bought me a copy of the first X-Men film because I was ill. In college I had to take two sciences to become a biochemist so I decide to use my other two options to pursue subjects I’d always had an interest in, Philosophy and English Language. Both captivated me and by the end of the first year I’d had an epiphany.

Picture Source: https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/33/2a/bb/332abbf89e5396ddae60434cef4abb02.jpg [Accessed: 4/11/2015]
Picture the scene, I was in my parents car on the way to my nan’s on a Wednesday night, pretty standard fare to be honest, and in my hands was a rather extraordinary book, the first volume of the Brian Michel Bendis run on Daredevil. The first story in the volume, ‘Wake Up’, is truly astonishing, it was endorsed by Stan Lee himself and contains the only Marvel comic to be fully illustrated by David Mack. It’s my favourite artist teaming up with my favourite writer endorsed by my favourite comic legend, awesome right? You have no idea. So I’m in my parents car with this truly amazing piece of graphic fiction and I turn the page to be greeted with a monologue, I mean a page long monologue, from the perspective of the of fictional writer Ben Urich. It might not look like much but to me the monologue talks about why Urich is a writer, the power of words and what the duties of a writer are when it comes to the truth. To this day I can recite the entire thing:

Picture Source: http://40.media.tumblr.com/74474a7a2e0330926f17b7c9814b9cb6/tumblr_mtrn2bPvxM1ser9m9o1_500.jpg [Accessed: 4/11/2015]
That one piece of writing, less than 300 words in total, completely changed my life and sent me spinning in a completely new direction. It was at that point that I knew with every fibre of my being that I was going to become a writer. But what sort of writer? There is literally more breeds of writers than there are breeds of dog. For awhile, I wanted to become a journalist then I jumped to being a novelist but neither felt like quite the right fit. Luckily I had some pretty good mentors around me, my parents, my friends and an insane English language teacher by the name of Sue Curran. Sue suggested that a writer can become any ‘breed’ they wish at any time but they should have a running interest and expertise, like comic books.

Picture Source: http://40.media.tumblr.com/6975fe8085801f0724e51cf428b07e67/tumblr_nmh0vhphuf1s2lswpo1_500.png [Accessed: 4/11/2015]
My second year of college was devoted to learning about the world of comics. I really let my sciences go and instead I became obsessed with the greats of the comic book industry; Millar, Morrison, Moore, Bendis, Fraction, Brubacker, Gaiman. I loved them all and tried to learn everything I could about their careers and their individual writing styles, it’s a study that I’m still performing to this day but I love it. The next step was university and I wanted to write so I set my sights on the number one university for creative writing in the country, Winchester which was about as far as you can get from my home in Manchester. I got in and since then my writing has be on steroids. I set up this fantastic website then managed to secure a job with Daily News Service and a whole five years since I decided I wanted to become a writer here I am, living my dreams. 
…and that’s my 100th article surprise, check back on Friday for this weeks BearSleuth Spoiler Free Comic Book Bundle!

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