Grr(aphic) Mondays: I’m about to turn 100 so I met Mark Millar!

I’m not entirely sure if I can beat that title, I mean you’re hooked right? The best bit is it is all true! My next post on this website will mark my 100th post for, which is insane. Since I began this journey into the abyss of pop culture and comic books over 10,000 of you boys and girls at home have clicked and paid attention to what I’ve been saying. It can make a guy feel rather special. So I decide to celebrate this weekend by ticking something off my bucket list. I went and met Mark Millar.


Mark is my hero, honestly it’s the prospect of becoming a great writer like him or Brian Michael Bendis that really gets me out of bed in the morning. There are certain passages in Civil War, Old Man Logan and Kick Ass that I still quote to this day, and as soon as they leave my lips I cannot help but smile. I’ve been through a lot since I started this website and one of the things that kept me writing was Mark’s inspiration to me, it was that inspiration that also lead to this site’s success. My top two most viewed articles were my defence and criticism of Marvel’s Civil War, between them they account for a quarter of the total views on this website. That makes Mark Millar the unofficial patron saint of BearSleuth if you ask me.


A few weeks ago, right at the height of my recent emotional crisis, I was suppose to go meet Mark and I had to bail. I was called away to sort to really important stuff out. My parents went instead of me and they met Mark, who told them he thought they were amazing for doing such a thing for their son. They are amazing parents, and they also belong in the pantheon of BearSleuth saints, but it was their being at that book signing with Millar that set things in motion. At that event my Dad found out that Millar would be at the comic book store Gosh! In London on Halloween. So on Saturday I left from my student digs in Winchester with one of my best friends, Ivy the Precarious Writer, on a quest to meet the man himself. We didn’t just meet him, we were the first in line.


Picture Source: [Accessed: 01/11/2015]

At 1pm on Saturday me and Ivy were let into Gosh! and I met my hero, shook his hand and even talked comics with the man himself, but that bits not important. You’re probably wondering why I’ve made this piece a Grr(aphic) Mondays. Well it’s quite simple, there is a lesson to learn here. People always say not to meet your hero but I’m afraid that’s terrible advice. There is a reason why your heroes are your heroes and that should be celebrated, so go out and do it, meet them and learn from them. Maybe if you learn enough, one day you will become someone’s hero and, as far as I’m concerned there’s nothing better a creator can become.

Happy 100th!!!

…and that’s this week’s Grr(aphic) Mondays check back on Wednesday for a special 100th article!

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