BearSleuth Spoiler Free Comic Book Bundle Week Nine

I’m going to let everyone in on a little secret today, a chance to peer behind the veil. See, this week I went down to my local comic book store in Southampton to pick up all this week’s big releases. But with the All-New All-Different, all the great stuff from the lads over at Image and DC’s brilliant current line I ended up with around seventeen comic books! DC and Marvel are slowly bankrupting, do I care? Not one bit!  But the real question is, which of those comic buys were really worth it? Which will be my BearSleuth Pick Of The Week!

All Images used, unless otherwise sourced, are taken from the Marvel and DC Comics app [Accessed: 15/10/2015]

Batman Issue Forty Five By Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo


It looks like we’re starting with an absolute cracker this week with Batman Issue Forty Five. Snyder is beginning to bring things around to a ramp up for the thrilling conclusion of the first ‘Bat-Bunney’ arc and I have to say it’s working. Throughout the entire issue there is a sense of building tension and suspense that just makes me want to keep reading more and more. Capullo is one point, as always, although I have to say it saddens me to think he will be leaving the Batman team soon as he is producing some amazing work on this run. I highly recommend this issue and this entire arc to any fans of Batman looking for something a little different.

Batman And Robin Eternal Issue Two By James Tynion IV and Scott Snyder


Scott Snyder knows how to write Batman, he knows what fans like and he knows how to give it to them. James Tynion IV is equally skilled so when the two colossal writers get together it’s unsurprising that they create something that is tonnes of fun to read. Issue Two is already starting to build intrigue for the Batman and Robin Eternal series as Dick Greyson begins to piece together the mystery of the Mother and the list. The art throughout is competent, although there is nothing I would describe as particularly ground-breaking. I highly recommend this series to any and all Batman fans out there!

DC Comics Bombshells Issue Three By Marguerite Bennett and Marguerite Sauvage


After the initial shock and awe of the the first two issues of Bombshells it looks like the Marguerite duo are starting to bring things together into a larger story and more of a team book. Issue Three sets up the Bombshells as a military force, created to fight against the German war machine, which also receives a power up towards the end of the issue. Sauvage continues to maintain the classic style of the piece which give it a unique character that I love. I have to recommend this to any history buffs or fans of feminist fiction.

Captain America White Issue Three By Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale


This series is fascinating, Jeph Loeb is a great student of character and that has never been more evident than with Captain America White. Throughout the entire series Loeb has managed to capture the spirit of Steve Rogers perfectly as he grapples with the death of Bucky Barnes (I don’t count that as a spoiler btw because it happened at least fifty years ago). Issue Three continues to delve into Steve’s memories of  the war and Bucky making for something that is very heartfelt and fun to read. The art work by Sale is still a little hit and miss but the hits seem to be coming more consistently than in previous issues. All in all its a pretty fantastic piece of work I can recommend to any Marvel fan.

Star Wars Chewbacca Issue One By Gerry Duggan and Phil Noto


I was rather sceptical about this one, I doubted that Chewbacca could really function as a central protagonist, due to his limitations of speech, it’s the same problem I have with a stand-alone Groot comic book. It seems like Duggan agrees with me here as well, within the first page we are given a secondary protagonist who can actually speak which solves the problem, but it seems like an easy way out. The rest of the issue is pretty good, but it just annoys me that Chewie isn’t front and centre in his own book. Noto has done a pretty good job on the art work side of things, but the issue is far from the best looking on the shelves at the moment. I would recommend this to Star Wars fans, but there is better out there this week.

Civil War Issue Five By Charles Soule and Leinil Francis Yu


Now we reach the climax to Secret War’s Civil War Arc and I’m happy to same Soule has written something truly magnificent! The finally of the five-part mini series is both action packed and harrowing. The piece wraps up very well with the sort of soul searching that you would expect from a piece of this ilk. I have to say Yu has brought the thunder here in the art department, there are some stunning vistas and battle scenes that Yu brings to life with his unique style. I highly recommend this entire mini-series to fans of the original Civil War storyline.

BearSleuth Pick Of The Week: Sam Wilson: Captain America Issue One By Nick Spencer and Daniel Acuna


I really didn’t see this coming, I mean I knew Sam Wilson: Captain America would be a strong series but I really didn’t expect this. The reason I have given my pick of the week to Sam Wilson: Captain America is simple, it’s a brave book. In Issue One a lot of big issues are raised about immigration, social justice and racism. There is also a fantastically satirical dig at Donald Trump towards the end of the book that makes me smile every time I reread it. The art work by Acuna is amazing as well, with some brilliant shifts in style and tone to reflect the myriad of situations we’re presented with across the issue. I have to insist that you pick this book up is your interested at all in both the world of comics and the politics.

The Uncanny Avengers Issue One By Gerry Duggan and Ryan Stegman


I love a good bit of meta-fiction as much as the next guy but this is insane! So, a cloud that creates in Inhumans is actually killing mutants. The big guys over at Marvel are hilarious sometimes, they are literally gassing the mutants and replacing them. As an X-Men fan this makes me sick although I have to admit it’s nice to see Rogue sticking up for the mutants in this issue. Deadpool is a nice addition to the team as well, Duggan manages to use the hero sparingly so that he doesn’t overstay his welcome. Stegman’s artwork is pretty solid throughout and the pacing is fairly good making for a pretty strong piece that I can recommend to all Marvel fans!

…and that’s this week’s BearSleuth Spoiler Free Comic Book Bundle! Check back on Monday for another great Grr(aphic) Mondays!

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