BearSleuth Opinion Piece: Star Wars VS Indiana Jones


Picture Source: [Accessed: 14/10/2015]

Since the dawn of time one question has haunted man, which is the better series; Star Wars or Indiana Jones? Somehow, George Lucas managed to strike gold twice in the world of film and create two franchises that have now become part of the fabric of our pop-culture. That is not to say that the franchises are perfect, each series of films has some skeletons in the closet, between the prequel trilogy and Kingdom of The Crystal Skull there is a lot that even fans simply cannot defend. It’s worth mentioning that Harrison Ford’s role in both films has become iconic to our idea of heroism and has gone on to inspire many actors to join the business. Actually, as a little aside, my Dad once met Harrison Ford in one of the bathrooms at the top of one of the world trade centre buildings in the eighties. I just wish Dad had asked him this question then so I wouldn’t need to write this article, eh well sins of the father and all that…


Picture Source: [Accessed: 14/10/2015]

The only way I can think to do this, in the space I’ve got, is to run through a quick pros and cons on each series and give a good old summary at the end. Starting with Indiana Jones, Jones has one thing that makes it stand out from all other films, pacing. The Indiana Jones films have a very tight focus on Indy, this allows the plot to move with an almost break-neck pace without the audience getting lost. I also believe that Indiana Jones also has a superior soundtrack to that of Star Wars, this is because the soundtrack works in tandem with the pacing to keep the audience on edge through even the slowest moments in the plot. The other interesting point to make about Indiana Jones is that it’s far more relatable in many ways, borrowing a lot of real mythological stories and locations, this actually allows the films to surprise audiences by pushing their disbelief just that little bit further. However, Jones is quite a two-dimensional character, in many ways he’s more of a rehash of Han Solo than anything else. I would also say, with the tight focus of the first three films, Indiana Jones lacked diversity in its plotting, there are few meaningful side arcs and sub-plots.


Picture Source: [Accessed: 14/10/2015]

Right then, Star Wars is essentially untouchable in the world of pop culture, it’s has become one of the most influential intellectual properties to ever exist. A New Hope is perfect retelling of a classic fantasy plot in a sci-fi setting and the other two films in the original trilogy are both wonders of world building and narrative. The acting is pretty tight, at least for the time, and the choreography is spot on. Even the prequel trilogy, with all its numerous problems, was ground-breaking from a technological stand point and it even had some pretty cool moments as we witnessed the Jedi going to war. On the other hand, both trilogies do have a problem with editing and pacing, as the original trilogy feels a little slow at times for new audiences and the prequels have far too much exposition. There is a distinct lack of pacing and focus at times compared to Indiana Jones. I also have to say the lack of practical effects in the prequels seriously annoys me at times.


Picture Source: [Accessed: 14/10/2015]

At the end of the day, these are both great films, and I have agonised over my choice between them all day, but for me there is only one winner. Whilst Star Wars may be a fantastic set of films with an incredibly imaginative setting, Indiana Jones, for me at least, is a much stronger set of films that are enjoyable and well made from a critical stand point. But I’m just one guys and that is just my opinion, if you don’t agree hit me up across social media, I’m ready to defend my choice, are you?

…and that was this week’s BearSleuth Opinion Piece! Check back on Friday for another BearSleuth Spoiler Free Bundle Review!

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