BearSleuth Spoiler Free Comic Book Bundle Review Week Eight

Y’know sometimes I really do not understand the comic book industry. For months now the release schedule has been weak as a magikarp out of water and then out of now where Marvel went and John Cena-ed all over the place. We’ve got new Secret Wars, new Star Wars and All-New All-Different Iron Man, Spider-Man and Doctor Strange. Unfortunate this put DC on the back foot this week, or so I thought until they pulled Batman and Robin Eternal out of nowhere, but will it be enough to stand out from the Marvel onslaught.

All images, unless otherwise sourced, are screenshots taken from the Marvel Comics and DC Comics apps [Accessed: 08/10/2015]

Action Comics Issue Forty Five By Greg Pack and Aaron Kuder


I hate to say it but my love of Superman is beginning to wane. I have never been a huge fan of the hero but recently things have been changing. The new abilities and limitation that the character has received have made a change for the better, but he’s still Superman underneath and, no matter how well Pak writes him, I just don’t want to read about a super powered Boy Scout. Kuder’s art helps the piece a lot as it is pretty stunning, but I still can’t really recommend this as there is some much better work out there this week.

Amazing Spider-Man Issue One By Dan Slott and Giuseppe Camuncoli


I have been slagging off Dan Slott for awhile now, so why should today be any different! Slott is a good writer, he wouldn’t be where he is if he wasn’t, but some of his ideas are simply ridiculous. The idea of taking Peter Parker and essentially making him Tony Stark, except a little nicer, just doesn’t appeal to me whatsoever. The thing is, Peter is meant to always be the underdog, surviving through a combination of humour and an awareness of the weight of his own responsibility. It’s hard to believe that Peter Parker could ever be on the back foot in this scenario, which just makes him a little boring for me. Camuncoli does a great job on the art and Alex Ross has done some outstanding colour work. The mini-stories at the back of the book are a lot of fun, making he issue just about worthy of it’s price tag. Though I don’t like the concept, I’m afraid I must still recommend this to Spidey fans.

Avengers Issue Zero By Everyone!


Picture Source:×911.jpg [Accessed: 08/10/2015]

If your going to put out a book detailing all the new and upcoming Avenger’s line ups it only makes sense to create an Avengers style line up of artists and writers! In Avengers Issue Zero we get to learn all about the ‘All-New All-Different’ Avengers teams and what they are planning for future books. It makes for some good reading and the mix of talent on the book is almost staggering. It is a little wordy however so if your not interested in some of the teams you’ll probably find yourself skipping a lot.  I recommend this to anyone who is unsure about which teams to follow over the next few weeks.

Batman and Robin Eternal Issue One By James Tynion IV, Scott Snyder and Tony Daniel


Batman is boring, over the last seventy five years we have seen the caped crusader battle almost anything anyone could imagine, but the Robins, the Robins are interesting. It’s fun to see how each of them have been changed by their time with Bruce and their experiences after. That’s why it’s great to see the three core Robins (okay Damian could be considered as one as well) fighting side by side without Bruce. In Batman and Robin Eternal Issue One Tynion and Snyder craft a narrative in a world without Bruce Wayne creating a fresh and fantastical start to, what is sure to be, a great narrative. Tony Daniel pulls out all the stops, to make each Robin stand out and look badass. I have to recommend this to any fans of Robin or Batman.

Doctor Strange Issue One By Jason Aaron and Chris Bachalo


AARON!!! I cannot get a read on this guy, I mean his work on Thor was pretty good but then Thors happened and I simply hated it. Now Aaron has taken on Doctor Strange, my second favourite hero of all time after Daredevil, I must admit I was terrified he would screw it up. It’s a pleasure to say, however, that Doctor Strange Issue One could be one of the greatest versions of the character I have ever read. The first issue captures Stephan’s personality perfectly and, for me at least, it’s everything I’ve always wanted in a Strange book. Bachalo has done a great job in creating the fantastical demonic planes that Strange deals in, his style is a little experimental so some readers may find it off putting. I recommend this to any fans of Doctor Strange out there.

BearSleuth Pick Of The Week: Invincible Iron Man Issue One By Brian Michael Bendis and David Marquez

I know I normally harp on about the writing in these reviews but today cannot help but mention the staggering brilliance of David Marquez’s artistic ability. There’s a littler flutter of excitement I get when I turn a page and see something so fantastical that I would never have been able to render it in my own imagination. Needless to say, Bendis is on point throughout the issue, including a Thor related moment that actually made me laugh out loud. The piece also plays with layout in some very fresh ways that will please long time comic readers. Altogether, I cannot help but make this piece the BearSleuth pick of the week, go out and buy a copy before they skyrocket in price.

Secret Wars Issue Six By Jonathan Hickman and Esad Ribic


The wait is finally over, after weeks and weeks of waiting, Issue Six of Secret Wars is finally here and I’ve got to admit it is finally going in an interesting direction as we zero in on the climax. Jonathan Hickman’s story is beginning to tie together and, while it’s not a particularly original arc, his emphasis on character and engaging interactions has created a thoroughly enjoyable piece. The art from Ribic is as gorgeous as ever, although it feels a little floaty at times and

Star Wars Issue Ten By Jason Aaron and Stuart Immonen


I can’t stop smiling when I read this series, Aaron’s Star Wars run is a thing of beauty. The series draws from everything that fans of the films love about the world of Star Wars. It’s fast paced, brilliant sci-fi action from top to bottom that will make your day. Immonen seems to be having a lot of fun designing next vessels and characters to throw into the universe and his art style perfectly complements all of it. However, I have to say that there are better books on the shelves this week so if you’ve not been following the series you can probably give this a miss.

…and that is this week’s BearSleuth Spoiler Free Comic Book Bundle Review! Check back on Monday for another classic Grr(aphic) Mondays!

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