Grr(aphic) Mondays: Why does Daredevil work?


Picture Source: [Accessed: 04/10/2015]

It’s been a really rough couple of weeks so I’m gonna harp on about something dear to my heart, Daredevil. Why is the man without fear such a fan favourite among comic book fans? I mean there are darker heroes, such as Batman or Moonknight, and there are funnier heroes, like Spider-Man or Deadpool, so what makes Daredevil stand out from the pack. Now really is the time to discus this too, as the all-new all-different Marvel seems to be changing Matt Murdock into something very different. I think, when considering Daredevil’s success, there’s a thematic explanation and a practical one.


Picture Source: [Accessed: 05/10/2015]

Thematically Daredevil looks at two really big issues, justice and injustice. As a lawyer and a vigilante, Murdock has a strong moral compass and a sense of justice. The majority of the hero’s storylines normally revolve around a trial where one group is seeming justice from another as Murdock tries to work out what the just outcome should be. However, with the majority of his villains and his disability, Daredevil is constantly taunted with the injustices of life and law. Every heroes has to deal with these themes, on some level, but for Daredevil it’s a constant struggle. Murdock’s blindness plays a key role here, as it is both a reminder of justice, as I’m blind justice, and injustice, he saved a man when he was younger and was blinded for it. This thematic aspect to the character makes him compelling, but what makes Daredevil really interesting is the practical aspect of the character.


Picture Source: [Accessed: 05/10/2015]

Practically, from a creators point of view, Daredevil is a nightmare. Comic books and graphic novels are a visual medium, this normally means that characters need to have a strong visual aspect. In the case of Daredevil, a blind lawyer, it would have been very easy for the character to become visually boring but then we get to the smart bit. Daredevil has heighten senses and radar sense. This allows creators to approach the character with a very original visual style, as each panel can use any of Matt’s senses to create the visual image, instead of just sticking to what he can see. To my knowledge, this makes the hero unique.


Picture: [Accessed: 05/10/2015]

There is a reason the guys at Marvel Comics make it to the pinnacle of their careers, to be a Marvel artist or writer you need to be extremely focuses and talented. So it comes of little surprise that such boffins were able to create such a simple, yet elegant, design for a great thematic and practical hero. This is why, for me at least, Daredevil is one of the greatest super heroes of all time and is probably more interesting than the majority of his contemporaries. Suck it Batman!

…and that’s this week’s Grr(aphic) Mondays! Check back on Wednesday for another BearSleuth Opinion!

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